July 25, 2017

The Ungreening of Greenland

Timothy Birdnow

Greenland has expanding ice mass and is experiencing one of the coldest summers ever recorded.

According to Not Tricks Zone:

"Citing the Danish Meteorological Institute, the BAZ comments that the -33°C reading earlier this month was "the coldest July temperature ever recorded in the northern hemisphere", smashing the previous record of 30.7°C.
Expanding ice mass, media ignore

The BAZ adds that also the "ice cover has grown strongly over almost all of Greenland".

End excerpt.


Greenland has been the crown jewel of Global Warming prophetic success, in that, unlike Antarctica which long ago showed no signs of overall warming, Greenland was showing glacial melt and apparent temperature increases. Well, despite being decades into the big rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide, we now have a pause in Greenlandic warming. Funny, since no computer models were able to predict this.

In fact:

"Recently NTZ reported here that Greenland in fact has been cooling over the past decade, as three recent studies alarmingly show us. According to one published in May of this year by a team of researchers led by Takuro Kobashi of the University of Bern, mean annual temperatures at the summit of Greenland have been showing "a slightly decreasing trend in accordance with northern North Atlantic-wide cooling".

End excerpt.

North Atlantic wide cooling? It can't be!

As a commenter pointed out:

AndyG55 12. July 2017 at 1:19 PM | Permalink | Reply

And Greenland Ice was ALREADY pretty much at its peak area in over 8000 years !!!


Only time it was slightly higher was during the Little Ice Age, the coldest period in 10,000 years.


Global Warming aka Climate change aka Global Climate Flatulence is sure a strange duck; it seems to have stopped completely despite the "missing heat" and no decrease in atmospheric CO2. As in the O.J. trial "if it does not fit you must acquitt. Well, O.J. was trying his glove on over another pair, but in this instance the advocates for this theory have tried to fit their pairs over AGW and failed in every case. Nothing is going according to the predictions.

Science is determined by Nature, not by our minds or desires.

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Making babies is causing global warming? Are you kidding me, NPR?

Dana Mathewson

No comment from me, this article says it all. Fox News may be losing it in some respects, but this is still a good one.


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Axis of Evil ; Iran Soon to Have Nuclear ICBM's Courtesy of N. Korea

Dana Mathewson

We can't say we haven't been warned. Perhaps something's being done behind the scenes -- we can hope.


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The Jews did not start this, Mr. Tillerson

Jack Kemp

The Jews did not start this, Mr. Tillerson
Jack Engelhard, 25/07/17

Arabs live among themselves in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Jordan, Egypt - no Jews except a few - but are they happy? No, still they’re miserable: family feuds, tribal grudges, civil wars, thousands killed, millions homeless,brother against brother.

President Trump needs to have a talk with Rex Tillerson. Tillerson’s State Department has issued a report that blames Israel for…EVERYTHING.

Nobody saw that coming. Well I sure didn’t. Love Trump. Tillerson, not so much, even from the start.
The report okays Arab violence as a means to redress "frustrations” and "disappointments”…such as "lack of hope in achieving Palestinian statehood.” The Jews, according to this, are obliged to hand over the country to the Arabs. Wait. There’s more. The report faults the Jews, yes, Israel, for "incitement.” (Stop laughing.)
Actually there’s much more. But in sum, the main gripe is that the Jews aren’t doing enough to make the Arabs happy. It’s our job to make them happy.

It’s our ONLY job, if you listen to some people.

If they are not happy, according to State’s reasoning, the Palestinian Arabs are within their rights to go stark raving mad. They have permission to riot. They have a green light to murder three members of the Salomon family, as happened the other day in Neve Tzuf Halamish, when a Palestinian Arab heeded Mahmoud Abbas’s call to go on a murderous rampage, and he did.

We can never do enough for the Palestinian Arabs. No matter what we do, we cannot seem to make them…well…happy.
Never mind that even when they live among themselves…say Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Jordan, Egypt…all Arabs…no Jews except the few…but happy? No, still they’re miserable…family feuds, tribal grudges, civil wars, thousands killed…millions homeless…brother against brother…

Read the whole thing.

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Thoughts on the Minneapolis Somali Cop Shooter

Dana Mathewson

Turns out that, by law, this puke will never ever have to testify in his own behalf. Can't be made to say why he shot the woman. There WAS a witness, but there has been no indication that he said anything.

I am of the firm opinion that the fired police chief was a sacrificial lamb. Whether or not she was any good, her boss the mayor is the real squish. I also heard that the Somali cop's training was "fast-tracked" and that many are unhappy with that.


Hmmm. I can't imagine this guy could not be compelled to explain his actions, since he is a police officer. I would hope the other cop would sing like a canary over this. (I suspect he IS singing to the FBI, but the desire to avoid embarassing entanglements involving black police and Islam are probably what is behind the silence, methinks.)

As Harry Truman said "the buck stops here" and the Mayor is the ultimate authority, so she is to blame, I have little doubt.

Fast tracking police training? What complete moron came up with THAT crazy idea? You don't give a gun to someone without extensive training. Sort of like having a med student perform surgeries...

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WWII Iwo Jima Vet surprised with Honor Flight after vandals' assault

Jack Kemp

WWII vet surprised with Honor Flight after assault by flag vandals

A 92-year-old World War II veteran who was assaulted while trying to protect his American and Marine Corps flags outside his Texas home was surprised Sunday with an Honor Flight to Washington, D.C.

After hearing noises outside his Dallas-area home earlier this month, Howard Banks said he went outside and confronted someone trying to steal or damage his flags. Mr. Banks, who was left legally blind by a flare on Iwo Jima, said he was shoved to the ground before the vandals ran off, the Associated Press reported.
Kaufman police are investigating.

