July 19, 2024

Does Trump Owe His Life to Video Games?

David C. Moyer

I wonder if Trump owes his life to video games. On one hand, I can't imagine how someone can miss a shot like that at 150 yards. I can do that off-hand 99% of the time- prone should be 100% of the time.

But the shooter had a history of being a bad shot and being a video game enthusiast.

I teach a lot of young people to shoot. One person, I had being an excellent shot. But hunting season was 6 months away. When he came back for hunting season we didn't get to do any target shooting before hand. He missed two deer at less than 100 feet. When they are that close I pull out my handgun. But somehow he missed at that range with a scoped rifle. Eventually, we figured out that he had decided that having the cross-hairs on the target was sufficient- no need to have the cross-hairs in the center of the scope picture. Video shooting games always have just the cross-hairs. They are always centered. Putting the cross-hairs even close to the target achieves hitting the target. Reality is something different, but they develop the habit of shooting whenever the cross-hairs are on target. Possibly, that is why the assassin missed.

I recall that other students who were trained on open sights decided on their own that only the front sight needed to be on target. The rear sight wasn't involved. It took me quite a while to figure out this misunderstandin g in two cases- with rounds being fired into the air.

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Who Needs to Tone it Down?

Steven Chase

The rhetoric of the Left: Slugging his face (Robert De Niro), by decapitation (Kathy Griffin, Marilyn Manson), stabbing (Shakespeare in the Park), clubbing (Mickey Rourke), shooting ( Snoop Dogg), poisoning (Anthony Bourdain), bounty killing (George Lopez), carrion eating his corpse (Pearl Jam), suffocating (Larry Whilmore), blowing him up (Madonna, Moby), throwing him over a cliff (Rosie O’Donnell), just generic "killing” him (Johnny Depp, Big Sean, Reid Hoffman. They want US to tone it down.

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Bongino on the Assassination Attempt

Timothy Birdnow

The Troubling Truth Is Starting To Emerge (Ep. 2289) - 07/18/2024

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About the Trump Shooter's Building

Diane Kimura

Who owns the warehouse??? Why was the venue changed on July 2nd to the lot adjacent to this warehouse?

This gets more interesting.

Thread by @LauraLoomer on Thread Reader App


AGR International, the building Thomas Matthew Crooks shot from, was just sold in March to a Clayton, Dubilier and Rice (CD&R) @CDRBuilds subsidiary called INDICOR.

It is worth noting that Joseph L. Rice III is the Founder of Clayton, Dubilier & Rice. Rice is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and he is also a member of the Brookings Institution, the same Brookings institute @BrookingsInst that has perpetuated lawfare campaigns against President Trump in an effort to keep him off the ballot for the 2024 Presidential election.

It’s important for people to understand how the DEEP STATE has a history of using proprietary companies as cutouts.

According to filings and their own press releases, Indicor was officially formed in Jan 2023 by CD&R, who just partnered Jon Selib @Jselib.

Prior to joining CD&R, Jon Selib was the Senior Vice President of Global policy and public affairs and Pfizer, a position he remained in until 2022.
As the Senior VP of Global policy and public affairs for @Pfizer, Selib was a MAX DONOR to Joe Biden’s campaign when he ran against President Trump.

The current CEO of Indicor is Doug Wright, who was previously deployed with defense contractor Raytheon Technologies. Doug Wright, CEO of Indicor, confirmed that "law enforcement was on the premises of the building before the shooting took place”, since it was deemed to be a high security risk location by the Secret Service. Wright also said the office was closed on the day of the attempted assassination of President Trump.

Roberto Quarta is the Chairman of the Private Equity group (CD&R) that owns Indicor/AGR. His photo is listed on the World Economic Forum (WEF) @wef website.

Oddly enough, John Stroup the Indicor Chairman and CD&R partner, recently announced his resignation from the board of directors of Crane Company on June 5th, 2024, effective July 22nd, 2024.

