March 20, 2017

Carbon Dioxide Cycles in 4 Years, Man Responsible for just 4.3%

Timothy Birdnow

Here is a paper delineating new research of the carbon cycle. The authors conclude that CO2 only stays in the atmosphere FOR FOUR YEARS and that human industrial emissions have contributed a scant 15% of atmospheric CO2 in the industrial era - just 4.3@ of the total atmospheric CO2. That's 4.3% of a trace gas that constitutes 0.038% of the planet's atmosphere!

Compare this to the hysterical claims that CO2 stays in the atmosphere for hundreds of thousands (and some of the Gang Green will even try to claim millions) of years; a four year turnover is not something that should force us to fundamentally transform human civilization into a low power, stratified, world system. The environmental lobby wants us to throw the baby out with the bathwater because the water has some soap in it.

Poverty kills, and schemes to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions will absolutely lead to increased poverty, especially among the poorest on Earth. The Left's plan to deal with that is to simply take wealth away from the proudctive First World and give it to the poor (at a time when the First World will become less productive thanks to the strangling regulations the Environmentalists seek to impose.) In the end poverty will hit SOMEBODY. Liberals want it to strike the formerly wealthy West, a punishment for being rich. That helps nobody - not the rich, the middle class, nor the poor. Restraints and restrictions lead to less productivity. In the end, that leads to more poverty, and womena and minorities will assuredly be the hardest hit. Poverty kills.

But nobody dies from 0.2 molecules per 10,000 of air increases. Nobody.

If people want to save the world they would be better served INCREASING our carbon dioxide output; it would mean greater wealth for all, which would mean more for the poor. Oh, and perhaps we should worry a bit more about thermonuclear war, which is a rising possibility as countries like Iran and North Korea move inexorably toward the abilty to nuke other countries. Sufficient unto the day, as the Bible says.

Hat tip: Helen Dyer

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