April 15, 2018

Global Warming's Continuing Failure

Timothy Birdnow

Tropospheric temperatures are dropping like a rock

Most people are aware that we are having a cold spring, and snow is hitting late and hard. But this is not just local weather, but planetary temperature dropping.

From the article:

"Should the cold temperatures persist, April, 2018, could fall below the zero anomaly for the first time since 2012, foremost with the UAH satellite data. The following UAH chart shows lower tropospheric temperatures (1500) continuing their decline after the warm peak caused by the natural El Niño phenomenon:


"Much of the last 2 years has been in the globe-cooling La Niña phase (blue). And as satellite instrument temperatures tend to lag the El Niño temperature anomalies by some 4 months, further surface cooling is expected to show up in the satellite data over the coming months.
ENSO indicates more cooling ahead

The Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) is an indicator for the development of the easterly trade winds at the equatorial Pacific and thus tells us what’s ahead for the ENSO. Recall that the ENSO has a powerful impact on global surface temperatures. SOI values over +7.0 indicates La Niña conditions 2 months ahead, while an SOI under -7.0 points El Niño conditions.

Currently the following chart shows the SOI is at +13.7, which means the globe-cooling La Niña should continue on two months from now, and thus means cooler satellite measurements showing up 6 months later."

End excerpts.

Global Warming just keeps failing.

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