July 06, 2018

Black St. Louis Leaders Snub Arch Reopening - Hold their own Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Timothy Birdnow

More evidence that America is dissolving into a a balkanized society.

The St. Louis Gateway Arch has been closed for maintenance and renovations, and on July 3 a grand reopening was held. A new Museum of Westward Expansion was opened, and almost immediately a controversy erupted #Archsowhite because black people did not bother to show up for the dedication.
So what happened? The Arch held a separate ribbon cutting for blacks!

I kid you not. From the Riverfront Times:

"Black city leaders plan to gather tomorrow at the Arch for an event aimed at rectifying the visual absence of black representation during the official ribbon-cutting, which took place July 3. The all-white photo of the ribbon-cutting drew immediate reaction when Mayor Lyda Krewson posted it on social media Tuesday afternoon — much of it sharply critical."


"By Wednesday, Franks had created a Facebook event for a ribbon-cutting that would reflect the city's diversity of population and political leadership: the Black Arch Ribbon Cutting Event. Franks' district, District 78, includes the riverfront, downtown and the Arch, but he wasn't invited to the July 3 event.

Along with Franks, observers noted the absence of other black political leaders, especially in contrast to the many white politicians on site, including Mayor Krewson, St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger, Missouri Governor Mike Parson, U.S. Representative Ann Wagner (R-Ballwin) and U.S. Senators Roy Blunt (R-Missouri) and Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri)."

End excerpts

This is nothing but grandstanding and chip on the shoulder identity politics on the part of the black leadership in st. Louis. They could have shown up, but chose not to. This was simply to reinforce the shibboleth of racism against the black community and to promote the Antifa/BLM political movement.

This museum would be something that they would demagogue; it celebrates the westward expansion of the United States - something these leftists would claim was horrible and racist. I have little doubt that the black politicians in the city planned to not show up and then demanded their own ribbon cutting.

NPR has more on this:

"This photo exists alternatively as an embarrassingly effective example of the region’s inability to evoke the essence of non-white leaders effecting change in the physical and social redevelopment of our city,” activist De Nichols wrote in a blog post about the photo.

Nichols and other well-known St. Louis activists criticized the city for what they believed was a blatant disregard for the presence and contribution of black city officials and residents in a city where black people make up about 49 percent of the population, according to the 2010 Census."

End excerpt.

And now we see through these tweets the political nature of this:

I’m glad to see the Arch Grounds reopened. But this? This is not my hometown.

An all white ribbon cutting? In @brucefranksjr’s district? With money @tishaura helped find? Where the modern civil rights movement was reborn in #Ferguson?

This is not progress. #ArchSoWhite https://t.co/wHZ3xrYWkh

— Brittany Packnett (@MsPackyetti) July 3, 2018

Tishaura Jones, city treasurer, complained she received an invitation but was not invited to cut the ribbon. Well, why would they ask her? She was part of the Ferguson riots and is a Black Lives Matter hustler.

So, having refused to participate in the official ribbon cutting, the Arch Foundation promoted a second ribbon cutting for black people today.

This has got to stop. We are all Americans, and the black community has got to decide whether they want to be Americans or not. So many of the leaders of the black community seems to see itself as a separate nation, something that the original civil rights movement sought to end. No longer; now they want to be independent, a nation inside a nation, but one that feeds on the wealth and decency of the greater society in a parasitic fashion. You can't have that. Every place where you have multiple nations living in the same space inevitably leads to open warfare, and that serves no one.

This is America; we don't do things this way. But apparently many people no longer see themselves as American.

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