July 10, 2024

Happy Birthday Tesla!

Carlos F Velázquez

"Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality."
- Nikola Tesla

Happy Birthday (I hope in paradise) Nikola Tesla, born this day according to the Gregorian Calendar.

Your idea of AC power transmission, resisted by your employer Thomas Edison who promoted the inefficient DC power distribution, eventually prevailed. Although General Electric, who overruled Edison and started deploying AC power grids, did not give you any credit or financial benefit from it.

Tim adds:

Edison, a vain and imperious credit stealer, actually electrocuted an elephant to death on stage with AC to "prove" Tesla's idea was dangerous, mainly because Edison didn't understand it and furthermore didn't like being upstaged. If Edison had his way we would have to have power stations on every city block to adequately provide power.

Tesla invented the technology of the modern world. He invented radio prior to Marconi but, due to his own personality quirks, got seduced into listening to radio transmissions from space and so never finished his work on radio. Marconi got the credit and Tesla sued. In the end they were listed as co-discoverers; Marconi had lifted over a dozen patents of Tesla's to create the radio.

Tesla also invented fluorescent lights, a completely different concept than the incandescent (of which Edison's sole contribution was the screw in aspect of the light bulb, not even the bulb itself.)

Tesla devised a way to have cordless electronics, although that idea never caught on.

Two things mentioned in his notebooks have never been found but one wonders; he claimed to have invented a "death ray" that could be used on enemy aircraft as far away as 25 miles, and he also claimed to have invented a way to harvest electricity from the magnetosphere, giving unlimited, nearly free energy. But then Tesla also was going mad at this point, being in love with a pigeon at the time so we can perhaps take these with a grain of salt.

Interestingly enough when Tesla died the government sent a scientist in to evaluate Tesla's notes. That man was Donald Trump's uncle John Trump.

Here is a list of Tesla's many inventions. https://teslasciencecenter.org/nikola-tesla-inventions/

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"I Meant to Do That!"

A-Greg Delany

I was stationed in Iraq from 2011-2014
Obama was in charge of the surrender of expensive and vital US military equipment in the Iraq pull out.

ISIS came only after Obama left the keys in all the military equipment left behind in Iraq on purpose.
I witnessed the the closure of the base in Balad. It was being abandoned with Abrams tanks, MRAP's, Cougars, Humvee's and Billions of US Taxpayer dollars' worth of munitions and military equipment and everything left for the taking. This later became the targets for US forces to destroy after ISIS used them on innocent civilians.

When there is a lack of righteous people, evil people will fill the vacuum.
In this case it was ISIS.
Pre planned help from the Marxist Left to help start another profitable war if possible.

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The Obama Contrivance

This from Mike Huckabee:

Mike Huckabee

A George Washington University law professor is proposing that Biden name Barack Obama as his running mate to save his candidacy. He claims it’s constitutional because while Obama is barred from being elected to a third term as President, he’s not barred from running for Vice President and ascending to the Presidency. Matt Margolis at PJ Media explains why this is wrong, stupid, and a very good argument for never taking a constitutional law class from this professor:

Democrats Have a ‘Plan C’ for Their Biden Problem

Let’s just say it: We expect the Democrat Party to cheat like crazy in November. The only logical reason they would’ve worked so tirelessly to set up a system this vulnerable and this opaque is so they can cheat more easily, more undetectably, and on as large a scale as they might need. No other explanation makes sense.

Good news for 2024: new technology takes a big swipe at election fraud

Tim adds:
I think Mr. Huckabee is correct but since when has that stopped the Democrats? The news media will promote the idea Obama can run and unless SCOTUS were to take immediate action to shut this notion down they will put him on the ballot and start a runaway train rolling. There is clearly enough gray area in this for the Democrats to pull this off.

Bear in mind there are examples where the Constitution is ignored. The Tenth Amendment comes to mind.

I think the 12th Amendment cited in the article has enough wiggle room that they can ignore it. Obama would not be Constitutionally ineligible to the OFFICE of the President so much as to be ELECTED to the office of the President. Splitting hairs (we all know the intent) but that is how they will argue it.

