February 29, 2008

Obama`s Improbable History

This from Jack Kemp (not the politician):

I just sent this email to Rush Limbaugh
You just mentioned Sen. Obama's reply to John McCain's remarks about Al Queda being in Iraq, in which he (Obama) stated that Al Queda would have never have entered Iraq if the US didn't send their forces there. I would go further than your comment that it is more just a dodge and non-answer. Sen. Obama invoked the "Peabody and Sherman" defense. Let me explain.
By this I mean that Obama's claiming that Pres. Bush caused Al Queda to enter Iraq (not true) implies that history can now be removed - otherwise why even mention it in relation to Iraq? It seems like a whimsical wish to go back in time so the problem could be solved. I assume a person running for president would discuss their plans for today, not just lament the past adminstration. How else could the problems of recent past facts on the ground be removed but by going back in a time machine such in the "Peabody's Improbable History" segments on the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon show? Unless one owns a time machine, one has to deal with the current situation. Mentioning the "Good Old Days" (of USS Cole attacks and African embassy bombings) is worthless without a concurrent building of a time machine. That is why I call Mr. Obama's remarks the "Peabody and Sherman" defense.
Jack Kemp
American Thinker contributor

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