May 19, 2019

Race-Norming the SAT Scores

Timothy Birdnow

Race norming, they ycalled it. For decades the U.S. Government denied they did it, that they gave points to minorities simply because they were minorities on the Civil Service exams. But people noticed there were an excessive number of minorities getting "competitive" jobs and eventually the government, after having lied about it, said "yes, we do that".

Now we are going to witness "rac e norming" in th the SAT tests.

Selwyn Duke has the story:

Got adversity? If so, kid, you’ll be advantaged when your Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score is assessed. That is, if you’ve experienced "adversity” as the social engineers define it.

It’s all part of a new scheme to increase "diversity” in college admissions and in what bachelor degrees are associated with: prestigious careers and higher-income brackets.

At issue is the new "adversity score” adopted by the College Board publishers of the SAT, as the New York Times explains:

The company announced on Thursday that it will include a new rating, which is widely being referred to as an "adversity score,” of between 1 and 100 on students’ test results. An average score is 50, and higher numbers mean more disadvantage. The score will be calculated using 15 factors, including the relative quality of the student’s high school and the crime rate and poverty level of the student’s neighborhood.

The rating will not affect students’ test scores, and will be reported only to college admissions officials as part of a larger package of data on each test taker.
So, we are going to promote the less qualified simply to create "diversity" even though they will eventually take jobs for which they are ill suited. Are you ready to have a surgeon operate on you who got into college through a diversity programn?

Selwyn continues:

We should also wonder if this SAT scheme really helps anyone. As to the obvious, American Thinker writes, "Since college admissions are a zero-sum issue (for every person who gets in, another person is denied submission) [sic], what is called an ‘adversity’ score used to grant an advantage becomes a ‘privilege’ penalty for those who do not have an adversity plus added to their admissions file. This is precisely why the federal prosecutions of families that paid bribes to gain advantages for their children in elite college admissions are harming the public. Their crimes have victims. So does the SAT’s scheme.”

But what of the scheme’s supposed beneficiaries? Professor Walter E. Williams pointed out in 2008 that affirmative-action policies hurt minorities by creating "academic mismatches”: Instead of lower-performing students being in less prestigious schools in which they can flourish, they’re thrust into more rigorous academic environments and may flunk out before coming to flower.

The sad truth is, though, that the SAT has been manipulated and dumbed down for decades now. The original SAT, first administered to students in 1926, evolved from early IQ tests. Therein lay its value: While no one claims such yardsticks are perfect (nothing in life is), IQ is believed to be two-thirds heritable and the best predictor of academic and career success.

End excerpt.

Yep. Make no mistake; the rich and powerful will still find ways around the new rules. They always do. This is going to harm the Middle Class, particularly the white and Asian Middle Class. This is yet another tool to keep the elite establishment in power and to keep the mindless yokels in flyover country away from the levers of power.

Selwyn goes into deeper analysis; be sure to read the entire article.

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