Bear in mind this would be a Hail Mary pass, but they are going to need one and given their hatred of Trump and their lust for absolute power it is something they would try.

We certainly know from the "birther" issue that the matter need not be settled before someone can run for and hold office.

And we saw the multiple vote fraud efforts in 2020, many in direct violation of the law (like Governors or Secretaries of State simply implementing drop boxes and mail in voting without legislative approval with the help of their pet judges.) They'll try it if they can.

Also, I would point out that there are a dozen states or more that have laws that do not allow a convicted felon to run for any office in those states (including President). I warn everyone the Democrats might well try to block Trump from running at the last moment (to make legal challenges difficult or impossible). Many on our side argue this violates the Constitution but in fact the Constitution only sets a minimum standard and the states can impose other requirements. They may try to block Trump's run yet.

So I believe it entirely possible they would try it. It may not be legal, but when did that stop these people?

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The Smoking Gun

Timothy Birdnow

Here's the proof:

The Definitive Data On The Global Warming/Climate Change Scam

CO2 does not correlate to any temperature trends.

ScreenHunter_3233 Oct. 01 22.59
ScreenHunter_3341 Oct. 05 06.14
ScreenHunter_3337 Oct. 05 05.58
ScreenHunter_3332 Oct. 05 05.19
ScreenHunter_3328 Oct. 05 04.41

ScreenHunter_3315 Oct. 04 14.20

ScreenHunter_3311 Oct. 04 11.20

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July 09, 2024

The New Goebbels

Timothy Birdnow

Coming to America soon!

The Digital Service Act

Thus freedom dies not with a bang but a whimper in Europe.


o The Digital Services Act (DSA) creates a unified framework for government-directed content moderation across the European Union.
o Each EU member state now has a "digital services coordinator,” with the power to penalize online platforms if they fail to adequately address "systemic risks,” including hate speech and misinformation.
o These official speech commissars can deputize third party entities to act as "trusted flaggers,” empowering the global network of NGOs, research institutes, and private companies that make up the censorship industry.
o Elon Musk’s X became the first platform to be investigated after the DSA took effect, after months of threats from EU officials over Musk’s attempts to restore free speech to the platform.

The Digital Services Act (DSA), which went into effect at the start of 2024, is the European Union’s flagship online censorship law. Other than China’s Great Firewall, it is arguably the most elaborate and wide-reaching instrument of government control of online content in the world.

The law creates censorship obligations for what it terms Very Large Online Platforms (VLOPs) and Very Large Online Search Engines (VLOEs). This category, which includes any platform or search engine with over 45 million users in the EU, is subject to the law’s most stringent censorship requirements, with a hefty fine of 6% of a provider’s global annual turnover levied in the event of non-compliance.

What is required of the online platforms? The core requirement is that they develop tools to "identify, analyse, and assess systemic risks” related to their service, and then "put measures in place to mitigate these risks,” including "adapting the design or functioning of their services or changing their [recommendation] systems.” In other words, the EU wants platforms to identify and suppress content proactively — something that, realistically, can only be accomplished at scale using AI censorship tools.

The EU’s requirements for the type of content that ought to be suppressed are similarly far-reaching. The EU identifies several types of "systemic risks,” including anything that threatens "public security and electoral processes,” "gender-based violence,” "discrimination,” or "illegal content.”

Under EU law and the laws of many EU member states, "illegal content” includes so-called hate speech, which has been used as a pretext to criminally penalize political candidates and members of the public for political expression in a number of European countries.

Informational threats to "public security and electoral processes” are also a tried-and-true pretext for censoring political opposition. Indeed, "election integrity” was the main pretext used by U.S. government-tied groups to censor American political speech during the 2020 election.

To ensure compliance, the DSA establishes an official censorship bureaucracy that stretches across the EU, consisting of "digital service coordinators” in each of the EU’s 27 member states, are empowered to ensure compliance with the law. Each coordinator has the power to request data from and impose fines on online platforms in the event of non-compliance.

Additionally, the digital service coordinator can certify outside organizations as "trusted flaggers” who are "experts in detecting, identifying and removing illegal content,” a massive win for the vast international network of NGOs, university "disinformation monitoring” hubs, and private companies that make up the censorship-industrial complex.

