January 12, 2018

Fifty Shades of Greitens

Timothy Birdnow

Missouri's Republican Governor Eric Greitens, a former Democrat who switched parties to run on the GOP ticket last year, has been caught in a Fifty Shades of Gray moment, photographing a bondage sex session with a woman in 2015. His wife was pregnant with their child at the time.

KMOV in St. Louis has the story. The woman claims Greitens took photographs of her naked and tied and blackmailed her into silence. Greitens admits to the affair but demies any blackmail.

At the time Greitens - a former Navy Seal who was running as an outsider for governor based on claims of being a man of honor and family values - was actively campaigning. The stupidity is beyond belief.

But then, he was a Democrat until then.

It's a pity because he's been a good governor. I don't know anything about the Lieutenant Governor and suspect he's a100% Pro-Life

RINO (most Repbig ublicans in Missouri are) so we probably will end up with some milquetoast. I looked it up; the L. Gov will take the Governorship until the next election.

I thought Greitens might have a future in national politics but not now. I doubt he survives very long after this.

The trouble with Missouri is that it is dominated by accolytes of John Danforth, and they see conservatives in the same light as Democrats - or worse. Almost every rising conservativein this state winds up getting taken down by some sort of scurrilous accusations (sometimes true). It was Danforth's people who took the Todd Akin tape to Media Matters, for instance; it had sat for weeks with no interest until St. John's men sought to force Akin out of the race (he was too conservative; they wanted an Establishment businessman named John Bruener). We've seen it with Peter Kinder, who could have won a lot of the black vote (he was popular in that sector) but who was too conservative for some RINO tastes. Kinder got taken out by claims he got handy at an East St. Louis strip club (which he sometimes went to for business, apparently, a number of years ago.) The strippper making the groping accusations was less than credible, but it kept Kinder out of the Senate race that year, and dogged him in the last election where he went up against Greitens in the primary. Generally the only conservatives who make it here are guys like Roy Blunt - RINO to the core. John Ashcroft was a good conservative but an anomaly.

At any rate pressure is mounting for Greitens to resign.

Several state reps and senators are calling on Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley to open an investigation and in fact St. Louis circuit attorney Kimberley Gardner has opened an investigation into Greitens.

If Greitens either resigns or is removed he will be replaced by Mike Parson, the Republican Lieutenant Goernor. I don't know much about him, and I don't think many other people do either. A former Army man and Sheriff, Parson has been a long time state legislator with a rather undistinguished career. Hailing from the unfortunately named Clinton Mo. Parson has largely dealt with farm issues, although he was endorsed by the NRA and has a stellar Pro-life record. He was also endorsed by the Missouri Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association, and I never like a teacher's union supporting anyone because none are ever conservative.

According to Parson's website:

Mike has always been supportive of protecting the rights of the unborn, and he has consistently voted for legislation that has made our state among the most pro-life in the nation, including the measure extending the waiting period for an abortion from 24 hours to 72 hours."

End excerpt.

Parson was the principle behind the Right to Farm Act, which says Missouri farmers may not be forced to change their traditional practices. It was an unclear amendment and has been used by marijuana farmers to justify breaking state and federal law. ut it was intended to stop an Humane Society attempt to ban puppy mills, and that attempt could well have translated into attacks on, say, chicken farming or hog farming. And of course environmentalists could have pushed new, outlandish restrictions on land use.

Parson was the principle backer of this.

But beyond that I have no idea what kind of chief executive he'll make. I suppose we'll find out.

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