This is a very nice story; read the whole thing.

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July 24, 2017

John Kasich Wants "Concensus" on Health Care Reform

Timothy Birdnow

John Kasich shows he has never been ready for prime time.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

"The Republican governor of Ohio says it would be a mistake for the Senate to move ahead on health and "force a one-sided deal that the American people are clearly against."

In a statement on Monday, Gov. John Kasich says Republicans and Democrats should work together openly to address the failings of the Obama health law and come up with a bipartisan solution.

Kasich, who sought the GOP presidential nomination last year, said the American people will come out on the losing end if Republicans try to force a vote without open dialogue and transparency."

End excerpt.

Pardon moi, but what the eh ee double hockey sticks does Moron John, once a good conservative, think the Democrats did when they foisted Obamacare off on the nation? The donkeys will never support any reform save single-payer aka socialized medicine, and any reform whatsoever will require a ramming down the throat of the "loyal opposition". This is what the American People want, Governor Kasich.

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Cabbie Shoots Passenger in Stl. County, Hammer Attack in the City

Timothy Birdnow

A taxi driver in St. Louis County shot and killed a passenger after being made fearful for his life. The passenger - Ahmad Saramah - died of his injuries.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

"St. Louis County Police were called to the shooting scene, west of Jennings Station Road, about 1 a.m. and found a 48-year-old man dead in the back seat of a taxi minivan. The man, Ahmad Saramah, was pronounced dead by paramedics from Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District.

The taxi driver, 70, was still at the scene and was taken into custody, police said. Police said the driver told them an altercation broke out between him and the passenger as they were westbound on Interstate 70.

The taxi driver told police he feared for his life and shot the victim in self-defense. The driver is cooperating with investigators, according to police.

Saramah lived in the 8400 block of Bayberry Drive in Berkeley"

End excerpt.

Now, taxi drivers are not often accused of murdering their fares, so one must wonder about what happened here, but it seems likely to me that the victim - a man with the Islamic name of Ahmad Saramah - did in fact threaten the unnamed driver.

Berkeley is a predominantly black neighborhood in north St. Louis County. It neighbors the city of Ferguson.

Was Saramah a Black Lives Matter guy? A black Muslim perhaps? The lack of detail in this story (and the stories by other news outlets I checked) suggest the police are trying to keep this story largely under wraps. I wonder what was said and done to frighten the cabbie?

I suspect we will never know. One thing is certain; this victim was not a Tea Partier.

In an unrelated but equally bizzare story, a man from st. Louis County attacked four homeless people in an abandoned school just north of the downtown area of the City of St. Louis.

Also from the Post-Dispatch:

"Edward Moore, 61, is facing four counts each of first-degree assault and armed criminal action. He was ordered held with bail set at $500,000 cash. Police gave an address for Moore in the 12100 block of Epernay Court in Maryland Heights.

Police say Moore attacked two homeless men and two homeless women who were sleepingin the vacant Carr School building at 15th and Carr streets about 9 a.m. Saturday. A woman was in critical and unstable condition after the attack, and a man was in critical but stable condition, authorities said. The other two victims were said to be stable, but no medical condition was provided.

Homicide detectives are handling the investigation due to the severity of the injuries.

The victims range in age from 29 to 39."

How does a middle aged man assault FOUR young people with a hammer? And why was he wandering around inside an abandoned building in a bad part of town?

This is a story to keep an eye on, too.

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Health Problems Caused by Wind Farms

Timothy Birdnow

Wind turbines cause health problems in humans and animals, according to new research from the Portuguese.

Here is the dirt:

" Dr Mariana Alves-Pereira was speaking to the Tribune after addressing a seminar on the effects of the turbines on animal and human health.

The Portuguese scientist is an expert on infrasound, the energy created by sound which humans cannot hear, and low frequency noise, the sound generated by wind turbines.

Dr Alves-Pereira presented research findings which indicated significant risks from turbines and other mechanisms.

She cited studies in her home country dating back to 1980 which showed how long-term exposure to infrasound had damaged the health of aeronautics workers.

The seminar in the Bridge House Hotel, which attracted an attendance of about 150 people from all over the country, was also told the health of horses, sheep, pigs, mink and geese had been adversely affected by proximity to wind farms.

She said humans suffered a variety of effects, including a thickening of the sac around the heart which can lead to heart attacks"

End excerpt.

So, wind power gives us expensive, inconsistent energy at high prices and may cause heart attacks, not to mention what it does to animals. They can be characterized as bird blenders.

The article continues:

"The researchers were surprised to find the same effects on the aeronautics workers and people living near a wind farm.

"People who live in infrasound and low frequency noise see an accelerated onset of the symptoms," she said.

"In our wind turbine case in Portugal and other cases of infrasound and low frequency noise in the home, we have given them the same medical diagnostic tests that we've given the aircraft technicians.

"We didn't believe in the beginning that we'd get anything, and there it was."

Experiments have also been carried out on the impact of infrasound and low frequency noise on rats.

Dr Alves-Pereira also pointed to a study which showed how the lower limbs of foals living close to a wind farm were deformed.

She said she could not say "with certainty" that low frequency noise caused the limb deformities but added: "What we did find with the horses, in terms of cellular structures, [they] were damaged and it was of the same nature as the damage we found in the rats and in the humans."

"We didn't find the limb deformities in the rats and the humans but in terms of the cells, what we found in the horses was what we found in the rats and what we found in the humans," she explained."

End excerpt.

should the Gang Green be triumphant and get the world to accept these "green energy" solutions then they would suddenly discover these dangers and begin phasing these horrible things out - "for the good of the public" and would fail to replace the energy lost to the grid. Reducing Man's numbers is the ultimate goal of all of this, and corralling people into pens to restrict their "environmental footprint" is a primary tool to that end. The environmentalists know this, which is why they advocate this trojan horse technology.

