November 30, 2020

Michael Mann Will Be Joe Bidens's Climate Change Adviser - Shows It's About Politics Not Science

James Doogue

The 'Left' claim to be on the side of science. When they say they believe the science. What they mean is they believe the cherry-picked science which suits their cause, and if you question them you'll be labelled a science denier.

This video shows how a UN IPCC climate report from 1990, which shows the scientifically accepted Medieval Warm Period (MWP), and the Little Ice Age (LIA), invalidated claims that today's temperatures are unprecedented. This was problematic for those who wanted to claim CO2 was causing unprecedented global warming.
https:// G6Fzx9Rinug

Along came Canadian PhD student Michael Mann who created the 'Hockey Stock' temperature graph of the last 1,000 years.

The graph was created through a combination of questionable data techniques. For instance he grafts the instrumental record after 1902 onto the proxy record before 1901, because his proxy record wasn't producing the desired results. https:// /2015/01/08/ more-mann-grafti ng/

Well known writer Mark Steyn as well as others have been sued by Mann for calling him and his Hockey Stick, a fraud. But Mann has yet to win a case in court, though he loves dragging them out. Mark Steyn explains:

Mann is the climate ayatollah who created the global-warming hockey stick showing that nothing of any interest happened in the world's climate until a little over a century ago, at which point your great-grampa climbed into his Model T and the world started to burn. The hockey stick is total bollocks, but it was taken up by the UN's Intergovernment al Panel on Climate Change and in the early years of this millennium was the single most influential graph of our time.

Many climate scientists other than hardcore Mann-boys are embarrassed by the prominence given to the hockey stick. But Mann has to protect his increasingly flaccid stick, and so he began launching various vanity lawsuits. This last year has not gone well for him.
https:// www.steynonline. com/10400/ the-costs-of-man n-delay

It took almost a decade, but the DC Superior Court has finally ruled against Michael Mann in his lawsuit against Rand Simberg and Mark Steyn.

Mann had sued them for libel because they criticized his incompetent and fraudulent global warming research. They demanded evidence of damages, the court agreed and ordered Mann to produce that evidence. He has refused (for almost a decade) and the court has now finally decided that because of his refusal he must pay all the court courts, including Simberg’s and Steyn’s.

Will he pay? Steyn notes what happened when Mann lost in a Canadian court:

I speculated back in October whether Mann, a loser and a liar, would also prove a scofflaw and a deadbeat. Yes, he is. It is ten months since he lost at the BC Supreme Court and, despite Mr Justice Giaschi’s order, Doctor Fraudpants has yet to pay Tim Ball a penny. So he’s a fraudulent plaintiff in every respect. This scumbag has financially ruined Dr Ball, lost at trial, and refuses to pay up. Mann’s conduct is appalling: it’s no wonder so few climate scientists are willing to defend him.

Last week, Joe Biden announced that Dr Michael Mann would become his Climate Change adviser!

Tim adds:

Kind of like making Genghis Khan your Secretary of Homeland Security...

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