June 21, 2018

Global Warming Policy Makes Beer go Flat

Timothy Birdnow

European soft drinks and draft beer may go flat as the EU is suffering a shortage of carbonating carbon dioxide. According to this article
Gavin Partington, director-general of the British Soft Drinks Association, blames the shortage on maintenance issues at production sites and other technical problems. The shortage is also expected to affect meat preservation.

Maintenance and technical issues? Really? I wonder; the E.U. is all in on the Global Warming scam, and I rather suspect the shortage is not because of anything but anti-carbon dioxide policies implemented by the Frankenstein's geopolitical monster. Remember, carbon dioxide is evil according to these people, and the release of CO2 into the atmosphere is undoubtedly an act of horror to the Eurocrats who rule the late great Europe.

Doubt that? Read this:

The E.U. is restricting the use of ammonia and other gases that may contribute to atmospheric CO2. They also require "best Available Technology (BET) be installed and implemented - which explains why so many of these CO2 plants are being retooled at the same time.

Now see this:

"Newspapers across the country are reporting on a shortage which seems to have developed due to a perfect storm of maintenance shutdowns and, according to the specialist magazine Gasworld, a dip in the value of ammonia, the synthesis of which produces much of the CO2 used by brewers and soft drink manufacturers.

In the United Kingdom, there is only one plant producing CO2 and supplies from the continent are limited.

Gavin Partington, Director General at British Soft Drinks Association, said: "The shortage of CO2 across Northern Europe is impacting a wide range of businesses across the food and drink sector.

"Soft drinks producers in the UK are taking active steps to maintain their service to customers including working with their suppliers to mitigate the impact as well as looking at alternative sources.”

End excerpt.

Well! There's more:

"Ammonia production for fertilisers has historically been a major source for food-grade carbon dioxide. The Haber process requires hydrogen derived from the reformation of natural gas, a reaction that produces CO2.

Sites producing ammonia often go down for maintenance over summer but this year there has been a dip in the value of ammonia and supplies are coming in from outside Europe."

End excerpt.

In other words, E.U. global warming policy is at the heart of this. So the World Cup is running out of beer because of the Paris Accord!

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