Don't fall for it.

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From Russia with Love

This from Americans for Limited Government

By Printus LeBlanc

The Chairman of the House Committee on Science Space and Technology, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Energy Rep. Randy Weber (R-Tex.), recently sent a letter to the Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchinasking for an investigation into Russia meddling. I know what you're thinking, not another Russia investigation. The investigation is likely to lead to a place the left and environmental groups don't want to go.

Senator John McCain famouslystated, "Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country." Looking at the data, this could not be truer. Right now, Europe is dependent upon Russia for its energy needs. Over35 percent of oil in Europe comes from Russia, while the Russian state owned Gazprom supplies aboutone-third of European natural gas needs.

Europe began looking at alternatives to Russia at the same time theenergy renaissancewas taking hold in the US. Flush with cash, environmental groups then began an all-out assault on the energy sector. Attempting to ban fracking in theUS and Europe, while also fighting the construction of liquified natural gas terminals (LNG).

LNG terminals are used to ship natural gas to European and Asian ports, softening the grip Russia has on Europe. Sounds like a good idea right. Democrats and the left are screaming about Russian influence, so this should be a no brainer, but for some reason it's not.

This all starts with a man named Nicholas Hoskins. According toBusiness Insider, "Nicholas Hoskins, is a director at a hedge fund management firm that has invested heavily in Russian oil and gas. He is also senior counsel at the Bermudan law firm Wakefield Quin and the vice president of a London-based investment firm whose president until recently chaired the board of the state-owned Russian oil company Rosneft….In addition to those roles, Hoskins is a director at a company called Klein Ltd."

Klein Ltd. gavetens of millionsof dollars to a group based out of California called the Sea Change Foundation. No one knows where Klein Ltd. acquired the money because it isbased out of Bermuda. What we do know is that Klein Ltd. is run by the law firm Wakefield Quin, where Nicholas Hoskins is a senior counsel.

An investigative report titled "From Russia With Love: Examining the links between US environmental funder and the Kremlin", found Hoskins was also in a directorship position with IPOC International Growth Fund. The group was owned by Russian Minister of Telecommunications and Putin friend, Leonid Reiman. The company was convicted of money laundering in the British Virgin Islands.

In the 2014 the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works released aMinority Staff Report, "The Chain of Environmental Command." In it the Senate describes Klein Ltd, "It appears that Klein exists on paper only as it does not have an internet presence, and was set up for the sole purpose of funneling anonymous donations to Sea Change."

The Sea Change Foundation then gavemillions to several high profile environmental groups. The Natural Resource Defense Council, League of Conservation Voters, and the Sierra Club are just a few that received grant money from Sea Change.

What is perhaps most astonishing in all of this, is the role Hillary Clinton played. The former Presidential candidate, the one that is now railing against everything Russia, knew Russia was funding green groups that were backing the Democratic Party and trying to stop the US energy renaissance.

Wikileaks released the contents of a speech Hillary Clinton gave to a private audience, in whichshe stated, "We [the State Department and the U.S. government] were up against Russia pushing oligarchs and others to buy media. We were even up against phony environmental groups, and I'm a big environmentalist, but these were funded by the Russians to stand up against any effort, 'Oh that pipeline, that fracking, that whatever will be a problem for you,' and a lot of that money supporting that effort was coming from Russia."

It is important to note no one from the Hillary camp has denied she made the remarks.

The political arm of the Natural Resources Defense Council, the NRDC Action Fund, went so far as to endorse Hillary Clinton for President in 2016. The first endorsement the fund has ever made in a presidential election. The Sierra Club Political Action Committee, the political arm of the Sierra Club, alsoendorsed Hillary Clinton for President in 2016. The League of Conservation Voters' political arm, LCV Action Fund, got in the race early, and endorsed Clinton in 2015.

Does anyone else find it strange the political action funds of groups that received money tied to Russia supported one presidential candidate and overwhelmingly one party? Who really has close ties to Russia?

US energy dominance threatens the ability of Russia to extort foreign policy goals. If Congress is to investigate Russian meddling, it should start here. Russia used the left to harm US energy security, and keep the energy weapon pointed at Europe.

Printus LeBlanc is a contributing reporter at Americans for Limited Government

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American Thinker Joins the E.U.

Jack Kemp

American Thinker announced a new techical system which will somehow route its comments through social media. Readers have been outraged, myself included, for various reasons. One is that the technical system AT wants to adapt is flawed. The other main reason is that the commenters will lose privacy from the more liberal members of their family. And my criticisms (referencing Robert Spencer's criticisms of Facebook censorship of he and others) are listed in this short exchange of comments at Amer. Thinker, copied below.

JackKemp • 2 hours ago

I fear this new comment system will be to American Thinker what Common Core is to education. Judging from other early comments here, this new system could be an overcomplicated kludge. Why do I have to log on or link through Facebook or a Twitter? Does Mark Zuckerberg have conservatives' best interests at heart?


Stacey le Deplorable repies to JackKemp • an hour ago
Part of the benefit of not having to use a social media account is to have some of your thoughts and comments not as well linked to you or your real identity, and depending upon your associations this might be a necessary thing; we don't sometimes wish brain-damaged leftist family members and coworkers reading our real thoughts and positions. Not all of us have social media accounts either; and possibly for the reason I mentioned above. I personally have no use for some short shot drivel of twitter. Force me to log in via social media and you won't likely ever see me comment again; after about a decade of activity.