On March 18, 2024, the change of registered office by entity for the building the shooter shot from was changed to "Corporation Service Company”. Corporation Service Company is registered as a foreign business corporation in Delaware.

In December 2023, CD&R made Jon Selib a partner, after he joined CD&R in 2022. Selib was the former chief of Staff to Democrat Montana Senator Max Baucus @MaxBaucus (D), the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. In 2013, Barack Obama chose Senator Baucus to be the US ambassador to CHINA.

Selib spent 12 years working in the US Senate and became Chief of Staff to Senator Baucus after Baucus’ former chief of staff Jim Messina left to fill the same position for Democrat Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

In 2020, Ambassador Baucus went on CNN and said President Trump’s rhetorical attacks on China make him "a little bit like Hitler” when President Trump was blaming China for the COVID outbreak.

Ambassador Baucus currently lives in Bozeman, Montana, where he and his wife, Melodee Hanes, formed a consulting firm called Baucus Group LLC. Ambassador Baucus provides consulting services to American and Chinese businesses and he serves on the Board of Directors of Ingram Micro, and the Board of Advisors to the Chinese Communist Party owned Alibaba Group.

Read the rest!

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Quantum Foaming at the Mouth

Carlos Velazquez

I've posted about this before. This, a new supposed force from large electrostatic pressure differences, was "discovered" by a NASA scientist, Dr. Charles Buehler, so he can't be easily dismissed as a crackpot. What is new in the report for me is the reference to minute unseen "ultra mundane corpuscles" as a medium proposed in the 17th century by Nicolas Fatio de Duillier.

Well. Today astrophysicists and QM physicists are saying there is no such thing as a vacuum. That empty space is really filled with an invisible quantum foam. Funny how science comes full circle sometimes. I'm not claiming we've achieved warp drives. But this obviously should be researched and verified or vilified. Well, at least disproved. I could not resist the temptation to alliterate and rhyme in the same phrase.

"Dr Charles Buhler takes people through his lab in a new video. He explains more about how they developed and detected a new force from large electrostatic pressure differences. They claim this force can test theories of physics related to gravity and a macroscale casimr effects. This is highly controversial but if this proves out then we could get the equivalent of Star Trek impulse drive and something like antigravity. Buhler thinks his new force and work would suggest that Le Sage’s theory of gravity could be more correct than Einstein. Gravity is an area of physics that is actually not conclusively understood."

"Le Sage’s theory of gravitation is a kinetic theory of gravity originally proposed by Nicolas Fatio de Duillier in 1690 and later by Georges-Louis Le Sage in 1748. The theory proposed a mechanical explanation for Newton’s gravitational force in terms of streams of tiny unseen particles (which Le Sage called ultra-mundane corpuscles) impacting all material objects from all directions. According to this model, any two material bodies partially shield each other from the impinging corpuscles, resulting in a net imbalance in the pressure exerted by the impact of corpuscles on the bodies, tending to drive the bodies together. This mechanical explanation for gravity never gained widespread acceptance."

Le Sage Theory of Gravity Aligns More With Exodus 1G Propellantless Force | NextBigFuture.com

Tim adds:

"a NASA scientist, Dr. Charles Buehler, so he can't be easily dismissed as a crackpot."

James Hansen and Gavin Schmidt were NASA scientists too so I don't know if you can credibly make that claim, alas.

Basically quantum foam is reminiscent of the largely dismissed concept of the aether (aka the fifth element or quintessence) Which was largely dismissed after the Michaelson Morley experiment failed to prove it's existence and so Einstein just chucked it as unprovable. Maybe it is a reality but there is zero proof of it. (The Michaelson Morely experiment was an attempt to find out which way the Earth was moving relative to the aether. They took a single beam of light and split it and bounced it around via mirrors in opposite directions then merged the split beam back together, hoping to measure a difference between the two when they merged. The beam moving against the aether should have arrived slightly after the one moving with the aether. It didn't; they arrived at the exact same time. This is what inspired Einstein to come up with Relativity.)