The DSA’s second gift to the censorship industry consists of requirements for online platforms to allow "vetted researchers” to access their data, once again allowing pro-censorship "disinformation research” institutes free access to data that would require a commercial API license costing tens of thousands of dollars a year.

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Timothy Birdnow

Donald Trump's approval rating has just topped 51%, pushing him way over Stumblin Mumblin Joe, whose job approval rating comes in at an amazing 41% (amazing because it should be in single digits).

Overall Trump leads Biden in this poll 41% to 38% in terms of the election.

I suspect  this poll is weighted heavily for Biden too. We  are probably looking at a major landslide.

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A Whole Lotta Shakin': Biden and Parkinson's

Diane Kimura

An expert on Parkinson's disease from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center visited the White House eight times in eight months from last summer through this spring, including at least once for a meeting with President Biden's physician, according to official visitor logs.

The expert, Dr. Kevin Cannard, is a neurologist who specializes in movement disorders and recently published a paper on Parkinson's. The logs, released by the White House in response to a request from The New York Times, document visits from July 2023 through March of this year. More recent visits, if there have been any, would not be released until later under the White House's voluntary disclosure policy.

This means that the visits didn't necessarily end in March, those are just the most recent logs that The Times has access to.

So, we have to ask the question, why is Dr. Cannard visiting Biden's White House, including visiting Biden's personal physician?

Are we supposed to believe that this neurologist is just hanging out at the White House monthly for a chat?

An array of neurologists who have not personally examined Mr. Biden said they observed symptoms in his public appearances that were consistent with Parkinson's or a related disease, such as hypophonic speech, forward flexed posture, a shuffling gait, masked face and irregular speech pattern. But they emphasized that a specific diagnosis could not be given without firsthand examination.

Andrew Bates, a White House spokesman, previously told The Times that Dr. O'Connor had found no reason to re-evaluate Mr. Biden for Parkinson's disease since his physical in February. Mr. Bates also said the president had shown no signs of Parkinson's and had never taken Levodopa or other drugs for that condition.

Tim adds:

I don't know. Biden shows no palsy, no shaking or other such symptoms. Now, I certainly am no expert on the subject (although my wife has a similar condition) and certainly am not privy to Biden when he may show symptoms, but I do wonder about this. Not all Parkinson's patients have tremors.

Parkinson's causes dementia, I might add, usually within about ten years of the onset of symptoms.

Either way this is a person who does not belong near the levers of power as is Mr. Biden.

If Biden were not power hungry he would admit it and be a good example for many who suffer from it. But instead he denies it so as to win another term in office and not have to admit he's lying to the nation.

Iit should bepointed out that the Parkinson's expert was also a donor to Biden's campaign - a big one - and may simply have been invited for political reasons.

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Not Close to Hottest

Timothy Birdnow

It is not particularly hot this year. We have certainly had worse.

Chris Martz Weather

In June 1933, it hit 95° in every U.S. state and it topped 100° at least once in 44 states and 105° in 35 states. So far this month, it has reached 100° in 35 states and 105° in only 14 (data in the maps below are from NOAA. https://xmacis.rcc-acis.org/).

Oh, but what about "averages”? Well, I’m glad you asked. By the measured GHCNd station data, June 1933 was the hottest on record in the U.S. Of the top 10, eight occurred before 1955, and only two have been in the last 70-years:

Top 10 hottest Junes on record in the U.S. by measured GHCNd station data:

1. 1933
2. 1934
3. 1911
4. 2021
5. 1951
6. 1921
7. 1931
8. 2016
9. 1918
10. 1936
May be a graphic of map and text

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Sucking at the Teat

Timothy Birdnow

"Almost all the increase in economic activity goes to the illegal immigrants themselves in the form of wages."

- Steven A. Camarota Director of Research Center for Immigration Studies to House Judiciary Committee

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Follow the Pea

C Greg Carroll

All the Democrat and mainstream media handwringing over Biden’s cognitive fitness assumes the 3 1/2 years of policies and personnel we’ve seen so far have been just fine.