JackKemp replies to Stacey le Deplorable • a few seconds ago
Yes, Stacey. And I just read a timely article by Robert Spencer at Townhall.com where he points out links to his websites appear obviously to be censored by Facebook, people who wrote about the link between jihad and the Orlando gay nightclub massacre to have been censored by Facebook and other totalitarian practices by so-called "social media." Facebook has openly agreed to enforce the European Union's policies (diktats) of censoring any anti-Muslim criticism of terrorist acts. You can read Spencer's full article at https://townhall.com/column..
So essentially, American Thinker may now institute - via indirect methods - European Union censorship of these message boards. Hitler, Stalin and the Ayatollah Khomeni would be so proud.

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American Thinker Opens a Can of Worms - How Well Will It Be Handled?

Jack Kemp

Deputy Editor Drew Belsky (I believe he is Catholic) rips another AT writer,Ryan Walters, who yesterday tried to lionize Luther and denigrate Catholicism.

When I took World History in my private school at age 13-14, I didn't learn that Luther 1) was an antisemite 2) had an affair with a nun he seduced and that some Popes of that era had been denouncing the selling of indulgences.

The more I learn, the more two rock n' roll song lyrics are proven true:

"When the truth is found to be lies, and all within you dies" - Somebody to Love by the Jefferson Airplane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUbMWtUyIIE

"When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school, it's a wonder I can think at all" - Kodachrome by Paul Simon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggPkZ6iEGW8

If you haven't read it already, here's the link to the AT article by Drew Belsky and some quotes



Walters's is a piece about speaking truth to power, about a voice in the wilderness confronting an evil institution. The problem is that Walters tries to skip the theological substance of the Protestant revolt, begs the question on what's true, and thus pulls a false god called "personal interpretation" out of Pandora's Box.

Walters paints an bleak 16th century, where "conventional wisdom was not a politically correct moral relativism, but the orthodoxy of the Catholic Church." (This is portrayed as bad.) He equates the Church of medieval times with the P.C. leftist thought police of today and extols Martin Luther for speaking "for truth [sic] at a time when truth [sic] could cost him his life."

If one really wants to glorify Martin Luther, a generalized "bold reformer" archetype is about all there is to work with. The man has little to boast of in character, temperament, or exegesis. He, an Augustinian monk, claimed that Jesus Christ Himself was guilty of fornication (see "Tischreden" from the Weimar edition of Luther's works) and that "t is not in opposition to the Holy Scriptures for a man to have several wives." "To kill a peasant is not murder," he said, when the logical conclusions of his catechesis spurred the peasants to popular revolt. "Let whoever can [do it] stab, strangle, and kill them like mad dogs." Of the Jews he said, "

hey are nothing but thieves and robbers who daily eat no morsel and wear no thread of clothing which they have not stolen and pilfered from us by means of their accursed usury." His hacking out seven books of the Old Testament was based on a Bible canon dreamed up by a possibly fictional council of Jews, those thieves and robbers, that occurred after the foundation of apostolic Christianity, where authority to determine the composition of the Christian Bible should naturally lie. (Also, he didn't like longstanding Church doctrines on purgatory, the institutional priesthood, and good works, so 1 and 2 Macabbees, the epistle to the Hebrews [!], and the epistle of James [!!], respectively, were put on the chopping block.)


When J.R. Dunn attacked me in private emails (I have the copies still) for objecting to a quote in an AT piece he approved for publication that said using B.C.E. (Before the Common Era) was "silly," I pointed that the term is used by not only atheists, but Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. I could have pointed out that the term B.C.E. was "devised by the Christian monk Dionysius Exiguus in the year 525" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Era#Origins ; and is in common usage (no pun intended) by academics across the U.S., if not the entire world. B.C. (Before Christ) and its partner A.D. (Anno Domini - In the Year of Our Lord) are clearly Christian terms. American Thinker did not give me a public AT platform to debate J.R. Dunn on his idea of "winning friends and influenceing people" by pretending that a significant part of the world's - and growing part of America's - population that isn't believing Christians - also reads American Thinker and is somehow not worthy of consideration or respect. I would have searched for the historic and intellectual points I highlight here in my exchanges with Dunn, but it was clear to me that I was arguing with a beligerant person one might meet on a street corner or in a mob, so I saw no reason as to bring up the facts mentioned in the earlier part of this paragraph. It was a barely controlled exchange between two people having great contempt for one another.

Although American Thinker years ago gave me a public blog post forum when I debated Ethel Fenig as she claimed that placing a cross in a federal park in La Jolla, California, was a violation of the seperaton of church and state and pointed out such things as the cross on the Swedish flag and the Star of David on the Israeli flag (something practicing Jew Ethel Fenig presumably doesn't object to having, as fellow Jew myself do not). But now Drew Belsky, an Amer. Thinker Deputy Editor with Christian and Catholic and intellectual credentials, has taken on a poorly thought out piece by Ryan Walters. This may be leading to a great public rift among current American Thinker writers. Not that that hasn't happened before.

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More on the Minneapolis Police Shooting

Dana Mathewson



I eagerly await the cop finally being obliged to explain his actions! I'll bet he can't give an honest account -- one that squares with police practice, anyhow.

Tell me again how the Somalis are enriching our culture!

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Would Baby Charlie Have Gotten Death Sentence if Not a White Male?

Selwyn Duke

Would baby Charlie have gotten his death sentence were he not a white boy? It may seem an odd question, but there’s a good reason to pose it.

The poor child at issue is  HYPERLINK "http://observer.com/2017/05/chris-gard-connie-yates-baby-charlie-mitochondrial-depletion-syndrome/" Charlie Gard, a British infant thus far denied medical treatment by the U.K. government — even though his parents can pay for it themselves. So much for death panels being a myth.

