April 16, 2018

Gas Tax a Winning Issue for GOP

Timothy Birdnow

Governor Moonbat in California wants a major gasoline tax hike, and California Republicans think they maybe able to use that to make gains in the next election, according to a report in Daily Caller.

"eps. Kevin McCarthy and Mimi Walters of California are using a very unpopular gas tax increase to generate excitement among GOP votes. Both Republicans want to put a measure on the ballot that repeals the increase. They believe the campaign could increase voter turnout and staunch a blue wave of the highest gasoline taxes in the nation,” Walters told reporters Saturday, according to The Hill. "By the time you get to 2021, we’re going to be paying $2 a gallon for gasoline just in taxes, and we can’t do that for working families who have to travel for their job.”

Recent polls show McCarthy and Walters’ gamble has a chance to pay off.

Nearly 58 percent of voters oppose the tax increase, including 39 percent who say they strongly reject the legislation, according to a survey UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies conducted shortly after the measure was passed in June of 2017. Only 35 percent of voters surveyed favor the law, which raises taxes on gasoline and diesel and hikes vehicle registration fees to fix roads and highways.

Opposition against the measure is widespread. Voters in all major regions of the state other than the Bay Area and all age categories over 30 are unhappy about it. Liberal voters are the only group that largely supports the law. Other polls are more split. More than 47 percent of likely voters favor repeal, while 48 percent oppose nixing the law, according to a poll the Public Policy Institute of California released in February.

A similar gas tax increase helped bring down Democratic former Gov. Gray Davis in 2003 after he signed legislation dramatically increasing the vehicle license fee. No one is clamoring to recall Gov. Jerry Brown, who signed the act into law, but Los Angeles Republicans have collected enough signatures to force the recall of Democratic state Sen. Josh Newman. That election will take place June 5.

The law, passed April 6, imposes a 12 cents per gallon (cpg) hike on citizens and raises the tax on diesel fuel by 20 cpg. It also implements an additional charge to annual vehicle license fees ranging from $25 to $175 depending on the car’s value.

Democrats in the state legislature passed the measure along party lines. Only one Republican — state Sen. Anthony Cannella — voted in favor of the measure after receiving $500 million in kickbacks for a commuter rail extension in his district."

End excerpt.

Gas taxes are unpopular; people don't have a choice about purchasing fuel, and don't like it when they are forced to pay higher prices than neighboring states. Gas taxes are beloved by liberals because they are spread across the entire economy, effecting the prices of nearly every commodity we buy. When it costs a lot to move something it raises the price of that thing. And, of course, the Left hates fossil fuels with a passion.

California seems hell-bent on committing economic suicide. The tax everything they don't prohibit. People are already leaving the Golden state because it is becoming too expensive and too chaotic to remain, yet the Democrats and their fellow traveller Republicans go merrily on their way. At some point the whole thing will implode.

I agree with the premise; the GOP should use this as an object lesson. Point out that Obama tried to kill Fracking when he was President and Hillary would have if given a chance. This issue can be nationalized quite easily. And it's a winner.

It's time the GOP learn to start winning.

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