I fear physics has grown increasingly speculative and imaginative without any real evidence. Dark Matter is another case in point.

I would agree this should be investigated. But of course this violates Newton's Third Law of Motion. If we could harness it we would essentially have a reactionless drive, which is pretty much the same thing as a perpetual motion machine - a violation of basic physics.

I strongly suspect it is an artifact of quantum indeterminacy. I think it is a measurement issue.

On the other hand physics is never "settled science" and perhaps he's right after all. I most earnestly hope so! It would be wonderful if we could really understand gravity and find ways to artificially generate it. Right now the closest we have to making gravity is by spinning an object, or accelerating it,both of which take a lot of energy and require a lot of tensile strength (for rotating an object) not to mention in the centrifugal force method (I know; centripetal acceleration is what is real and "centrifugal force" is an illusion, but it may as well be real) suffers from coriolis effects, making it impractical on a small scale (like a spaceship). Gravity which is stronger at your feet than your head isn't all that helpful.

And certainly antigravity would revolutionize our civilization. Getting off Earth easily would be a huge boon to Mankind. We could colonize the solar system. We could go to the stars with a gravity drive. it would be wonderful.

Too wonderful methinks. Like a Buzzard Ramjet or cold fusion it is just too good to be true - and so probably is.

So I'm not holding my breath.

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Trump Crushes It

Timothy Birdnow

So Donald Trump took center stage last night at the Republican convention and of course stole the show. Naturally the news media wasn't happy.

Trump started out telling the story of his shooting, and said "I only want to tell this once; it's too painful" as is customary for people who have been through a trauma. He didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know, but he showed real gratitude to the men and women who protected him, and he showed the greatest gratitude to God Almiighty who spared his life. I'm sure the media wasn't too keen on that.

He made several calls for unity, but then proceeded to go through a list of mistakes and outrages by the current Administration (only mentioning Mr. Biden by name once or twice so as to tone things down).

He concluded with a soaring appeal to America, telling us the future is ours if we take it.

Trump started off sounding tired and through much of it he didn't seem to have the old spark, but it popped out every now and then. He spoke directly to folks in the crowd when they shouted something. He joked. He baited the media. But overall he seemed a bit listless. I suspect he's been on painkillers and so probably wasn't at his best. Still he did a fine job.

The media immediately started to "fact check" his "lies" (their exact words on PBS and on Scripps News). They claim he lied when about vote fraud in 2020. Yet the Secretary of State in Georgia just referred
dozens of people to the Attorney General for vote fraud in 2020 and the media dutifully failed to report that or remember it when fact-checking Trump. In fact all sorts of people went to jail for vote fraud in 2020, including a former Democrat Congressman in Pennsylvania. People have been charged n Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin, in Georgia, Arizona, and in New Jersey. Given the desperate effort to cover up such activity after the 2020 election and the total unwillingness to investigate fraud this is undoubtedly just the tip of a very large iceberg. There was ample evidence for vote fraud in 2020 but the media sticks to the fake news they promote to attack Trump.

The media also called Trump's assertion that crime has exploded a "lie". It is true ACCORDING TO THE FBI crime dropped in the last year. You know, the same FBI who assured us Trump colluded with the Russians and who said the Hunter Laptop story was "Russian disinformation". But there was no discussion about WHY such statistics show a drop. The fact is in blue states, particularly California, liberal DA's offices stopped reporting crimes to the FBI. They made no bones about it. Nearly one third of all American cities stopped reporting crimes to the FBI.

So once again it's "believe us and not your lying eyes".

There is nothing anyone can point to that would explain a drop in crime. Nothing. Economically people are worse off than they were in 2020. That is always a breeding ground for crime. And law enforcement pulled back in the previous four years. Soros-funded prosecutors stopped prosecuting crimes. Shootings in places like Chicago or St. Louis are way up.

So itis only because liberals stopped reporting crimes that crime "fell". The news people have to know this, or should if they were competent. It's either an out-and-out lie or evidence of gross incompetence and journalistic malfeasance. Either way they have no business making this argument.

