September 11, 2018

Google - the Root of Evil

Timothy Birdnow

Google made a huge in-kind donation to the Hillary campaign, one that has not been disclosed and should get people sent to jail - and the company that used to use "don't be evil" as their canard, er, motto could be subject to anti-trust efforts as a result (well, we can only hope).

Thomas Lifson has the 411 at American Thinker:

"In essence, Eliana Murillo, Google’s Multicultural Marketing department head, wrote a series of emails to Google executives, at first carefully maintaining the guise of political neutrality while discussing her (and Google’s) efforts to heighten Latino turnout.

But following the shock of Trump’s victory, Murillo let the mask slip, and revealed the partisan intent, using the words "silent donation” to describe her efforts. This ought to trigger a Federal Election Commission investigation, and ought to be grist for legislators contemplating antitrust measures against this near-monopoly in information." End excerpt.

Lifson goes on to give us the transcripts from the Tucker Carlson show, which makes it obvious how deeply disturbing this effort by the world's lone information superpower truly is.

I've been warning about Google for years.

For example, Google partnered with the internationalist National Endowment for Democracy, a government funded agency that colludes to tamper with foreign elections in a manner far worse than any Russian efforts here in the U.S. Sometimes called the Neocon Slush Fund, this semi-independent agency used millions of taxpayer dollars to subvert stable foreign governments, and sometimes in direct opposition to the policies of the sitting Administration. Google partnered with them to promote the "Arab Spring" which left a huge power vacuum in the Middle East, giving us Benghazi, the war in Syria, ISIS, and Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Don't be evil!

Google's hand was all over the Arab Spring. Google Executive Wael Ghonim was one of the leaders in Egypt, for example. And Google helped sponsor seminars to teach rebels how to use electronic media to organize and plot their revolutions.

Interestingly enough, I remember a number of articles in mainstream publications about this very fact. They can no longer be found on Google. I just wasted a half hour looking for some links to no avail - even though I had found them in the past. Google just erased their involvement in the so-called "Arab spring".

They've also largely erased my own work from the internet. I used to be able to run a Google search a week or so after writing an article and not only pull that article up but pull up others that linked to it or reposted it. My last article at American Thinker failed to turn up with a Google search that included the title, my name, and American Thinker. They are clearly suppressing conservative speech.

But not Liberal speech, and this shows that Google has chosen sides. Granted, they are a private company and have a right, but what they are doing is sneaky, underhanded, and dirty pool. And since they hold a near monopoly on internet searches, their behavior warrants anti-Trust actions.

Google (nee Alphabet) was originally called Backrub. Given the way they stroke the Swamp it is quite fitting indeed. BTW Jeff Bezos, radical leftist owner of the Washington Post and Amazon, was one of the original investors in Google.

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