Charlie has a serious genetic condition called mitochondrial depletion syndrome, which causes progressive muscle weakness and brain damage. The details of it aren’t important here, however. What’s significant is that the boy’s parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, have raised $1.7 million via crowd-funding and can pay for travel and treatment themselves; this would allow them to bring Charlie to the U.S. for a novel therapy offered by a Dr. Michio Hirano.
"Would” is the operative word because the British medical establishment, bureaucracy and courts have, again, thus far said "No, you may not seek further treatment for your son. It doesn’t matter that you’re paying the piper; we’re calling the tune and say he must be allowed to die with ‘dignity’” (as if these statists have even the foggiest idea what that is).

And we’ll have to wait to see if it matters that, according to Dr. Hirano, the new therapy would give Charlie an  HYPERLINK "http://people.com/human-interest/us-doctor-michio-hirano-examining-charlie-gard/" 11 to 56 percent chance of meaningful improvement, which, even under Common Core math, is far better than the zero percent chance offered by  HYPERLINK "http://bigthink.com/strange-maps/66-the-world-in-george-orwells-1984" Oceania. (Note: British authorities just recently granted Charlie an 11-day "stay of execution,” so to speak, so that Hirano can travel to the U.K. to evaluate him.) But on to my opening, eyebrow-and-doubts-raising question.

To illustrate why I ask it, here’s a little background. It was revealed in 2014 that British authorities had ignored Pakistani Muslim child sex-trafficking rings for 16 years — even though the perpetrators were responsible for the abuse (and sometimes torture) of at least 1400 girls, some as young as 12. In fact, when complaints were made, the girls were often dismissed as tramps to justify the inaction.
Of course, they were only white girls.

And this abuse is still occurring,  HYPERLINK "http://thefederalist.com/2016/08/10/report-british-authorities-still-ignoring-massive-pakistani-led-child-sex-ring/" we hear.

The reason for turning this blind eye has been absolutely established: The authorities, from police to bureaucrats to social workers, were afraid that pursuing Muslim criminals would get them branded "racist.”

In fact, some of the girls who went to the police "were told they were being racist,”  HYPERLINK "http://thefederalist.com/2016/08/10/report-british-authorities-still-ignoring-massive-pakistani-led-child-sex-ring/" reported The Federalist. And a Home Office researcher attempting to blow the whistle was  HYPERLINK "http://www.nationalreview.com/article/387428/1400-english-girls-raped-multiculturalism-dennis-prager" warned by a colleague that she "must never [again] refer to Asian men” ("Asian” references Muslims in the U.K.). She also was  HYPERLINK "http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-29012571" forced into diversity indoctrination to raise her "awareness of ethnic issues.”

You see, better to allow young girls to be raped and brutalized than to, as one British politician  HYPERLINK "https://www.forbes.com/sites/rogerscruton/2014/08/30/why-did-british-police-ignore-pakistani-gangs-raping-rotherham-children-political-correctness/" \l "525f1b3d754a" put it, "rock the multicultural community boat.”
That is, in today’s (formerly) Great Britain — one of the more politically correct places on Earth.

Now back to poor Charlie. Would the powers-that-be have denied the opportunity for life if he were, let’s say, a Muslim female?

I believe the likely answer is no. They’d be too afraid of accusations of racism (yes, I know "Muslim” isn’t a race, but leftists use "racism” as synonymous with "bigotry”); they’d be worried about their reputations and careers. Their whole mindset would be different. Remember, again, the U.K. is a place where the rape of little white girls is preferable to the implicating of swarthy men.

Yet it’s not just fears of labeling, but also something far darker. In today’s world of identity politics — where we hear about mythical "white privilege,” "dead white males,” " HYPERLINK "https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=8540" the problem of whiteness” college courses, and  HYPERLINK "http://www.wnd.com/2017/07/evergreen-u-student-im-not-allowed-to-speak-because-im-white/" prohibitions against whites expressing opinions — white males are lowest on the totem pole. They get the most grief and blame and the least consideration and charity — and compassion. Hey, given group voting patterns, Charlie could grow up to be a Tory or, perish the thought, even a Brexit supporter.
To be clear, I’m not saying the biases in question here are generally conscious. They are mainly, if not completely, those unconscious biases (you know, those things you leftists ever warn about but always get wrong). Man has a great capacity for rationalization, and Charlie’s grim-reaper judges have no doubt convinced themselves they’re acting in the "best interests of the child.” And were the baby a Muslim female, I suspect they would’ve rendered the opposite decision and deferred to the parents without prodding, again convincing themselves of their righteousness.
To those taking offense at my speculation, realize it’s similar to when activists respond to the shooting of a black criminal by claiming it wouldn’t have happened had the miscreant been white. The only difference is that they’re wrong — police are actually  HYPERLINK "https://news.wsu.edu/2014/09/02/deadly-force-lab-finds-racial-disparities-in-shootings/" \l ".VKxKm8r_CK8" more likely to shoot white criminals than black ones — while my suspicion has a basis in today’s social reality.

And this reality is that with the current group spoils system, race and sex can determine one’s chance of enjoying college scholarships, good jobs, justice in court and, perhaps even, life itself.

 HYPERLINK "mailto:selwynduke@optonline.net" Contact Selwyn Duke,  HYPERLINK "https://twitter.com/SelwynDuke" follow him

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VDH excoriates the MSM. YAY!

Dana Mathewson

In fact, he pretty much eviscerates them, with class (of course).


"In the 2008 campaign, reporters ignored the close and disturbing relationships between the mostly unknown Obama and a cast of unsavory characters: his racist and anti-Semitic pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the neighborhood confidant and former terrorist Bill Ayers, and the wheeler-dealer and soon-to-be felon Tony Rezko.

