May 13, 2019

Ignoring Hate against orthodox Jews in NYC

Timothy Birdnow

There is a plague of assaults on Orthodox Jews in New York City, assaults primarily by Black or Hispanic men, and it is barely being reported. Gee; I wonder why?

From the Federalist:

This is an all too familiar story in Brooklyn these days, and there is a reason it isn’t being treated as a crisis by our media or government. That reason is that many if not most of the assailants are black or Hispanic men. In an article in The New York Times last October that was careful to point out, although without much evidence, that people of all descriptions are committing acts of anti-Semitism, Ginia Bellafante writes (emphasis mine), "In fact, it is the varied backgrounds of people who commit hate crimes in the city that make combating and talking about anti-Semitism in New York much harder.”

We should be clear about what this means. It means that if these assaults were being committed by white men in hoods or MAGA hats, it would not be "hard to talk about.” It would be a clear-cut case of bigotry that needs to be fought with every tool in our arsenal. Instead, journalists are wringing their hands about intersectionality, and careful not to indulge the narrative that these physical attacks are coming from blacks and Hispanics in bordering neighborhoods, even though that narrative is absolutely true.

In short, the authorities, steeped in Leftist narrative, don't want anything that distracts from the modern assertion by the Progressive Left that whites only are inherently racist and bigoted and that anyone in the victim class is somehow morally superior. They have been promoting this notion for a long time, this victimology. So when a hate crime is committed by a minority it is dismissed as a lesser charge, a dispute or whatnot. They simply will not allow the truth to be known, that minorities commit more hate crimes - or at least as many - than whites.

This isn't an isolated thing, either; I've seen the authorities and the media contort into pretzels to avoid concluding that a crime committed by a black against a white was not a hate crime. That's here in St. Louis, flyover country. It's a nation-wide disease.

Many Jewish people promoted this Progressive notion, too, thinking that protections for any minority protects them as well. I fear they are learning the hard way that this just isn't a correct assumption.

The article makes a wonderful comment "It seems like the outrage ended when they couldn’t tie these hate crimes to Trump.” Yep.

North-Central States editor rings in with a personal comment here:
I grew up in Western New York State, in a small town that had probably more than the usual number of Jews for its size, due to the presence of a college (later to be renamed a university) of the New York State system. There was also a small concord grape winery owned by a couple of Jewish brothers who had been friends of my father in college. Dad would work there when the CIO (in the days before its merger with the AFL) would periodically declare a strike at Dad's plant (to generate a new contract to benefit the workers, of course, meanwhile putting them out of work for at least six weeks). During one of those times, the managing brother suggested to Dad that he might want to bring me up to show me the operation (I was about eleven years old at the time), and it gave me the chance to meet my first Orthodox Jew, a rather elderly, gentle man who was very popular with the other employees. Isadore "Izzy" Shaftsman was his name. The winery job kept our family alive during every strike. And from that time to this I will not allow anyone to denigrate the Jews in my presence.

Just a bit of family history.

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