November 06, 2018

Are Foreign Countries Funding the Democrats?

Timothy Birdnow

I smell a rat.

While I can't say what is happening elsewhere in these United States, I can say what I see here in Missouri and the Southern Illinois area, and what I have seen is the Democrats overwhelming Republicans in terms of commercials both on television and the radio. They are outspending the GOP by at least five to one, and probably more than that. It's not just Claire McCaskill either; every local race, including many in Illinois, are blitzkreiging the airwaves.

Where did all this money come from?

The Left and their media allies try to claim the Democrats are all fired up, and suggest this is coming from small donations, but somebody tell me how Democrats in Illinois are getting this? "taint happening, folks. There is money coming from a nepharious source, methinks.

Now, we know that the billionaires club donates almost exclusively to Democrats; Tom Steyer, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, George Soros, and the rest of the Silicon Valley/Wall Street axis of evil. We also know that Big Environment donates their ill-gotten gain (acquired from the taxpayer and international sources) to the Donks. But this money has been coming year after year and I don't see a major acceleration of it now. Granted, some of the left wingers probably donated more but even then I just doubt they could amass this tidal wave of funding. Even when Obama use dhis trillion dollar stimulus to fund groups engaged in political action we didn't see this sort of thing.

I suspect that we are seeing vast sums of foreign money pouring into the campaign.

Look; Bill Clinton was re-elected in 1996 with the aid of a lot of Chinese money. See here and here. Clinton sold America's security for his re-election, in fact, granting a waiver to Loral Aerospace to allow them to help China fix their satellite launch problems - and thus allow them to fix their ICBM launch problems, making it possible for the Chinese to nuke the U.S. The media yawned at this, despite the fact it was an act of Treason and should have led not just to Clinton's impeachment but his imprisonment. Perhaps even his execution, but we don't do that anymore. There was no reason for Clinton to allow this except to fill his campaign coffers.

So we know the Democrats are willing and able to take foreign money to defeat their domestic enemies.

And a number of foreign powers, including Russia, China, Mexico, even Canada and Germany, have every reason to want to stop Trump's agenda, and to do that the Democrats MUST win. There is powerful incentive to meddle with our election. And, having accused Trump of doing what they themselves are so often guilty of, they are now immune to such accusations. It looks like "nuh,uh, you did it" childishness.

Of course, with the FBI mired in the "Russian Collusion" investigations, nobody is watching the Democrats. Somebody really should.

One of the big themes of the Donkeys is "dark money" yet theirs is the darkest, a veritable black hole of cash. I wonder if we aren't having this election stolen by foreign entities.

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1 While I haven't been paying close attention, I've gotten the impression Bloomberg has put more money into this election than any previous one, by far.  Over 100 million, maybe close to 200.  I also wouldn't discount all our shocked and outraged betters opening their wallets for this one last chance to really "resist" Trump ... what'll be interesting, especially since I think Trump will do fine using a Democratic House as a punching bag, and it wasn't like he was getting anything out of the Congressional GOPe anyway, is what they'll do in 2020.  Would be interesting to see them get discouraged enough, but that could take several electoral cycles.

Which is not to say that I discount the impact of foreign money, with Clinton it goes back to a PRC bailout when as governor he let the Arkansas machine get a little too greedy with a pension fund I think it was.  And I personally confirmed with some odd non-even dollar figure donations credited to people in my medium sized home town that Obama was raking in lots of foreign cash by turning off address verification (the odd amounts, in a form like $56.34, are a clear sign of a currency conversion).

A Breitbart headline right now says the Official total spent on all sides looks to be 5 billion, which is not really that much, with the Dems having a 330 million advantage.  Me, I fall back on the observation that "enough" money gets you a hearing, after that it's the candidates and their positions that win or lose.  Else we'd be enjoying ... whatever under President Hillary, who spent double what Trump did.

Meanwhile, my county Republican organization wasted a lot of money on a nice, high production value flyer, the first any only from any unit of the state party to mention Amendment 1, that was mailed so late it arrived today....

Posted by: Anonymous at November 06, 2018 01:06 PM (FPIRN)

2 Thanks for the info Anonymous!

I suspect you are right about Dumbberg shellout out. I do suspect the Dems had a lot more money than is being claimed, though.

I had forgotten the Obama paypal business. Thanks for reminding me about that!

I agree; Trump is no worse off and quite probably a lot better off with the House in Dem hands; he can run against them, rather than have to babysit as he did with the Ryan-o Pee Wee Playhouse. I am always one to believe it is better to win than lose at any time, though, so I am a bit disappointed. Also. how could anyone vote Democratic after the two year temper tantrum we have all witnessed? It frightens me to think so many Americans are so very shallow.

Spent a bunch on flyers, did they? Hopefully they'll get into the 20th century soon! I received a bunch of flyers and did not even look at them - but then I live in the bluest of blue areas in St. Louis, truly bluer than Nancy Pelosi's hair.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at November 07, 2018 03:15 PM (Vl+LV)

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