December 03, 2018

Hank Paulson and the Climate Assessment

Timothy Birdnow

I've largely ignored the idiotic Climate Assessment that said in ten years we only have eighty years before we have ten more years (or whatever); they've been saying that since 1980 and, much like the live Led Zeppelin album, the song remains the same. This latest assessment is just another warmed-over version of the last forty years of apocalyptic hysteria.

I was going to ignore the act of pseudo-scientific onanism, but then I came across this.

It's not the what that interests me but the who.

According to the Daily Caller:

"The NCA heavily relied on a paper funded by federal taxpayers and a few billionaire friends of big government: Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg and former secretary of the Treasury under President Bush, Hank Paulson.

End excerpt.

That last seems odd; why would a former Treasury Secretary affix his name to something like this?

I need only direct you all to my friend William Been's spectacular explanation of the economic collapse of 2008 "Maters of Audacity and Deceit". In this book (and I have a footnote as a source, I might add) Bill connects the dots, and who is at the center of it? Why none other than Hank Paulson, Bush's Treasury Secretary.

Paulson figured prominently in the lead-up to the crash, and he, along with Tim Geitner, head of the New York Federal Reserve, as well as Ben Bernanke, Fed Chair, took steps to crash the economy. It was Paulson who talked Bush into "suspending capitalism to save it", something guaranteed to wreck the economy. It was Paulson who came up with the bailouts - although they were done in an odd fashion, bailing out some companies and letting others collapse, even when they had buyers. And it was Paulson who insisted the mechanisms in place - bankruptcy protection - not be used. Bill Been shows in his book how this was engineered to stampede the public into "change". Paulson, a former Goldman Sachs bigwig and a nominee that had conservatives very upset when Bush appointed him, is now tied to this idiotic Climate Assessment.

See more on Paulson here.

What with the billionaire progressives Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg also involved, it is clear this document isn't worth the recycled Sears catalogue  that should be gracing backwoods outhouses.

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