As the press focuses on Biden’s health, we’re forgetting cruel inflation, chaos at the Southern border, abortion almost without limit, violent carjackings and organized theft which spiked from progressive policing, billions of dollars—well more than a trillion is proposed—spent on student loan forgiveness, and a radical proposal to change Title Nine in keeping with Biden’s pro-trans Education Department guidelines.

We can forget all this if Democrats find a way to tape Biden together for another election.

Tim adds:

Yep. The media wants to keep these policies going so need to make Biden the personal focus. It's the old Alinsky tactic "pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it" only they are doing it to one of their own. They need to get Biden out so they have a chance at winning with a dark horse candidate, to "fool em again". No talk will be made about policy; they dare not. They will focus entirely on personality and mental fitness. Suck up all the oxygen in the room so people forget about how bad things have gotten and will support another Democrat.

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Media Lies

Diane M. Kimura

Perkins Coie, a DNC law firm behind the Steel dossier, conspired with NBC to create fake news.

They sent an email to a BOGUS email address and then told NBC that Jim Jordan wouldn't respond to them.

Basic fact-checking by NBC would have revealed the bogus email address instead, NBC ran with the bogus story.
How compromised are the news media outlets? Here is a list of a fraction of the lack of accountability, lack of professional standards and lack of personal ethics with the mainstream media outlets:

- CBS News Falsely Claims Statue of Liberty Was Originally Intended to be a Muslim Woman.

- Media Runs With Lie About Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Founding "Fascism Forever” Club.

- MSM routinely covers-up the Obama practice of separating families at the border and will not report about the 90,000 children separated and detained at the borders over 8 years while negatively portraying Trump as racist and evil.

- The Media truncating and misrepresenting Trump's remarks on MS-13 when he called the gang members animals by reporting that Trump called all immigrants animals.

- CNN’s Jeff Zeleny Lies About White House Setting Up SCOTUS Nominee’s Twitter Accounts.

- The Media Spreads false claims that Trump’s refugee policy changes killed a woman.

- The Media had to retract a story that Trump hung up on Australia’s Prime Minister.

- CNN and other outlets blamed Trump for the spike in transgender suicides.

- Politico, New York Times lied about Trump nominee foreclosing on a 90-year old woman.

- CNN and MSNBC distorted President Trump's comments to make it appear he has said he believed Putin's denials.

What Trump actually said was, "I think HE (Putin) BELIEVES it," not that he himself believed Putin. An intentional distortion of the facts.

- The media floated a story that FLOTUS was out of the public eye because President Trump had "abused her."

- Dave Weigel, of WaPo, published a KNOWINGLY fake photo of an arena reporting that only a few hundred showed for the rally in an effort to embarrass the president. Weigel lied by omitting the truth that his photo was taken was hours before the actual rally and not during the rally which was packed to the rafters with hundreds unable to gain entrance.

- The Atlantic implied that Trump was illegally profiting by selling his wines at national parks. In reality, the wines had been purchased by a contractor for the parks, well before Trump was elected.

- MSM lied and tried to embarrass the President, lying about the feeding of koi while in Japan as oafish behavior while omitting that Trump followed the PM's actions.

- MSM blatantly lied and stated President Trump removed the bust of MLK from the Oval Office.

- Brian Ross was suspended for 4 weeks after lying and reporting Trump, as a candidate, had instructed Flynn to contact Russians. Ross was eventually "left" ABC over the fallout from this and a series of false stories he fabricated.

- ABC's Jessica Peres falsely reported that Trump's motorcade rammed through a police barricade at high speed and speed out of downtown Fresno.

- 3 CNN reporters resigned after publishing a false story linking Scaramucci to a Russian firm.

- MSM runs FALSE scroll saying Manafort pleads guilty to manslaughter.

- MSM falsely reported that ICE banned Red Cross from detention facilities until the Red Cross stepped in to correct the facts.

- Media lied about Trump's Deutsche Bank records being subpoenaed.

- The Media fabricated a story that Don Jr. had access to Wikileaks info before the public.

- MSM falsely accused Trump of lying about the severe increase in the number of murders. His statistics were proven to be accurate.

