July 05, 2024

Mann: Kill Trump and SCOTUS!

Timothy Birdnow

Michael Mann calls for Biden to use the military to kill President Trump and the Supreme Court.

This is your brain on climate change.

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The Magic Queendom

Timothy Birdnow

BREAKING: ‘It’s the unspoken thing for children to see LGBTQ content,’ says Walt Disney’s Creative Marketing Director, Drag Queen Amit "Genie" Gurnani (@WishForGenie), into OMG's hidden camera.

Gurnani adds, "I’d love to get a drag queen at Disneyland,” furthering, "I’m sure… pic.twitter.com/XSiYmJvjiy
— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) July 3, 2024

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Schwab: We Must FORCE You to Accept Our Rule

Timothy Birdnow

WEF : Klaus Schwab ‘We Must Force’ Humanity into ‘Collaboration’ pic.twitter.com/rarcBvBc2i
— Marcus Cottus (@cottusmarcus) June 26, 2024

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Wisconsin Sups Restore Voter Drop Boxes

Timothy Birdnow

The Democrats just stole Wisconsin again by the supreme court reinstating voter drop boxes, something they had eliminated just two years ago. They have overturned their own ruling on a partisan vote.

This is why the GOP needed to win the election for a Justice seat last election. They lost it and now lost the state of Wisconsin.

Drop boxes are the ultimate in vote theft tools; they can be stuffed, and they can be subtracted from.

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Oil is not so Dirty

James Doogue

Millions of gallons of oil seeps naturally into the oceans continuously and is broken down naturally.

Some estimates are that some 20,000 - 39,000 warships and merchant vessels were sunk due to hostilities during World War Two. Many have never been found but more than 15,000 are mapped and treated as official war cemeteries. The numbers are listed below by country ship was registered to.

11 Aircraft Carriers
2 Battleships
10 Cruisers
71 Destroyers
10 Escorts
53 Submarines
8 Aircraft Carriers
5 Battleships
30 Cruisers
110 Destroyers
58 Escorts
77 Submarines
19 Aircraft Carriers
8 Battleships
37 Cruisers
134 Destroyers
130 Submarines
9 Battleships
7 Cruisers
44 Destroyers
785 Submarines
1 Battleship
11 Cruisers
84 Destroyers
84 Submarines
Merchant Ship Losses
5093 Allied
2943 Axis
Source, John Ellis WWII Databook

Mostly these ships sunk because they were hit below the water line by torpedoes, or they we bombed and set on fire often igniting ammunition which then broke open the ships hull which spilled their fuel tanks are they sank igniting the surrounding oceans and often burning for days.

In other cases some fuel storage stayed in tact and only seeped out slowly while others are only now losing their fuel due to the rusted ships and turbulence caused by storms, cyclones, tsunamis and earth quakes.

Nature has taken care of all of this oil leaked which were well beyond the abilities of humans to control now or then.

One of the world's most favourite dive sites is around the Solomon Islands which I visited many years ago.

Despite the trash and sewerage which gets flushed straight out to sea, the waters around the dive sites are described as pristine despite measurable ongoing diesel oil leakage.

The offshore area north of Guadalcanal is called Iron Bottom Sound, named after the 1,450 airplanes and 111 shipwrecks on its floor, more than half a mile down.

The reason areas hit hard with oil spills can now be considered pristine Is thanks to a naturally existing enzyme which appears in waters all around the world. This natural enzyme probably evolved because there are thousands of fissures in the ocean bed which leaked megalitres of oil into the ocean everyday.

For example in the Gulf of Mexico, there are more than 600 natural oil seeps that leak between one and five million barrels of oil per year, equivalent to roughly 80,000 to 200,000 tonnes. http://books.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=10388&page=70

There is a biological enzyme which converts oil seeps or human spill waste into a natural food source for bacteria found naturally in aquatic environments.

Gavin Ford, national marketing manager for LE South Africa explains that OSE II uses a biological enzyme to convert spill waste into a natural food source for bacteria found in aquatic environments. The product has nutrients in it that appeal to indigenous bacteria, which then rapidly multiply and break down the oil. It is an excellent solution for managing oil spills because it doesn’t introduce any alien bacteria and the final byproducts from the process are just carbon dioxide and water.

OSE II is also a very helpful solution for cleaning off oiled wildlife and marine life because it works so quickly and is non-toxic, which means the oil can easily slough off once it’s been sprayed on. This is less traumatic for animals being cleaned and is much faster and easier than alternative options.