"Instead, journalists quickly started worshipping candidate Obama in a manner never quite seen before, not even in the days of the iconic liberal presidents like Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

"By the time of 2016 presidential race, the media had lost their credibility as disinterested guardians of objective truth. And while Hillary Clinton in 2016 was no Barack Obama in 2008, reporters still gave her special privileges. CNN talking-head Donna Brazile fed debate questions to the Clinton campaign prior to a Clinton-Sanders televised debate. And the John Podesta Wikileaks trove revealed that a number of marquee reporters were openly colluding with Clinton to defeat Trump.

"Once the media crossed the Rubicon of partisanship, there was no turning back."

Bill Katz's final comment: Read the whole piece. Send it around to literate liberals, both of them. Hanson lays out a scenario that is frightening. The press is not doing the job that the First Amendment intended. How does a free society solve that crucial problem?

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Uncivil Warriors

Jack Kemp forwards this:

It’s OK to Be Uncivil to Save our Civilization

Arthur Schaper

Posted: Jul 24, 2017 12:01 AM

For the past three months—and especially in the last two weeks, the fight to push for Trump’s agenda, especially in "Lost Cause/Blue Line” California has reached a feverish pitch. Our civilization, our Western World, Judeo-Christian culture is under attack, and I could not take time to write about it. I needed to fight it, and hard. I don’t say nice things anymore. I don’t worry about offending people. President Trump leads by example. It’s OK to be crude to make a point.

Our culture is under assault, folks. We don’t have time to be nice. The dangers are that precarious. When a kid is playing in the middle of the street, his father doesn’t make nice and beg. He grabs the kid and shrieks at him for his dangerous stupidity. "Don’t ever do that again!”

Islamic hordes are on the run in the Middle East. Why? Because our President vowed to "Bomb the hell out of ISIS!” Oh, but the President can’t use such language!” shriek the establishment pearl clutchers. It’s not nice, but it had to be said. Interestingly enough, he did not get offended, but listened to me. Yes, he can—and he’s doing his job, too. I got into a war of word with one Trump supporter over his "unpresidential rhetoric” on Twitter and in public. My answer? To quote the wildly successful Governor of Maine? "Tell ‘em to kiss my butt!”

There are barbarians at the gates. The radical Islamic world sees their chance to impose Sharia around the world. I say "No” to that. A friend of mine, a Muslim and Trump supporter, was offended when I posted this incredible debate from a UKIP leadership debate. This woman in exacting detail courageously explained for her audience that Islam is not a religion of peace. I did not apologize, but told him plainly "Islam is a cult”. I have no problem with Muslims who live peaceful lives, but I urge them to look deeply into the Koran, and they will find a mass of misconceptions and contradictions, with the final result of urging war against infidels and blind submission to Allah for all mankind.

Read it all!

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Banana Republicans - and Democrats

Dana Mathewson


Mark Steyn said that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of President Trump is 'banana republic stuff."

"We have a situation which civilized societies do not do, where they investigate someone in order to get something on them," Steyn told "Fox & Friends" Saturday.

"There's not even the appearance of normality here."

The appointment of a special counsel should never have happened, Steyn said, and is a "fundamental assault on self-government by the American people."

The "selective leaks" of sensitive information that have plagued this administration are the real crime, Steyn said.

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Trump has already made America $4 trillion richer

Wil Wirtanen

It takes an ex-Brit to tell the truth.


From the article by Stuart Varney:

"Look at this: since his election win, the Trump rally has added $4.1 trillion to the nation's wealth. Anyone with a 401k, an IRA, college savings, retirement savings, mutual funds. Anyone with a dime in the market has taken a piece of that $4 trillion.

Also, during this presidency, 5 American companies have emerged as global technology leaders. You know their names: Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and Facebook. It’s a technology world, and American companies have seized the future.

I find it astonishing that the world of money is so exuberant, while the political world is so contemptuous of this president and his policy of growth."

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July 22, 2017

Morality; a Failure of Liberal Understanding

Timothy Birdnow

One of the things that annoys me about liberals is their dishonesty, and their unreasoning belief system. Liberals believe what they believe and they expect the rest of us to accept it, even though ours is a belief system based on ancient and venerable traditions (such as Judeo-Christian teaching and Western Civilization values) as well as observation and reason. They demand the world change to accept whatever notion comes into their noggins as uncritically as any devotee of some cult religion.

{link=http://www.slowlyboiledfrog.com/2016/12/in-bizarre-lifesite-piece-labarbera.html]Here is a case in point. I stumbled on this blogpost criticizing my article on Rex Tillerson's opening the Boy Scouts to homosexuals a while back and thought it would make a good object lesson in the horrible emotional spasm that passes for liberal thinking.

Here is the author's complaint:

"Of course normal, sane people know that gay people are just as moral (or immoral in some cases) as everyone else. There is no correlation of integrity or morality to sexual orientation. Furthermore, there are many religious sects that are not judgmental based upon one's sexuality. This includes most liturgical protestants and Jews."

End excerpt.

Of course this writer fails to provide examples, especially historical examples. There ARE certain Protestant sects and Jews who hold a laissez Fairez view on homosexuality, but they are indeed a new phenomenon, having arrived at this conclusion only within the last generation and most within the last 15 years. A fad is hardly evidentiary proof of the validity of ones viewpoint. People used to believe in eugenics, too. Many were decent people deceived by a lie (like Winston Churchill or Charles Lindbergh.) Nobody accepts it anymore, and for good reason.

But what of the first assertion? His claim "gay people are just as moral as everyone else"?

Herein lies typical sloppy liberal thinking, where our left wing friends have purposely muddled the meaning of words and concepts.

