May 24, 2018

Desexualization and the Doctrine of the Damned

Timothy Birdnow

Here is a good essay at Canada Free Press about the changes in society and especially in schools that are driving the mass shooting phenomenon. (Actually, mass shootings are NOT on the rise and not becoming more deadly. What is becoming more deadly is the endless media circus surrounding them, but that is another story) Author Katy Grimes points out that modern electronic entertainment fundamentally changes brain architecture in such a way as to make children less attentive, less, empathetic, and more violent. Couple that with the increased feminization of the schools, with the elimination or curtailing of recess and athletic activity in favor of classroom time, along with the liberal use of chemicals to sedate kids rather than actually work on their problems, and you have a perfect storm.

From the article: "Excessive exposure to screens (television, tablets, smartphones, computers, and video game consoles), especially at early ages, has been associated with lower academic performance, increased sleep problems, obesity, behavior problems, increased aggression, lower self-esteem. depression, and increased high risk behaviors, including sexual activity at an earlier age,” the American College of Pediatricians reports.

When I was growing up, I had friends who when asked what their favorite subject in school was, said "recess.” However, recess has been cut in far too many schools. Locker room showers in middle schools are unused and have become storage areas. Female teachers have reported how much they hate the smell of sweaty boys in their classrooms, as justification for getting rid of recesses.

There are many reasons these school shooters choose to do what they do. But we can’t ignore that they have many characteristics in common, including being brought up on violent video games, television and movies, and have serious social and psychological problems.

Most disturbing however, is how the psychological and medical community has used our kids as social and medical experiments. Socially awkward, unhappy and depressed children are medicated rather than counseled. They are prescribed psychological drugs rather than putting them in sports, clubs, music, art or assisting them in finding something of interest in which they can personally grow and learn to deal with life and other people."

End excerpt.

She doesn't mention the increased feminization of schools and the desire to avoid hurt feelings at any and all costs -two aspects that form straightjackets around boys in particular. And let us not forget that these schools are implementing sex education for younger and younger children, introducing them to sex well before they are emotionally prepared to deal with it. Sex is a very powerful human drive, and when it is stoked up before it is time the results can be dreadful. Rape and murder and two examples of where it can lead. Emotional ennui is another. So is a feeling of rejection for, well, most kids who aren't getting any but hear the lies told by their friends about how well they do. It is an atomizing effect, one that isolates the individual from the group, whom he or she comes to despise for being "the cool kids" while he or she fears being some sort of freak.

Couple that with gender confusion, which is a danger at a younger age as kids have to be taught what it means to be male and female, they find themselves emotionally unmoored at a time in their lives when everything is changing in a whirlwind. Without an anchor they grow angry and resentful and bitter, turning inward.

Look, you have to be taught how to be a man. Not how to be physically mature, but emotionally and spiritually. That was the point of the Boy Scouts, for instance. Older men took kids out to experience challenges and some independence by facing Nature and they taught the young ones how a good man, a moral man, was to behave. That is why allowing gays into the Scouts was a bad idea, because it upset the whole purpose, which was to create a desexualized environment stressing moral and spiritual development. It is why it is a dreadful idea to admit girls, because the presence of the opposite sex now makes it like a school dance or whatnot, with no effort to teach boys to be men because it is coeducational and it might make the girls feel bad. Oh, and there WILL be sexual activity between the early teen boys and girls. You can't go on a campout, stay in tents and not think there will be hanky-panky.

But that is secondary to the damage done to the core of why Boy Scouts existed. It was to let boys be boys and learn to be men. Now it is a social club, and nothing more.

Look, girls will take over pretty much anything if they come into it. They are natural joiners and cooperators and things that were the province of boys/men are often now entirely female. It's especially true with these young teens because the girls develop faster then the boys and are able to manipulate and bully the boys more easily. And girls like structured things. So there was and is a crying need for a safe space for boyhood. The Left, of course, hates that, claiming it produces "toxic masculinity" even while they cannot prove such an assertion. In fact, the best men have all been through things like the Boy Scouts; just look at the astronauts, many of whom were Eagle scouts. Liberals don't want there to be any difference between male and female, though, and so they promote this mix-'em-up of the sexes so as to attempt to dissolve the boundaries between boys and girls, men and women.

And when young men, oppressed to their very core by liberal theology, snap and go on shooting rampages, the Liberals demand more of the same. Take guns away, and make it a terrible crime to even point a finger and say "bang".

Masculinity is a wonderful gift from God and society, any sane society, would embrace it. Our modern feminist dystopia despises it as "toxic" precisely because the feminists despise their own femininity and seek to usurp the maleness for their own. But Nature and Nature's God did not design things that way, and the girls who are pushed to feminism are often very unhappy (just look at Maureen Dowd at the New York Times) but cannot make the connection, instead thinking it is some great conspiracy by men that is the source of their misery. And they double down on what is causing them suffering, and by extension further alienating the men who should be there as strong and loving partners but who now are rivals and competitors. And the men are now oppressed victims, told they must reject their very natures.

Isn't it strange; the Left promotes the idea of multiple sexes based on the idea that things like your sexual desires are "who you are" and it is immutable, yet they think that male and female - which is a fundamental biological paradigm - is entirely malleable. They demand the male surrender, and submit to de-sexualization, to becoming a eunuch in all ways except genitally.

Frankly, it's a wonder we don't have more school shootings. Especially since there is so much attention paid to the shooters in an era where fame is about all that seems to matter to people. If you are unhappy and have no idea how to repair your life, why not? You've been told you can't seek religion, because that is as bad as being a Man or a right winger. With no way out there is only fame in death...

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