January 10, 2016

Gun Control and Border Control; Two Completely Different Approaches by the Obama Administration

Timothy Birdnow

A quick thought; Mr. Obama is attempting to implement gun control via Executive Order. What is the ostensible purpose? To reduce killing and violence. In other words, to influence behavior by taking away the tools employed by bad people. His reasoning (if taken at face value) is that guns provide too easy a route to killing, and that by removing guns from the equation there will be less shootings.

In the final analysis his plan is to influence BEHAVIOR.

Why, then, doesn't this same reasoning apply to illegal aliens? Instead of reducing the attractions of America, the things that draw illegals to the United States, he wants to expand them, offering an amnesty and a "path to citizenship". If gun control will reduce violence than shouldn't a reduction in social services and benefits reduce the number of illegals? Why does gun control work but not border control?

The centerpiece of Obama's planned usurpation of the Second Amendment (a fundamental enumerated right in the Constitution) is predicated on background checks and mental health reviews - and would impose a 'no fly list" for gun owners who may be on a terrorist watch list (even if named Bill Jones). Yet Obama will not impose the same restrictions for illegal aliens.

Here are the President's proposals for executive gun control. Notice how he has federalized what is clearly a local issue - firearm sales. Yet he fails to federalize border control - clearly an enumerated responsibility of the United States central government.

Why do restrictions work for gun violence but not for border violations? Illegal aliens are people, who can be reasoned with, influenced, and encouraged to go home. Criminals and maniacs are harder to reason with, and can find alternatives fairly easily to using guns. There are bombs, poison gas, fire (molotov cocktails, flamethrowers, etc.), IED's, knives, swords, machetes, blow darts, axes, cleavers, hatchets, chain saws. The 911 terrorists hijacked several planes with BOX CUTTERS, razor blades inside of safety tools. You could poison food. You could poison water. You can manufacture your own guns.

Jamaica confiscated firearms in the 1970's, yet has worse gun problems than does America despite a total restriction on them. Gun control does not stop violence. Violence is a moral and spiritual malady; it is a problem in the human heart.

But getting people to leave who do not belong here is much easier; dry up their income, make it less attractive to colonize America, and they will leave.

The disconnect between these two issues is striking.

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