April 14, 2018

Pentagon Papers Pusher tries to Undermine President

Timothy Birdnow

Another liberal fossil seeks to tamper with the duly elected President and events he knows nothing about.

Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg has called for Secretary of Defense Mattis to ignore lawfully given orders by President Trump.

From the Yahoo article:
"It is a very dangerous time," Ellsberg said, pointing out that Trump's war of words with North Korea was the first time since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 that a US president has threatened military action against another nuclear-armed state."


"The president I'm afraid has a very strong temptation to start a war as cover for his firing the special prosecutor," he said, referring to Robert Mueller, who is investigating links between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 election.

- Resist 'reckless' orders -

End excerpt.

The criminal leaker Ellsberg - a man who should have been put in jail - thinks he knows enough about events to tamper with the President, even while being entirely out of the loop.

I ask; what does it mean Trump "threatened war with another nuclear state"? North Korea is just barely a nuclear state and it is to stop that very thing that the threats are being made.

And one of the reasons Mueller ratched up his investigations and indictments and made the referal is precisely to tie the President's hands at a critical moment. It's beyond despicable.

The article continues:

The 87-year-old pointed out that under President Richard Nixon, then Defense Secretary James Schlesinger had secretly insisted that no orders from the president to launch military action or use nuclear weapons should be obeyed unless it had his stamp of approval.

"Now that is an unconstitutional order, and it would be unconstitutional for James Mattis to make such a directive right now," Ellsberg said.

"Nevertheless, he ought to do it... We are depending on 'Mad dog Mattis' to protect us from a president."

End excerpt.

This illustrates perfectly the low regard in which liberals like Ellsberg hold the Constitution. Imagine if a conservative had said such a thing while Obama was President? We would never have heard the end of it.

The fact is, the President is Commander in Chief and while Congress alone can declare war the President was given executive authority by that very Congress to take uniilateral action in time of need; it takes a long time to herd Congress together, get them past the endless debate and matters of protocol and actually do something. The President has the authority to take decisive action, especially when the nation is threatened.

Ellsberg is a big anti-nuke campaigner who recently wrote a book about nuclear weapons, and yet he is happy for a crazy rogue regime to obtain nukes. The hypocrisy of the Left is astounding.

More from the article:

"He said he hoped to drum up support for a study on the consequences of nuclear war in terms of "nuclear winter" -- a situation where smoke blocks out the sun, dooming harvests and leaving basically anyone not killed in the blast or by radiation to starve to death."

End excerpt.

Nuclear winter has been decisively disproved repeatedly, yet the Left keeps trying to bring it back because they find it so useful to push for world government. Like global warming, this is a tool of the Left designed to terrify young people and stampede the world into accepting the yoke of internationalism.

When Saddam Hussein lit the Kuwaiti oil wells on fire, a huge cloud of black smoke covered the region. Carl Sagan said of it:

"it was pitch black at noon and temperatures dropped 4–6 °C over the Persian Gulf, but not much smoke reached stratospheric altitudes and Asia was spared.”

This led Sagan and others (the creators of the nuclear winter model) to reevaluate the whole notion. The fact is, wildfires put out more smoke than a nuclear war would, and we would likely not see a firestorm anyway, because it involves one big blast which produces a partial vaccuum. The idea of nuclear winter is pretty well bogus.

Also, nuclear weapons have been sized down; there are fewer of the big bruisers than there used to be, and our nuclear arsenals are smaller in general.

But, just as global warming theory has been repeatedly debunked, so too has nuclear winter and yet idiots like Ellseberg keep reviving it, like a bad monster movie.

The fact is, Ellseberg probably should have been prosecuted for his leaking but was fortunate enough to have his friends win the struggle to take out Nixon. And now he's back to attempt to thwart Donald Trump.

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