"It essentially accelerates the natural spill remediation process because, in nature, bacteria release enzymes and biosurfactants that attack the spill. The biosurfactants emulsify the spill, breaking it down to be used as a food source for the bacteria. OSE II allows this natural effect to still happen, but at a much faster rate,” says Ford. The process cleaning time duration varies from a few hours to several weeks, depending on the kind of hydrocarbon and type of spill.

The point is there are thousands of natural and significant oil seeps happening all the time which takes care of oil spills. Humans can manufacture the enzyme to apply quickly to spill area. That and physical intervention can save wild life and the environment. No such natural protection Is provided against wind turbines.

Tim adds:

OIl is a reactive substance;the reason we seek it out for power is precisely because it breaks down, reacts with oxygen to produce energy. In the oceans it's still reacting with other things there.

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Warner Todd Huston

Report: Google's AI Programed to be Anti-American - The Lid

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Not So Self-Evident

Chester McAteer


Political hypocrisy is often glaringly evident around national holidays like July 4th. Politicians and pundits, regardless of their ideological leanings, frequently brandish the Declaration of Independence, particularly its famed second paragraph, to underscore their commitment to the Principles of Liberty and Freedom.

They typically emphasize the "self-evident truths" about these ideals, using them to bolster their agendas and appeal to patriotic sentiments. However, this selective quoting tends to be superficial, focusing on the most well-known and rhetorically powerful lines while ignoring the document’s broader context and specific grievances that justified the American colonies' break from British rule.

This kind of selective citation constitutes a form of political hypocrisy. It manipulates historical documents to serve contemporary purposes, often stripping them of their full meaning. The Declaration of Independence is not just a statement of abstract principles but a detailed list of complaints against the British Crown, providing a comprehensive argument for independence. By ignoring these details, modern rhetoricians simplify and distort the historical reality, using only the parts of the Declaration that serve their immediate needs.

Tim adds:

BTW they use the "self-evident" part while rejecting the very idea of self-evident. Look at the transgender issue; it is a self-evident truth that there are two sexes and they cannot be altered by a mere act of denial. Self-evident came from the concept of Natural Law, which itself came from "Nature and Nature's God". They will reject God and Nature in favor of their own will, then use this part of the Declaration to promote that will.

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Patent Chow Mein

Carlos F Velázquez

This is very concerning. China has applied for about 6 times the number of AI patents than the U.S.

China has requested far more generative AI patents than any other country

Tim adds:

How many were stolen from us?

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July 04, 2024

How They Plan to Punish the Court

Timothy Birdnow

The Democrats are plotting the ways to smite the Supreme Court for its ruling on immunity for Presidents.

Among the proposals are a Constitutional Amendment overturning the ruling, expanding the Court to 13 members, and impeaching the Justices.

That last illustrates the monstrous hypocrisy of the Democrats; Republicans never tried to impeach Justices, not even when they invented such rights as gay marriage and abortion. But now that the donkeys have lost a few rounds they are going to change the rules.

And while they won't get this now if they take the Executive and Legislative branches of government I assure you they will push some of this through - or give it the old college try.

If they do it we need to respond in kind; take out their justices. Pack the court ourselves. Pass a Constitutional amendment taking something they hold dear.

Hold dear; that was the admonition of Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military philosopher. He admonished generals to "seize that which the enemy holds dear" and the Left has done that repeatedly to us. It's time we started doing it back to them.

The reversal of the Courts from activist leftists to moderates has in fact struck at what they hold dear and they look like frothing-at-the-mouth radicals as a result. We should learn from this.

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A Prophecy Fulfilled

Diane Kimura

Everyone should watch this video from a KGB defector and how the USis being destroyed.

Yuri Bezmenov - How To Demoralize A Nation.

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Nigel Farage: "I was asked the other day, what was I going to do for the black community. Do you know what I said? Nothing, absolutely nothing."

"I couldn't give a damn whether you're black or white... gay or straight. I really don't care. You'll be judged by your character... by your ability... by 'are you a contributor to society or a taker out?'."

"This is considered to be dangerous, radical thinking, but... that's the only way we're going to have any chance of a unified society".