So don't tell me about Trump's lies. I see a very, very filthy pot calling the kettle black.

The media just couldn't contain themselves despite the fact it was such rhetoric FROM THEM as well as Joe Biden and the Democrats that incited the murder attempt on Mr. Trump. They just hate Trump and the success of the Convention and Trump's hero status from his surviving and standing strong has rotted what little they have for brains.

So who shot Donald Trump? The media has ear blood on their hands.

At any rate the real liars are the media and Donald Trump is telling truth-to-power. They don't like that. But truth he told and he did so in his inimitable way. I think Donald Trump has secured vicotry with the wonderful convention following on the heels of the attack on him, and now the Democrats are scrambling to get Biden out in a hail-mary pass. They aren't just afraid of losing the Presidency but of losing Congress. If we have a true wave election Trump will be able to undo decades of careful work and planning to "remake America" by the Leftist Democrats. They are terrified.

Don't expect this to be the only attempt on Mr. Trump's life.

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July 18, 2024

The Clintonesque Vance

Timothy Birdnow

Listening to Vice Presidential nominee J.D. Vance I was reminded of Bill Clinton, another hillbilly boy made good. Like Clinton Vance came from a single mother-led household. Like Clinton, Vance was rather poor. Like Clinton, Vance came from a family with substance abuse. Like Clinton, VAnce pulled himself out of poverty and made a success of himself, attending an Ivy League lawschool. Both men seem to be very bright and very, uh, flexible where core issues are concerned.

J.D. Vance despised Donald Trump and worked against him when first elected. Now he's his Veep pick. I know; people change their minds. I certainly did about Trump. But not often, and especially not in politics. To me a quick flip like this bespeaks pure partisan opportunism.

Of course Clinton loathed the military while Vance served, and Clinton married a woman purely for her political value while Vance seems to be quite in love with his wife. And Vance talks a good conservative game. But I see great similarities between the two.

Still, Vance's long-winded discussion about his personal story was very Clintonesque.

Let us hope Mr. Vance has more character than his Arkansas doppleganger.

Oh, one more thing; I noticed Vance resembles Donald Trump Jr. Was that why Trump picked him?

I don't know why Trump chose Vance over other, better candidates. I would have gone with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, or Ramaswami, or DeSantis of Rubio (I don't trust Rubio though and both D and Rube were ineligible because they are also from Florida.) I know Trump chose Vance to get a young guy in (and thus appeal to Millenials) as well as set the stage for a successor, but there are others who would make great successors.

My sense of this is cautiously optimistic. I just don't have a lot of trust in Mr. Vance as of now. I'm from Missouri - he has to show me!

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The Logistics of an Assassin

Diane Kimura

How did he carry a rifle and ladder and gain access to the warehouse?

Take a look at law enforcement trying to gain access.


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Harris Calls for Murdering Unborn After Saying Violence is Unacceptable

Jules Kunofsky

VP Harris just now made a brief speech emphasizing that "VIOLENCE is NEVER acceptable in our Democracy". Then she proceeded to discuss the main topic "Reproductive Rights for Women". I ask this: If VIOLENCE is NEVER acceptable in our Democracy, then justify the VIOLENCE ( the cold blood murder) of babies in the womb. Killing life is killing life. Of course, I agree that if the mother's life is in danger then an abortion is a reasonable option. Saving a life is the priority.

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Biden Has Covid - Again

Timothy Birdnow

So, President Joe Biden is once again sick with Covid 19, his third bout with the illness.

Interesting; Biden has had at least four vaccinations against it. He's been sick with the disease almost as much as he's been vaccinated to prevent it.

Does anybody still believe the vaccine has any value?

BTW I wonder at this too; perhaps Biden is claiming Covid to cover up for his bad public appearances, at the debate and at the NATO summit and on his public interviews. I wonder if his team didn't concoct the Covid story to make an excuse that doesn't involve dementia? Of course it only makes Biden's Covid policies that much less defensible, but they probably figure the public has forgotten the lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations and suspensions of people who wouldn't take the clot shot.

