January 17, 2022

Did Australia's Covid Policies Work?

Timothy Birdnow

Here's an interesting discussion on Facebook over Australia's draconian Covid policies.

Lance Pidgeon says:

Well the simple explanation for Australia is that standing alone to maintain covid zero worked on every scale but all three of the communist "herd immunity" approaches did not.
That is the the "lock up the elderly and vulnerable for the good of the commune approach failed. The vaccinate everyone including kids for the good of the commune approach failed. As well as the flatten the curve for the good of the commune approach failed. Only the lock it out and stand alone method worked.

James Doogue replies:

You are correct if your metric for success or failure is number of cases, and resulting Hospitalisations and deaths. That is, with no concern for quality of life, loss of freedoms, and short and long term economic cost. Also, whose saying the experiment is over. The way it is looking, we'll all eventually get covid. What remains to be seen is how much long term damage is created by the disease and by our actions to fight the disease.

Last night I was looking at some very worrying data about the dramatic increase in the incidence of infant deaths miscarriages, deformed births, and menstrual irregularities which correlate with the rollout of vaccines. Though there's no proof yet that vaccines are to blame, this may yet be another long term cost of our response to Covid-19 which may impact all the eggs in the ovaries of all vaccinated women.

While we are all busy infighting about our Covid response we are getting further away from holding China to account.

Lance retorts:

"That is, with no concern for quality of life, loss of freedoms, and short and long term economic cost."
Those are the problems we have now that we did not have at covid zero.

Covid zero means no vaccines are required. If you don't trust the vaccines then covid zero is the only real alternative.

James Doogue retorts:

Not if you value freedom, economic security and so on. Also, not if you are a country or region with many miles of land borders to protect. Or a population with ethnic or cultural connections which go beyond the country's borders. Or a government without the resources to go in to massive debt to support individuals and organisations whose incomes rely on open borders.

You are also assuming that this crop of vaccines was the only prevention/treatment option available. There are/were other treatment options available which worked successfully in various parts of the world. Most notably was prevention and treatment protocols which included Ivermectin. Like this one from Uttar Pradesh India's landlocked, most populous state with over 200 million. Not that UP hasn't escaped many other restrictions in the hope of slowing the Omicron infection.
May be an image of 1 person and text

May be an image of 1 person and text

Lance Responds:

There are no such "Not if"s or complications that are too hard to work around. Covid zero produced the freedom we saw in places like Tasmania and the N.T quickly. The math is so simple i can't for the life of me figure out why so many like you just can't see it. It is simple and works anyplace. Even China! Ivermectin certainly would help. All that is required is to keep the potential growth rate below one. Using ivertmectin as a prophylactic instead of a treatment would certainly.

"You are also assuming that this crop of vaccines was the only prevention/treatment option available" You know full well i have been using neem vitamin D etc and don't think vaccines are an option at all. Why this sentence?

James again:

You watch Battleground Melbourne? https://youtu.be/xzfJGC1_yPo

That's the type of Covid Zero freedom I wouldn't want. Similar to WA. Just less violent. It's not real freedom. I'm not free if my neighbours are oppressed because they are against getting vaxed.

Lance retorts:

That is the direct result of N.S.W. letting it rip. It is the result of what you have been promoting. Remember covid zero is vaccine zero is lockdown zero. It is not what happened after Gladys cancelled freedom and covid zero together. Her determined under reaction caused the mess in Melbourne. Covid zero meant all the internal borders were wide open and free. You worked hard against that freedom to destroy it. Apart from a two week delay in the high volume remote incoming quarantine that the federal government failed to organise no other restriction was required.
What we have now James Doogue is the direct result of your theories not working. .

I add:

I can't speak for Australia but I know a girl who has lived there for decades (she married an Australian man) who just came back to the United States because of your Covid Zero policies Lance. She described it as living in a prison. I hope it was worth it to you.

BTW, Your own leader admitted hospitals are full of non-covid cases and he was at a loss to understand why. Is it perhaps that the protocols AREN'T working but it is being relabeled in order to justify claims that it is? Just asking.

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