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The Most Important Amendment Upon Which All Others Hinge: The 10th

Chester McAteer

The 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution plays a pivotal role in preserving the balance of power between the federal government and the States. It states: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the People." This Amendment serves as a critical boundary, ensuring that any powers not explicitly granted to the federal government remain with the States or the People.

This Principle stems from the founders' intention to create a federal system where the central government's powers were limited and specific. The broad declaration in the Constitution granting Congress the authority to provide for the common defense and general welfare is seen by some as potentially overreaching. However, the 10th Amendment provides a clear check on this authority by emphasizing that any power not expressly given to the federal government is reserved for the States and the People.


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In Congress: July 4, 1776

Timothy Birdnow

Here is the original draft of the Declaration of Independence as written by Thomas Jefferson. Congress rejected it and required a rewrite. They were especially concerned with passages attacking the British PEOPLE and not just the King's government (they needed the British People to turn against the war) and forced Jefferson to take out the anti-slavery portions:

A Declaration by the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress assembled
When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. more...

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The Collective Psychopathic Minds


Now that the entire world can't deny what has been clearly visible for the years that senile Biden was installed as president, these same people, mostly the entire democratic party are still committing treason daily. When caught they quadruple down.

Yesterday, they all pretended that the Supreme Court agreed to let only president Trump commit mass assassinations. No one on earth can be that stupid to not understand the ruling. Once again their treasonous actions are being done on purpose, in precision lockstep.

As their collective psychopathic minds make up the most ridiculously embarrassing arguments to try and make their last grasp at remaining the tyrants that they claim everyone else is, I don't see anyone forcefully demanding that they all be put in jail for destroying our country on every level.

They obviously don't care about democracy, but their voters don't even seem to care about the future of their children. Maybe because their most vital platform is concern over not being allowed to kill their kids. Or at least be able to sexually mutilate them. After accepting every filthy lie from their media for years, they'll mumble something about fact checking and some leftist mind somewhere will say I'm lying.

I've been writing a lot of warnings, but at this point it is not for the purpose of saving anything, because the damage is so severe that our society is going to extinguish itself. Now I do it for the fruitless endeavor of insulting them.

My futile rants remind me of the story of the Mont Blanc Pen. If you look at the top you think it is white snow, but it is a Jewish Star. The Jews in Nazi prison work camps who were making them thought to themselves, ha, we'll show that Hitler.

That is how I see the republican party. Some of them try hard to fight back, but it is impossible with a DOJ being ran by a vicious thug like Garland that masquerades as a nice old man. Someone like Mayorkas can continue to let invading foreigners rampage and destroy us because he knows our previously law abiding DOJ before Obama's Eric Holder wrecked it, will protect him.

As all this death and destruction is happening in real time, the democrats convince their fans with insane fantasies of their DEI morons on the Supreme Court like Sotomayor explaining how Trump can now kill us all. Not even a miniature thought about that ruling if true, the way the grotesque leftist idiots explain it, would mean that Biden could do it right now. O.K. my bad, he has been doing it all along. All right, not him, his handlers and no one voted for them.

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Banks Going Bust

Diane Kimura

"... a recent National Bureau of Economic Research report is anticipating the failure of over 300 small and medium-sized U.S. banks."

This is reminiscent of the period of high consolidation we saw that expanded the size of the mega banks, BoA, JPM, Wells Fargo, GS, etc. Community banks and smaller banks were absorbed and thousands were closed or sold/salvaged.

Everyone should be aware of the financial health of their bank.

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The Plot

A Greg Delany

Truth hurts the liar!

he sooner you understand this counterfeit regime is pushing for the Green New Deal that has nothing to do with a clean environment, but does allow them to take away more of your Liberties and makes you pay more taxes. The sooner you will wake up, the sooner we oust these criminals!
They are trying to transition you into a Soviet Socialist Style New World Government so they can control you.
Their goal is to make private property illegal and force everyone into government housing
Make owning a car illegal accept for essential workers
Restrict travel
Make a totally controlled Government digital currency to keep you in line.
Force the working class to be obedient and loyal to serving the ruling class
They must remove the First and Second Amendments to accomplish their goal.
Be ready for hundreds of false flag shooting events and stepped up Social Media censorship!
Be ready for unconstitutiona l laws banning our God given Rights
Be ready for the destruction of legitimate businesses to be replaced by so called green obedient government controlled businesses and industry!

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July 03, 2024

NY Times Admits Islands Getting Bigger

Timothy Birdnow


I wrote about this many years ago; only now is the New York Times catching up.

