April 07, 2024

A Third World Country With Nuclear Weapons

A-Greg Delany

I posted this in 2018. Things have changed for the worse since then!
It is a wonderful time to be a conservative in America.
It has been a long time since we have had a President that actually practiced what he preached.
We have not seen capitalism being practiced since Ronald Reagan, and President Trump is showing the world how effective Capitalism is when Practiced.
Venezuela is showing the world how effective Socialism is when practiced as well.
It is a contrast that should be used as a teaching moment. I hope you will hear my story.
I have been blessed to work for our government with the DOS and DOD in the USSR, and Iraq. This gave me an opportunity to see how our government works or doesn't work first hand.
Too many people in our government are trying to tell us how we should live and how we should be governed, without having any life experience.
I worked in the USSR and former Soviet Republic countries for more than six years and in Iraq for three years. I have seen first hand the fallout on a society when there is an all controlling government, and how if our Government is not held accountable to spending and the corruption of Power. We will all become slaves to Government and we will also be bankrupt.
I was shocked and unprepared for what I experienced when I first moved to the USSR. At first glance I thought, How could this be the country we feared? The entire society spent large portions of their days trying to find food and basic necessities. Their Government promised to supply every need to live a happy life.
I could not believe how run down the buildings were and how primitive the autos, machines, equipment and products were. I could not believe the shortages of food and goods in the stores. I lived in the center of Soviet Power, the city of Moscow where things were better than in the cities outside of the center.
I traveled to every corner of the USSR and the further from the center the harsher the conditions.
After a few months, I met a Soviet Army Captain , Sergi. He was a linguist and wanted to practice his English. He asked me what I thought of his great country. I explained to him that I thought it was a third world country with nuclear weapons.
He was offended at first, but it lead to a wonderful debate and friendship that lasted years. That first day he asked me why I thought the great Soviet Union was poor.
I explained that the standard of living I found in Moscow was lower than the standard of living in India. I asked him if he thought India was a third world country. He agreed it was. I told him that I had just returned from New Delhi and while I was there I went into a restaurant. I sat down and ordered from a menu, I ordered and ate my dinner, then paid for my food and left.
I asked him, where in Moscow could I do that?
He replied that these were difficult times, but they would get better.
Then I said, after I ate I went to a store to buy shoes. I tried on my size, paid for the shoes and left.
I asked him, where could I do that in Moscow?
He wanted to know why I said I bought shoes.
I said I actually needed shoes and bought some Nike running shoes while I was there.
He told me he had spent most of that day in line at a store to buy shoes.
Four hours to get to the counter to try them on, then the clerk gave him a receipt to pay the cashier. 45 minutes in that line at the cashier.
When he returned to the counter with the paid receipt, the store no longer had his size. He had to take a smaller size and go outside to sell someone in line the smaller shoes to get his money back.
I proclaimed to him, This is the Truth about Socialism, you are a third world country with nuclear weapons.
3 years later the USSR was gone and the Soviet TV and News Programs began to open the eyes of the Soviet people to the lies and propaganda that had held them in bondage their entire lives.
We today have the same propaganda being used on us to push us toward a third world style of government.
I also saw how wasteful our government was. I learned that if it is not your money, you will not care how it is spent and if you can benefit from someone else money. You will soon take advantage of it and become corrupt.
Here is just one of my examples and there are too many examples to talk about.
When I first got to the Embassy. I needed to find transportation because I lived seven miles from the Embassy. Someone told me to go to the Embassy's surplus silent auction.
The Embassy sells off autos, furniture, food and goods that are outdated or no longer useful. They invite the diplomats from western counties to our parking garage where they can bid on our supposed junk. The furniture is two years old and the top of the line because nothing is too good for our Embassy staff. The diplomats pay pennies on the dollar for basically new stuff. So while I was entering the garage I noticed a Chevy Suburban 4x4 with a full snow plow package for sale. There was a small sticker in the window that said place a cash only bid. The truck had 17 000 miles on it and it was two years old. It had a stick shift and no one at the Embassy liked driving the stick shift so they ordered an automatic to replace it.
It could not be replaced until the old one was sold first, so they put it in the silent auction. I only just arrived in Moscow and only had $500 cash with me and it was a cash bid only. So as a joke I placed a $500 bid. The staff called me at the end of the day and told me to come pick up the keys to my vehicle. After 4 years of hard driving and an additional 100 000 miles on the truck. I sold it for $35 000 CASH. The Embassy could have sold it for much more than that but it was not their money, so they did not care!
The moral of the story is we can do better. When we vote, we need to vote people into office who will run our government like it were their own business.
Be careful what you watch and what you listen to for News and Information, because the Democrats/

Socialists control the media and it is their propaganda wing of their Party.
They will do anything, say anything and enslave you to take control of power.
In the days ahead you will witness how they work. They do things in the dark, they cover up, manufacture a false crisis and fill your heads full of lies.
They will do all they can to destroy our President Trump, destroy our Economy and our Nation if they have to keep themselves in power.
We must vote in people who will be accountable to individuals liberty, that promote self reliance and they must be accountable with our tax dollars.
We need to find a way to make our elected officials live by the rules they prescribe for us to live by.
I think term limits and tort reforms are essential to our Constitutional Republics Survival!
Now Support our Country and Defend of Constitution!

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1 Amen! Biden and the rest of the Democrats are doing their level best (or worst) to turn us into a Third World Country with nuclear weapons, too.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at April 07, 2024 11:21 PM (yndMF)

2 Eggzactly (to borrow a phrase from Vincent Price on Batman).

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at April 08, 2024 04:25 AM (SrLVf)

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