May 24, 2017

Comey's biggest mistake

Dana Mathewson

Yeah, this horse still isn't dead. DHS whistleblower Phillip Haney explains Comey's fatal error here, in a WND article.

It didn’t have to end this way for James Comey.

The former FBI director could have avoided the national embarrassment of being fired by the president of the United States if he had only done one thing differently. So says a former Department of Homeland Security officer and whistleblower.

"Mr. Comey made a fatal error, and I can tell you exactly when it was,” Philip Haney told host John Wells on a recent episode of "Caravan to Midnight.” "When he finished his investigation of the Hillary email stuff, he gave the press conference, and he came right up to the ultimate edge of saying that she committed criminal acts, and then, all of a sudden, in another blink, the next sentence he said, ‘But no reasonable judge would indict her on criminal charges.’

"That was his fatal error, because what he should have done right there is simply said, ‘And now, I’m going to give it to Loretta Lynch and let her make the final decision.’ That was the moment right there. Everything else has been downhill from there.”

Now, you will argue (rightly, I'm sure) that Lynch would have dropped the ball, or punted, or something else, but that's not the point here. Comey would have emerged unscathed. In fact, I'm not so sure that Lynch would have been able to ignore things if Comey had announced right up front that he was handing the whole crap sandwich over to her. She'd have had to do SOMETHING with it.

Haney goes on to say "If he had stood up to Obama, Inc. and simply handed the case to Loretta Lynch, hey, even if they fired him, he would have been a national hero and he would have been able to go to work for any Fortune 500 company in the country,” Haney speculated. "But now? Not so much.”

The entire article is here:


I believe Comey was the fall guy all along. I suspect that he was ordered by Lynch to announce no recommended charges against Hillary. Why did he go along? Either he was so ambitious, so desperate to stay on as FBI Director that he was willing to eat this excrement sandwhich or they had something on him. Either way, he did what he was ordered but left a huge caveat in order to let them know he wasn't just rolling over.

A true man of integrity would have resigned, or simply made the referral and let Lynch take the heat.

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1 Now we know why he didn't. He was shielding Hillary. Look "upstream" for the article titled "An Offer he Couldn't Refuse; Comey's Attack on Trump and his Clounterstrike"

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at May 27, 2017 02:06 PM (L2iAj)

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