One of the things the left has labored to accomplish is to make the words MORAL and ETHICAL interchangeable when they are not. There is a loose correlation between the two, but morality is, unlike ethics, not a human construct but rather is based on deep seated beliefs, generally bequeathed to us from religion and Natural Law. Ethics are situational and established by human mental processes based on certain established conventions, often based on current thinking. It is fundamentally Rousseauian in that it assumes the ultimate primacy of the collective will. Morality, on the other hand, says that morals are transcendent over agency. the nub of it is that morality comes from "Nature and Nature's God" while ethics come from human consent.

The author also confuses personal morality with moral principles. Gluttony is immoral as a principle even though individual overweight people can be personally very moral in most ways. There were individual Germans who supported the Nazi Party who were moral in their personal lives, too, but failed to realize the immorality of their cause. I would make this same case for many a Bernie Sanders voter as well; they think they are doing good and as a matter of ethics may well be, but they served in an immoral campaign because what Sanders advocated - using force of arms to steal from some to give to others - is inherently immoral.

None of these distinctions matter to liberals, who want what they want and instead of simply claiming the mantle of rebels they seek to make it the norm and make those who say it isn't so the rebels.

The reality is there are gay people who live reasonably moral lives, but they are ultimately in the grip of an immoral desire. It happens all the time. We have good people who have affairs on their spouses (sometimes quite apparently justifiable), we have overweight people (and I'm one) who live decent lives but eat too much, we have people with drug or alcohol problems. There are good people who tipple the bottle a wee bit too much. There are people who are promiscuous to the point of damaging their own bodies, or much worse, bearing children they are not suited to raise. The list goes on and on.

And society has traditionally taken steps to discourage such behavior.

Now let's go back to the blogpost. Naturally, the writer can't just argue his case (because he will lose) but instead must hurl insults:

"Things take an even stranger turn when the piece quotes Timothy Birdnow. Birdnow is a Tea Partier and St. Louis property manager who is, well … off — to put it politely. His collection of pieces at the ineptly named American Thinker is slightly nuttier than the spew from WND. Quoting LaBarbera quoting Birdnow (I cannot believe that I am actually doing this):

"How is opening an organization that involves young boys in close proximity to open homosexuals in the former's best interest? Will Tillerson next seek to recruit hookers for them? These are boys in their early teenage years, after all, and as such, one must question their self-identification as homosexual. If they do fall into that category, the purpose of an organization like the Boy Scouts is to lead boys away from such things."

Did this guy just equate gay boys with prostitutes? I think he did. Exactly why one would question a teen's sexual orientation is not explained and sexual orientation is not a "category.” And precisely how the Boy Scouts, or anyone else for that matter, would essentially change a boy's sexual orientation calls into question this five-watt bulb's education (in addition to his mental hygiene)."

End excerpt.

Notice the sneer in the author's voice when he says I am a "property manager" as though that somehow invalidates what I am saying. I am writing about the Boy Scouts and have real life experience; I am not an ivory-tower academic theorizing here. If anything, my real world experience (and I was a Boy Scout myself) is a plus in all of this, but liberals hate commoners, so I am somehow illegitimate in writing about this issue (or any, even though I am probably as well educated as this dope.) Oh, and I have never been a part of the Tea Party in an active sense. It's a pejorative to the left, though, so this guy will use it.

If this writer cannot understand the prostitute analogy he shows he is not a very good thinker; the point is you are opening the door to sexual temptation. He apparently does not understand that IT IS THE GAY KID I AM SAYING IS BEING GIVEN THE PROSITUTE. I could equally have said that it is as though boy and girl scouts were being housed together unsupervised in a tent, but it would have had the same effect with this writer. He doesn't understand because he chooses not to understand and he needs something to attack. Reason alone will not suffice for him.

In point of fact this writer fails utterly to understand the most basic aspects of human life; Why would one question a boy's sexual orientation, he asks? The old BSA policy was precisely that; it did not question sexuality, but rather said OPENLY GAY SCOUTS could not be members because it violated the Scout's Oath by failing to be "morally straight". The BSA (as I explained in my article) maintained a "don't ask, don't tell" policy, which when enacted in the military was quite acceptable at first then became a cause for protestation. See, the Left demands not just tolerance, not even just acceptance, but actual celebration of whatever they choose to bless. It wasn't enough for a gay boy to keep it to himself while in the Scouts - he has a right to proclaim it to the rooftops and demand the Scouts change for him.

Nobody is saying the Boy Scouts are going to change the sexuality of a kid. If THIS two watt bulb actually had the power to think he would know what I was saying. But he chooses not to think because he can't afford it. If he starts thinking his illusions will be laid bare.

The reality is preteen children do not have their sexual preferences established solidly and the course that may lead them to homosexuality should be discouraged.

No doubt this fellow believes it is hardwired, and he believes it with absolutely no evidence. None. Logic can clearly dispel this "born that way" idea; if people are born that way they would, thanks to the limited breeding, have bred a "gay gene" out of the gene pool long ago. The argument is that a gay gene offers some survival trait and is probably coded epigenetically, meaning it is in many people but unexpressed. Perhaps, but nobody has found any evidence, and, frankly, given the horrible emotional suffering and physical problems that homosexuality gifts the individual, there is no good reason why this unexpressed gene would ever resurface. The purpose of sex, after all, is procreation - pleasure is just the candy offered by nature to do something that might cost you dearly.

Oh, and if homosexuality is inbred then one must ask why people are bisexual. Genetically determined characteristics are rarely two way; you either have brown eyes or blue, but not one of each.

None of this is intended to belittle gay people or to say their are moral slime. Again, I go back to my analogy of overweight people; liberals are quick to promote all manner of health laws designed to reduce obesity, and consider it a medical problem. Yet homosexuality - which is fraught with medically detrimental issues - is untouchable, a sacred cow.

