April 24, 2017

Francis Slay Proud he Increased Violent Crime in St. Louis

Timothy Birdnow

Outgoing St. Louis mayor Francis Slay shows exactly why the STL area saw hell break loose. From Ladue News:


"There was a big disconnect between the people, police and government in general in a lot of communities,” he says. "We learned you can’t isolate people in low-income minorities in a way that they feel disconnected.”

Slay successfully pushed for the establishment of the Ferguson Commission, which uncovered overreaching governments that were funding themselves with unfair traffic courts. "We need to learn in St. Louis that something that happens in one part of the region impacts the entire region,” Slay says."

End excerpt.

Mayor Slay blamed the courts for weak sentencing after violent crime increased under his watch and yet he promoted a weak, puscillanimous approach to civil order that was guaranteed to lead to an increase in crime. The "disconnect" between police, government and "people" was actually a disconnect between police and criminals, who knew a good thing when they saw it. The Ferguson Commission was nothing but a Democrat slush fund and tool for black supremacists. That Slay is unwilling to admit this speaks volumes about him.

It suggests to me he wants to run for higher office at some point.

The fact is the Ferguson riots and the troubles in St. Louis after vonderritt Myers was shot were easily preventable had a firm hand been taken at the outset. But fools like Slay handled this as a "social justice' matter rather than as the acts of terrorism and criminality they were. And the Ferguson Commission's recommendations amounted to surrender, meaning that the political operatives who took the $33 million dollars from George Soros now know they can force their will on the voting public simply by throwing a temper tantrum.

St. Louisans are less safe as a result of Mayor Slay's actions, and there will be more of this down the road because he acted more out of political interest than in the interests of his citizens. But a Democrat is a Democrat, and reality has little to do with their assessment of events.

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