March 26, 2008

More Ignored than Untold

In a recent post, I published this piece forwarded by contributor Jack Kemp about De-Islamification entitled ``the big untold story of the middle east``.  Tom Joseph pointed out that the Joshua Fund story`s description was not exactly correct:

Well, not really.  American Thinker got there on 5-3-06, "Six Million African Muslims leave Islam per year" by James Arlandson, and again on 5-4-06, "What six million
ex-Muslims" by Joseph Crowley, followed by a littlegreenfootballs comment on 5-5-06.  I'm sure there's been more.
An important point is the lack of coverage by our MSM and Islam's attempt to censor this information.  What's the saying?  "Birds of a feather."
As with all things, there is always more.  I remember an article reporting that there were less Muslims in America than the number that Muslim organizations often use.  And still another article reporting that close to half of American Muslims were leaving Islam for other religions or no religion at all.
Now, who's the strong horse?

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