Does that mean we should forcibly try to cure them? No, any more than we should make people lose weight whether they want to or not. But it means we should subtly discourage homosexual activity, especially among the young (and we should discourage ALL sexual activity among the young, since they are not emotionally and physically mature enough to deal with it.) Modern liberals treat being gay as if it were a badge of honor. It's not; it is a surrender to the lusts and passions of our baser nature. It doesn't mean we punish gay people, but do we have to celebrate their actions? They may be moral in their daily lives, but what they are doing as sexual beings is not.

And a great many of them are not moral in their daily lives, too. Studies on homosexuals show a far, far greater activity level than among straight people, with the subsequent health issues involved. And those issues (std's, incontinence, amoebas and other parasitic infections) are not just limited to their bodies. Homosexuals are far more likely to commit suicide than straights, and alcoholism and depression are much higher. The cause of these psychological issues is debatable; the liberals say it is solely from societal pressure, but those who see this as a moral issue argue it is the result of a guilty conscience, one that comes from a knowledge that one is violating a basic universal law of some sort. Whatever; it doesn't change that it happens. And if the "society causes it" crowd is wrong? How much terrible suffering will there be that was unnecessary.

Look, even if homosexuality is inborn, there are all manner of sexual desires that go unfulfilled - and should. Anyone who is married knows the temptations that may not be indulged. It used to be young people knew those temptations as well, and would forego them to make their marriages special. And then there are the really abnormal fetishes; bestiality, necrophilia, Sadism, etc. There are plenty of moral people who struggle with these issues, and who overcome them because they know they are immoral. In point of fact, the Christian would argue that this is the whole purpose of life, to overcome one's sinful nature. The Progressive and the liberal see the purpose of life as being the mere enjoyment of pleasures, and they see those who tell them something is wrong as evil. So they continue to pick the lock on sanity, ever widening the circle of acceptable behavior. Now there are movements to legitimize pedophilia, for example. Why not? Who are WE to judge!

None of this penetrates the armor that the author of this blogpost - and no doubt a good many progressives - has cloaked himself within. He wants what he wants, and the rest of the world can go to hell! He can hide from Natural Law and from God by simply denying the existence of either. (And most societies on this Earth have called homosexuality immoral; read Plato, for example, who was no Christian and came from the only place the gay lobby can ever point to as accepting of homosexual relations.) But in the end he imposes his own will to determine what is moral in his own sense. That is the very definition of a tyrant.

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Non drug treatment for depression for Vets and civilians

Jack Kemp

The following was originally a private email to the head of a veterans' charity called BackpacksForLife.org

I was listening to the radio when an ad came on the air for something called NeuroStar, an electrical stimulation of the brain to treat depression. The kicker was that it is covered by major insurance (like Blue Cross) and Tricare. Tricare is the insurance plan of the U.S. Military for active duty servicemen, reservists and military retirees - and their families. The NeuroStar web page tells of patients who tried anti-depressant prescription drugs that didn't do much for them.

Here's some more important info from their website from a page that also has a photo of the machinery used at the top:


About NeuroStar TMS Therapy®

NeuroStar TMS Therapy is an FDA-cleared safe and effective non-drug depression treatment for patients who are not satisfied with the results of standard drug therapy. This novel treatment option provides benefits without the side effects often associated with antidepressant medication.2,3,4

NeuroStar TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) Therapy2:

Is similar to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Uses precisely targeted magnetic pulses
Stimulates key areas of the brain that are underactive in patients with depression
Is conducted right in the doctor’s office

Facts about NeuroStar TMS Depression Treatment

Patients are awake and alert during treatment
Patients can go back to their normal activities immediately after treatment
In-office treatment takes 37 minutes
Treatment is administered 5 days a week, for approximately 4 to 6 weeks

With over 740 NeuroStar systems providing therapy, and more than one million treatments performed, this novel treatment approach to achieving remission is bringing new hope to patients every day.2

NeuroStar TMS Therapy may not be right for everyone. Talk to a NeuroStar physician about how this proven depression treatment can help and whether it is right for you.

Watch the video to learn how NeuroStar TMS Therapy has helped reduce symptoms in people living with depression.

This website is intended for US audiences only

NeuroStar TMS Therapy® is indicated for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder in adult patients who have failed to receive satisfactory improvement from prior antidepressant medication in the current episode.

NeuroStar TMS Therapy is only available by prescription. A doctor can help decide if NeuroStar TMS Therapy is right for you.

Click here for Full Safety and Prescribing Information.
Important Safety Information

The most common side effect is pain or discomfort at or near the treatment site. These events are transient; they occur during the TMS treatment course and do not occur for most patients after the first week of treatment. There is a rare risk of seizure associated with the use of NeuroStar TMS (<0.1% per patient).

NeuroStar TMS Therapy should not be used with patients who have non-removable conductive metal in or near the head.

NeuroStar TMS Therapy has not been studied in patients who have not received prior antidepressant treatment.


I used the web page's Physician Locator link (something like a cell phone "app") and typed in the NJ zip code 07050. I got 3 practitioners in NJ and 6 in Manhattan. The doctors cannot bring this machinery to a Stand Down but they - or the NeuroStar company - can bring brochures to a future Stand Down because there is a good chance any homeless veterans who show up are covered. In fact, the short brochure can be downloaded in a PDF file from this page:

NeuroStar TMS Therapy® Patient Brochure

This brochure offers information to help you understand how NeuroStar TMS Therapy works and what you can expect from treatment. Click the link below to download this helpful brochure.

NeuroStar TMS Therapy Patient Education Brochure


I also include this downloaded Brochure in a file attached to this email. You need the Adobe Acrobat (free) Reader to access it.

The company's contact information phone number is:Customer Service Center: 1-877-600-7555. Their online contact form is at https://neurostar.com/contact-us/

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