If Biden does indeed have Covid doesn't this speak volumes about the shot he insisted everyone accept? At best it doesn't work.

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July 17, 2024

Far More Than That

Timothy Birdnow

Thisis a thought-provoking essay and the author makes some good points, but in the end he misses the mark. He fails to understand several key points and it shows.

The upshot of his argument is that politics and media and corporate culture all aim to create a divide between Americans and that this works as Americans put all their anger on "the other". so far so good. But he wants to be even handed to the point where he misses a critical fact; there is no effort - at least by mainstream media or corporate system - to gin up anger on the side of the Right. On the contrary,every effort is taken to anesthetize the Right. We are always hearing about reasonableness or comity or coming together. What did we hear right after the Trump assassination attempt? Calls for Conservatives to tone it down even while the Democrats continue to engage in the overheated rhetoric.

Perhaps the GOP is trying to gin up anger. I see little in the way of that; mostly they air legitimate grievances that should be aired.

Yes, there are a.m. radio shows or podcasters who purposely try to gin up anger on our side for ratings. But their reach is quite small.

You cannot apply this as a general rule. We have faced an asymmetric propaganda war on the traditional America and her values for a century now, and it has metastasized into what we are currently seeing; assaults on our very core values and traditions and history.

We've seen demands (which have been met) for the redefinition of marriage, for instance, in violation of all historical precedent.Once the thread has been pulled out as now (two dudes getting married) the floodgates are open for an endless redefinition of marriage, the most sacred and basic institution. We've seen the rewriting of the definition of male and female and assaults on those who suggest such absurdities as a girl with a penis is actually a man. We've seen government and big tech openly violate our rights to free speech. We've seen the Left call killing babies "reproductive rights" and demand access to sterile death camps to "liquidate" babies up until the kid's head is poking out. We've seen severe restrictions on our religious beliefs, with kids being kicked out of school for wearing crucifixes or reading Bibles while at the same time elevating the Koran or claiming the Temple of Satan should have as prominent a role as the Presbyterians or Catholics. We've seen taxes rise, the value of our money collapse, and regulations strange small, family owned businesses (farms, small merchants, etc.) OUR anger is entirely justified.

And we've seen this before, mmany times. It is the same playbook followed by the Soviets, by Castro, by Mao, Pol Pot, Hugo Chavez, and all the other tyrants and communists This is how they take over nations. We fought a fifty-some-odd year war to stop Communist aggression around the globe and now WE are the very evil we resisted with our treasure, our freedoms, and our young sons and daughters.

So his point is wrong; it is not a two way street.

Liberalism has been the engine of Western Civilization since Rousseau, certainly, and it has waged an asymmetric war against Christendom and democratic republicanism. The Left is always on the attack and usually our side falls back. It's become our standard pattern. Oh, we get occasional outbursts - Trump's election was one - but by and large after a victory or two our side slides back into the pattern of easy defeat and retreat. We think holding the line on one leftist agenda item is a victory.

So we have an aggressor and a victim. Conservatives aren't the aggressor. That is what this author doesn't understand.

He doesn't understand Evil. That is his main problem.

We fight not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities. This is first and foremost a spiritual war.

It used to be called Christendom. Now we call our civilization "the West" because we eschewed Christ, and the God of the Bible, long ago. Sometime in the last century we completely chucked Him, kicked Him out of schools and out of universities and out of public discourse. Now we have a few pale appeals to an amorphous God but just for show, and relic of a different time. Now we are just too cool for God. And God understands that, which is why things are all falling apart.

The attacks on our culture and tradition are everywhere and they are powerful. Statutes torn down, history books revised, fiction suppressed and replaced by new literature. You can get kicked out of school for wearing an American flag t-shirt. But you can wear things calling for death or dismemberment and that is o.k. You can promote Antifa or BLM and you are "exercising your First Amendment rights". Try wearing a MAGA hat and see how far those rights are respected by the Left!