- CNN’s Jake Tapper Lies About Trump Not Offering Sympathy to Canada After Mosque Attack.

- Media Caught Lying About GOP Expanding Gun Access to Mentally ill.

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Musk Warns About Losing America

RWarner Todd Huston

Elon Musk Warns of Losing America if Democrat 'Traitors' Allow Non-Citizens to Vote

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Average Tornadoes for Hurricane Beryl

Roy W. Spencer

While Hurricane Beryl apparently set a record for the number of tornado "warnings" in a single July day (110), the number of actual tornadoes reported was pretty typical (18 across 2 days). Hurricanes are strongly rotating, so the thunderstorms they produce are strongly rotating, and so doppler radar measured rotation triggers a warning. Hurricane-related tornadoes are usually pretty weak.

See here for a list of the number of reported tornadoes in every hurricane.

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July 08, 2024

The Media and Biden

Diane Kimura

The NYTs published a long story blaming concerns about Mr. Biden’s frailties on a "distorted, online version of himself, a product of often misleading videos that play into and reinforce voters’ longstanding concerns about his age and abilities.”

Elected Democrats at least have the excuse that they risk their careers if they tell the truth about Biden.

Exhibit A: Dean Phillips. But there’s no excuse for a press corps to deny what two-thirds of the public said they saw with their own eyes.

Now, with the looming prospect of defeat to Donald Trump, the liberal media establishment has turned to admit what it can no longer deny.

The path out of this nightmare might be easier if not for another problem the press refused to recognize—that Harris wasn’t remotely qualified to be Vice President when Biden chose her. He had promised to pick a woman as his Vice President, and Biden selected Harris because she was a woman of color, not because of her qualifications.

Harris had bombed as a presidential candidate, washing out after she couldn’t defend her own Medicare plan at a primary debate. She had risen to the Senate based on patronage. Yet she was hailed by Democrats and the press as the first woman of color on a national ticket, as if this were more important than someone who could do the job. Criticism of her failures on immigration, or of her frequent word salads, was said to be racist or sexist.

Imagine if the Vice President now were someone like Gerald Ford, a pair of safe hands as Nixon’s resignation in 1974. The press is now reporting that one reason Biden chose to run for re-election was fear that Harris couldn’t defeat Trump.

It’s an apt worry. But if Biden had bowed out last year, Democrats could have had a normal primary fight for the nomination. Harris would have had to show she deserved it in her own right by defeating competitors. Now Democrats run the risk of appearing to bypass the first minority woman Vice President in a backroom coup. This is what happens when a party puts identity politics above governing experience and political skill.

A Biden withdrawal and an open August convention are still desirable—in the best interests of the country as much as those of the Democratic Party.

Biden’s frailties are an invitation to adversaries to exploit in a second term, and Harris isn’t up to the job. An open convention carries risks, but it’s the best way Democrats and their media allies can clean up the mess they’ve made.

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Minining for Hockeysticks

Willis Eschenbach

In which I demonstrate that the iconic "hockeystick" climate graph is a totally fallacious artifact of bad math.


Mining For Hockeysticks

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Biden Crime

Diane Kimura

Americans should read the dozens of major crimes committed by the Bidens in this book that outlines what was found on Hunter’s laptop.

Report on the Biden Laptop

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Biden's War on Crypto

I knew about lawfare and the weaponization of the DOJ, but I didn't know how bad was the weaponization of the banking system also. Why am I not surprised? Of course Biden hates crypto. Crypto is freedom and privacy. And Biden wants to control our financial transactions. The recent (last year?) crypto scandal by a Biden donor was not a crypto issue. It was people being fooled by promises of a fraudulent schemer to increase their bitcoin wealth, IIRC. Whether one supports Trump or not is not the issue. The issue is that Biden wants to control our financial transactions which he cannot do with a free and private crypto exchange medium. From a tweet by the founder of the crypto company, Gemini. more...

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July 06, 2024

The Problem

Dana Mathewson

We have here an opinion piece from our West Coast Editor from Fresno, California. David Dickinson has not been writing much, as his time has been occupied with other endeavors of late. I think that he has hit the nail on the head here.

