July 11, 2018

Devil's Advocate on Kavanaugh

Timothy Birdnow

So now the Orange Peril has chosen his nominee to stand athwart history and shout "stop" (or shout Yipee! depending on how this nomination turns out) and the big C Conservative movement - compromising the Innermost sanctum of the District of Columbia and the big monied class - has collectively interjected "Huzzah!" or "good show old boy!{ or the other acceptable jubillant ejaculations that do not bespeak low breeding - we must ask if the newly nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh is really the second coming of Scalia or is he the David Souter redoux. Well, maybe not Souter, but is he going to be the accolyte of the Founding Fathers or just another tinhorn tyrant with a gavel. While almost all of the conservative movement - including almost all of the radio talk show hosts and online authors - think this is Scalia II, son of Scal, and while I hope it is true, I am going to look at this with a critical eye. In point of fact I see a lot of red flags with this guy, and I want to throw a little cold water on the inebriated conservative mvement lest we all wind up weeping in our morning after alkaseltzer. First, Cavanaugh is the swampiest of swamp rats, a lifelong inhabitant of the filthy marshes of human debris on the Potomac. Both his parents were lawyers (his mother, a public school teacher, became a lawyer as he was growing up in Bethesda, Md.) and so it seems likely hizzoner suffers from the malady of legal thinking, which means that he is incapable of actually seeing a thing for what it is. Lawyers do that, complicate the simple and obscure the obvious. A child of two lawyers is a very special breed, something that should not be allowed to happen. Inbreeding is at work, metastasizing the already onerous gene. While the urbane Washingtonian swamp creature generally mocks and disdaines inbred hill folk, the fact is that so many of them are intellectually no different, carrying the exact same intellectual hillbillism (to coin a phrase) into the halls of government. A man whose mother was a public school teacher turned lawyer and judge and whose father was a D.C. lawyer amd head of a toiletry association. is a man without any real depth of character, a creature whose entire existence has always been dependent on the system. That is not a healthy condition.

Kavanagh attended Georgetown high school and got both his BA and his law degree at Yale. While you cannot find out for certain, I rather suspect he was a member of Skull and Bones, the secret society that has spawned the swampiest of all swamp rats. (George W. Bush and John F. Kerry were both members). The Boneheads are a secret society of rich and would-be powerful types who rather seem to believe they are the true and rightful rulers of the world. It is impossible to know for certain who is a member (becauseof the secretive nature of the order) but I would not be at all surprised to learn Kavanaugh was a member. Yale is the home of S and B.

It certainly is the home of all things liberal.

He did a fellowship with Ken Starr. Now Starr is portrayed as a right winger for conducting the investigation of Bill Clinton, but hhe reality is Starr was and is a swamp rat in his own right and a moderate at best - and he totally botched the Clinton investigation, choosing to ignore numerous examples of Clinton lawbreaking to avoid "piling on" and thus sending only the obstruction of justice charge to Congress, something that was guaranteed to fail in the sex-drenched culture of the time.

Kavanagh then went on to clerk for Anteddy Kennedy, a Justice portrayed as conservative althoug his overall record on SCOTUS was left of center.

After Kavanagh's second stint with Starr (on theimpeachment) he joined the George W. Bush team, leading the charge to put the endless recounting of votes in Florida to bed. He then went on to do a multi-year stint with Bush, the man who largely got us into so many of the current pickles the nation now faces.

To reward him for his service Bush made him a judge (and Dick Durbin the turban, the sheik of the burning bland, in a massive pot-calling-kettle statement called Kavanaugh the "Forest Gump" of American jurisprudence.)

Kavanagh has stated publicly he thinks Roe v. Wade is binding under stare decisis (I wish the courts would decist in all that staring) which is not exactly comforting when speaking of bad legal decisions. Just because some radical puts their personal opinion on a legal ruling does that mean we are stuck with it forever?

I am not going to go through all his opinions here, which seem to be good, or at least good enough to make liberal heads explode. I am looking at Kavanagh as a person, and trying to decide his level of trustworthiness.

Much has been made about his being recommended by the Federalist Society. Yes, the Feds are good, but so too was the Heritage Foundation and they were the creators of the individual mandate forcing Americans to buy health insurance. I don't take anyone's word for it when they assure me they know best and this is our man.

That said, hope springs eternal and Kavanaugh may be the best we can get. I hope so; once in office you can't remove these people short of their keeping sex slaves in dungeons, and perhaps not even then. My worry isn't that Kavanaugh will be David Souter so much as that he will cheat us on a critical ruling or two because he owes his career - indeed his entire life - to the swamp and they may come a-calling one day. If he is Skull and Bones he owes them a big, big favor.

BTW Bush and Kavanaugh were both members of Delta Kappa Epsilon in college, I might add.

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