What we have is a new, alien religion that is engulfing America and the whole world. And it is a tool, symbiotic with the Ruling Class and their project to create a New World order, a system that disdains and rejects what has gone before and promotes atheism, revolution, sexual immorality and the destruction of the family, statism, international government, and socialism as the economic system.

So we are not simply fighting "the other" because that is what the GOP seeks, no sir! We are fighting to preserve our culture, our heritage, our religious beliefs, our way of life, a way of life that provided more wealth and blessings than any system in human history.

And we know just how they are doing it. Karl Marx gave a point-by-point policy position that the Left has largely implemented in all Western nations. This isn't about some petty political disagreement, like how much flouride to put in water. It's about the very soul of Western Civilization. It is, in short, about Good versus Evil. The Left is evil, the servants of Satan, and what they seek is the destruction of our culture. NOT it's "reform" but destruction.

Marx and most other socialists believed ultimately reformers in times past failed because they could not control all aspects of life. It wasn't enough to extol and encourage; it requires the systematic destruction of all basis of power and authority. It has been a war waged in the American mind (and the minds of other Western nations.) It is, as the exorcist says in the movie of the same title "psychological and powerful" and the demon "mixes lies with the Truth".

Anyone who watched the attempted destruction of Donald Trump over the last four years sees this clearly. Trump's every word was mischaracterized, misquoted, taken out of context. When speaking about Charlottsvile and the riot there (caused in no small part by BLM and Antifa radicals attacking the people who actually hosted the rally to protect statutes) Trump said specifically he was not talking about racists or the Klan but about the people who showed up "good people on both sides" to protest peaceably. The media removed the caveat and said Trump was calling Klansmen and neo-Nazis "good people". They knew better but it fooled many of the low information types. Trump recently warned the auto industry would suffer a "bloodbath" if Joe Biden is re-elected and able to implement his scheme of eliminating gas powered vehicles. The media and Democrats immediately twisted that to "Trump calls for a bloodbath if he isn't re-elected", suggesting there would be violence. Trump called for peaceful protests on January Six and in fact wanted to send the national guard in (Nancy Pelosi refused). But we are told it was TRUMP who caused "the worst civil violence in American history" in which only one person died of violence - a protester, shot in the head at point blank range while climbing in a window (and nothing was done to the cop who shot her; on the contrary he was promoted.) Joe Biden repeats this lie while talking to Lester Holt and claims two cops were KILLED. No they were not. It was a lie.

So how is this a matter of anger at "the other"? It has nothing to do with who and everything to do with what - the lies told by the leader of the other party. Those lies are designed to gin up hatred for Republicans in general and Trump in particular, but even they are for concrete purposes - winning an election. Advancing the leftist agenda, Making America into a Communist or Fascist country.

Satan is a liar and the Father of Lies. Now, these people take what Donald Trump says out of context, or they take jokes, or they take innocuous misstatements and accuse HIM of lying in the classic Leftist tactic of accusing the enemy of that which you are yourself guilty. But the real comes come from them, from the mainstream media, from academia, from the Democratic Party, from the Labor Unions, and the silicon valley corporations and their stranglehold on social media.

I am mindful of the Book of Revelations where the dragon is pursuing the woman and opens it's mouth and a flood of water pours forth to drown the woman and her child. What does that mean? Prophetic imagery usually means more than one thing, but in this case I believe it refers to the media and the lies it tells to drown the woman (the Church) and her baby (Christ). The dragon is Satan, but it also is the world order that seeks to destroy Christendom and replace it with a form of withcraft, with the Mystery Babylon religion. That takes many forms, from the technological nightrmares of "transhumanism" and population control and "the singularity" to the more basic paganism we see now with the promotion of "natural religion" and pantheism to the good old favorite of Marx - pure atheism. But in the end it is the establishment of a state religion.

(BTW many will mock me and sneer at me for using so openly religious an argument yet doesn't that prove the point? Just fifty years ago Christian beliefs were accepted - now they are not.)