THE PROBLEM, in a nutshell:

The poor Democrats have a few problems. The first problem is that Joe Biden doesn't think he has a problem, except for that one time at the debate when it wasn't really a problem so much as it was a bad night. because he was tired, and he had a cold, and he was sleepy, and Trump kept yelling, and Trump lied so much it confused him or something.

The second problem is that now everyone in the country knows Joe Biden has a problem and even 40% of Democrats think that because of Joe Biden's problem, he should not be the candidate.

The third problem is that Joe Biden does not think he should drop out and he thinks that everybody in the country who thinks he has a problem is wrong, plus he has lots of accomplishments like he stopped Putin, and he created NATO, and he turned the economy around and made it fabulous, and he did lots and lots of other things that everybody said couldn't be done. So what's the problem, dagnabbit, why should he drop out?

The fourth problem is that Joe Biden is probably the best chance Democrats have to beat Trump in November, they know it and Joe Biden knows it, but the problem is that they also know that's the same as no chance.
Another really big problem they have is Kamala Harris, who has so many problems that when Democrats think about replacing Joe Biden with her, they realize they have an even bigger problem.

The next problem is that the Democrats in politics and in the media keep talking about the problems they have with Joe Biden and his problem, and that's only going to make voters even more aware of the problem themselves, which is problematic.

But finally, the biggest problem that Democrats have is that unless Joe Biden drops out, they're going to have deal with THE PROBLEM all the way until the election, and that's a problem.

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Great Barrier Reef Coral WAY Up

Timothy Birdnow

The Great Barrier Reef has more coral than any time in recorded history (at least since extensive monitoring began in 1986.)

Bjørn Lomborg

Doesn't fit the narrative, but

2024 record coral cover for Great Barrier Reef

Based on official data for all 11 sectors of GBR,

Last three years, 2022-2024, have been unprecedented

Data: https://apps.aims.gov.au/reef-monitoring/sector/list

You can see all the references in my Twitter thread:


May be an image of text

We were told carbon dioxide was destroying the reef; another prediction bites the dust.

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Lies, Biden, and Afghanistan

Greg Malakoff

The Sage Steele video of Trump's threat to the Taliban should make clear what exactly was done to America. Was it because Biden's people wanted a political stunt to occur on 911 to end the war in Afghanistan or did they really get American soldiers killed for one reason only, to spite Trump. Judging by everything they've done, they could care less how many people they got killed as long as they could somehow blame it on Trump.

Trump obviously had a well thought out withdrawal and the entire brain dead Biden administration managed to fuck that up and knew that they could get away with it by simply making the most outrageous lie to the public. They said it was the greatest evacuation in history.

It was supposed to be an orderly withdrawal and they got people killed on purpose because it could never have been an accident. Yet, if you're a democrat you applauded when they lied to you and said it was an evacuation.

As an added bonus they gave all of our best weapons to our enemy and last week they announced that they let in 400 ISIS terrorists to wander around America. A few days ago at the debate Biden said no one died on his watch and the 29 democrat fact checkers along with the 49 million democratic voters, could care less that is was a lie with fatalities. Not a peep out of them.

What concerns them? Trump paying off a woman with a rectum the size of the Holland Tunnel to stop extorting him.

Congressmen Wesley Hunt & Byron Donalds | The Sage Steele Show

Diane Kimura adds:

From Sarah Adams (call sign: Superbad) is a former CIA Targeting Officer and author of Benghazi: Know Thy Enemy.

Here is the full interview.

Tim adds:

What everyone needs to understand is that the elites around the globe want world government and international socialism and now we are at a point where having America as a superpower is conter-rpoductive to that goal. America has to be dismantled so as to empower international coalitions and the U.N. So the order was given to the Biden Administration to pull out of Afghanistan without preparation so as to show we are in decline and alter the balanc eo fpower around the world. Biden is a potted plant; he does what he is told. This was a carefully thought out policy by those who want a revolution in the human condition. They are well on their way to having it. Now the U.S. is the only obstacle. Read Mark Steyn's America Alone to understand how we were the ony thing standing in the way of the New World Order. Biden was trying to implement that at our expense.

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