April 15, 2018

Don't Know Much About History, and Mocking it

Jack Kemp

In 2002, the Jewish Museum in NY City had an exhibit mocking the Holocaust. There was a Lego concentration camp and superimposed image of young man with a can of Diet Coke with emasciated concentration camp inmates behind him. I was one of the protesters who stood behind a police barracade on the day the exhibit opened.

Demystifying Nazism, or Trivializing Its Victims? A Debate How Pseudo-Artists Desecrate the Holocaust

By MENACHEM Z. ROSENSAFT 'Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/Recent Art," the forthcoming exhibition at The Jewish Museum in New York, is in excremental taste. There can be no excuse, aesthetic or otherwise, for the crude desecration of the Holocaust inherent in the display. Among the more objectionable items in the exhibition are a "LEGO Concentration Camp Set," complete with crematorium and a plastic inmate on a toy gallows made with the popular children's building blocks; a "Giftgas Giftset" of three poison gas canisters packaged with the distinctive designer logos of Hermes, Chanel and Tiffany & Co.; and a cardboard model of a "Prada Deathcamp."

I am not making any of this up. These images are contained in the museum's exhibition catalogue, edited by curator Norman Kleeblatt, and co-published with Rutgers University Press. Other works in the exhibition are equally unseemly. There is the doctored 1945 photograph of emaciated Buchenwald inmates into which the artist has digitally inserted his own "Self Portrait" holding a can of Diet Coke. Then there are the five identical sculptures of a whimsical white feline figure with a Hitler mustache wielding a swastika rattle in a swastika-adorned playpen. This installation is described by Mr. Kleeblatt as "Disney-like."

End excerpt.


Well, in a similar vein, awhile back I saw a woman climate scientist shoot down a "75% of climate scientists believe that global warming is caused by man's activities" twit at a college seminar with "Science isn't done by percentages! It's done by testing theories until they can finally be proven or disproven. If it's eventually proven that global warming is caused by man's activities, it doesn't matter if 1%, or 100%, of scientists believe it. And vice versa." She bore down on this twit until the twit pretty much collapsed. You may have seen the video.

As far as the Holocaust, there are all those photographs Ike caused to be taken. Pretty hard to explain those any other way. Unfortunately, the survivors of the Holocaust are almost gone. If people will not believe their children, yes, we are in trouble.


The exhibit shut down after a few months and its existance hurt fundraising for the Jewish Museum. There are those who have never forgiven them such as myself.

The author of the article, M. Rosensaft, when he received a mailing advertising this exhibit first thought that it was from a neo-Nazi group.

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