Rousseau understood this. In The Social Contract he suggested substituting the Collective Will for God and the government for the Church, so as to use religious fervor but chucking God out of the mix. It was this idea that led to the development of both Marxism and Fascism. Mussolini understood what Rousseau was talking about perfectly and tried to implement a "spirituality" in Fascism, something not found in Marxism or traditional socialism. But in fact we know the Communists used the same techniques in the Soviet Union and all her allies, and do so to this day in the Peoples Republic of China.

See it doesn't matter what false religion is observed as so much as that it rejects the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. That has always been Satan's purpose, and he is now succeeding in the political movement of the Left.

In short this is a battle of Good versus Evil. The Left is solidly on the side of Evil, even if they don't understand they are. That is why they are so energized and animated; the Devil has come down in great wrath because he knows his time is short. or in a purely secular view the Left is desperate to change the world because they know they will die and be gone forever in their estimation, so any lasting impact they will have, any hope at all, lies with political action and compulsion to "fix" the world, a world they and the god they serve broke in the first place.

Sadly the author of this essay doesn't seem to understand this. He makes the mistake of assuming this is a disagreement. It is far, far more than that.

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Police Had Eye on Crooks

Diane M. Kimura

Excellent read and far superior to any article produced by the MSM.

BOMBSHELL: Secret Service, Police Tracked Suspect for Half Hour Before Trump Assassination Attempt

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July 16, 2024

Celebrating The Attempt On Trump's Life

James Dooguehttps://x.com/libsoftiktok?t=vDhhDA4aS0F1wEgbtTcn9A&s=09&fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR04Zbf2qHVpx994FBdfWJXLracw_2IxL46srvP9xdH-rv4Ot__aXwwY_4w_aem_9opScLxLK5IG5GuFEdhuKw

I don't use TikTok but I'm aware of a poster called 'Libs of Tik Tok'. All they do is direct people to posts by so,-called 'liberals', or progressives, or Lefties or whatever you want to call them.

If I've linked this correctly, it's a list of prominent people and social media 'influencers', who were cheering on the assassination attempt on Trump, or expressing regret that it was unsuccessful.

Many of these people are academics and public servants.

I have no doubt if the attempt was on Biden, there wouldn't be so many people celebrating, and those who did would have their social media accounts cancelled, they'd lose their jobs, and quite likely be investigated by an intelligence agency.

If you click below it will take you to the Libs of TikTok 'X' account and you can scroll through and see the type of vitriol the Lefties are expressing.

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The Real Inciters of Violence

Noah Pollak

Biden and Democrats keep saying that political violence is unacceptable, but they're lying. For the past four years, Antifa, Hamas supporters, and other leftist activists have routinely engaged in political violence. They carry out arson, looting, beatings, all kinds of crimes. They make our streets look like Gaza.

And in blue jurisdictions, they have immunity. Democrats do not prosecute them. The Democrat-contro lled DOJ and FBI could investigate these groups, their (Democratic Party) donors and activists, and shut them down tomorrow if they wanted to. But they do not want to.

So please do not judge Democrats on their ridiculous claims that "political violence is unacceptable." Democrats very much enjoy the atmosphere of menace and intimidation that leftist street violence creates.

No, judge Democrats on whether they put the perpetrators of organized political violence in jail. They do not. The left-wing street animals have immunity in Democrat-contro lled cities and states.

What this means is very obvious: Democrats have no problem with political violence. They are in fact the reason it exists.

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Erasing a People

"The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long that nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was.... The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.

The worst thing is not that the world is unfree, but that people have unlearned their liberty.”

--Milan Kundera (4/1/1929-7/11/ 2023), Czeck-French novelist (The Joke; Life is Elsewhere; The Farewell Party; The Book of Laughter and Forgetting; The Unbearable Likeness of Being; Immortality), short story writer (Laughable Loves), playwright (Jacques and His Master), essayist (The Art of the Novel), and poet.

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