Remember how we’ve been told for years now that climate change, and hence rising sea levels, were an imminent threat to islands and island nations around the world? Well, the New York Times reported a few days ago, oops:

The Vanishing Islands That Failed to Vanish

When the world began paying attention to global warming decades ago, these islands, which form atop coral reefs in clusters called atolls, were quickly identified as some of the first places climate change might ravage in their entirety. As the ice caps melted and the seas crept higher, these accidents of geologic history were bound to be corrected and the tiny islands returned to watery oblivion, probably in this century.

Then, not very long ago, researchers began sifting through aerial images and found something startling. They looked at a couple dozen islands first, then several hundred, and by now close to 1,000. They found that over the past few decades, the islands’ edges had wobbled this way and that, eroding here, building there. By and large, though, their area hadn’t shrunk. In some cases, it was the opposite: They grew. The seas rose, and the islands expanded with them.

Climate realists have been reporting the growth of island atolls for years, but were resolutely ignored. And now of course the Times behaves like they and their sources are noticing this inconvenient fact for the very first time.

The rest of this long—very very long—feature labors mightily to say there’s a still a problem, and scientists are working hard to understand the "complexities” of the situation.

One thing the story avoids saying, however, is that the science apparently isn’t "settled.”

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DOJ Going After J6 Tourists Anyway

Timothy Birdnow

The Supreme Court slapped the DOJ down hard in their court ruling last week that said they couldn't use the novel interpretation of the law passed in the wake of the Enron scandal to prosecute J6 protesters. But will that stop the Stasi at the Injustice Department?


The Supreme Court ruled in Fischer v. United States on Friday that the obstruction statute in question was meant to punish the destruction, manipulation or concealment of physical documents in an investigation. Trump and his allies celebrated the ruling as an indication that many of the 350-plus obstruction cases against Jan. 6 defendants could be invalidated, since they weren’t related to the impairment of physical documents.

But Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, who joined the court’s majority, separately emphasized that prosecutors might still be able to sustain cases against the Jan. 6 defendants because of their role in blocking Congress from accessing the Electoral College ballots to certify Joe Biden’s victory. The Justice Department seems to be weighing her suggestion.

"The Court did not reject the application of [the obstruct law] to January 6,” federal prosecutors wrote in a court filing Monday in the case of Donovan Crowl, a member of the Oath Keepers who is awaiting sentencing for a Jan. 6 obstruction charge. "Rather, the Court explained that the government must establish that the defendant impaired the availability or integrity for use in an official proceeding of records … or attempted to do so.”

The prosecutors asked U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta for 30 to 60 days to "evaluate the impact of the Court’s decision in Fischer on the defendant’s case.”

In a second Jan. 6 obstruction case, U.S. District Judge Jia Cobb granted prosecutors’ request for an indefinite delay to consider the impact of the Fischer ruling as well. And in a third, prosecutors urged U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell to wait for further clarification of the obstruction charge before resuming the case.

Jackson, Biden’s lone appointee on the Supreme Court, emphasized that the Jan. 6, 2021, meeting of Congress — when lawmakers were tasked with certifying the vote of the 2020 presidential election — relied on physical records that may have been impaired by Joseph Fischer’s conduct when he joined the mob that day.

"If so, then Fischer’s prosecution [for obstruction] can, and should, proceed,” Jackson wrote. "That issue remains available for the lower courts to determine.

The Left just does as it pleases and disregards anything that discommodes them.

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Trump Sentencing Delayed

Timothy Birdnow

Judge Merchan went and did it; he delayed Trump's sentencing until September.

Why? What reason did he have to do this? I mean, if Trump is guilty why not sentence him today?

No doubt Merchan wants to pull Trump out of circulation just before the election. And he wants to wait to see how best to handle this, now that SCOTUS has pulled the rug out on much of what he convicted Trump for.

See,if the Democrats might have to change candidates and Merchan wants to make sure Trump is still in place. If he's in prison when the election is held the Democrats will win.

And I do not know but does this keep Trump from an expedited appeal? I suspect it does. I suspect it prevents Trump from taking any sort of action to clear his name until he is sentenced. Until then Merchan remains in control of the case.

At any rate Merchan just moved the date. Given how horriby biased he has been I can assure you it was no favor to Trump's lawyers nor obeisance to the law.

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