September 27, 2023

Net Neutrality Returns

Timothy Birdnow


Like Dracula in a bad sequal, Net Neutrality is rising from the grave to bedevil the whole Earth.

The Left is indefatigable and just keep coming. You don't ever beat them; they will only come back after a time.

Until we start forcing them to defend they will keep getting what they want. Now they choose the time and place of attack and force their will on us because we just can't keep beating them off.

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How They Do It

From Lynn Chu

The way Democrats are stealing elections is by tagging and introducing false voter IDs onto voter rolls (these are publicly available—thoug h some election boards will stonewall parties or nonprofits they don’t like, to zero accountability) . And by proliferating mail-in or drop box ballots, which are almost totally unauditable and lacking in any rigorous way of verifying them as real. Chain of custody records are not kept much and even if they were they’re too easy to fake and too hard to catch enough of to be conclusive to court of law standards, in which all is presumed well (innocent) till a high bar of sin is met. Recounts are then irrelevant because you are just recounting false ballots. Audits require knocking on doors to verify addresses and individual voters and exactly how they voted and who legitimately lives there. This is grueling and expensive to do at the level needed to constitute "legal proof.” Some false ballots for ballot box stuffing by phony nonprofits are generated by analyzing voters who are registered, but don’t often vote. Very easy with computers to do. Others are just phony. IDs and votes associated with them sifted in and out of the database at will, by unrecorded and undated or backdated purges, where you have corrupt Secretaries of State and other state officials, or simply inadequate data security measures.

Note also that the natural human reaction to any questioning of an office’s integrity is to get one’s back up. Some individuals will be unaware of the details of collusive fraud. They will join in solidarity of corporate outrage. And this is what we see. Very little calm objectivity.

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NATO Escalates, Sends Spent Nuclear Shells to Ukraine

Lew Ricker

Here we go. Sending radioactive armour to the Ukrainiansfor the Ukranian and Russian front lines. Great news coming from the Biden "Green Energy" crime syndicate and the complicit Congress

Heavy Metal: The Radioactive Ammunition Headed For Ukraine

Tim adds:

This is a major escalation and could lead Russia to  use dirty bombs. There is no military value to doing this; it's primarily a weapon of terror designed to provoke the Russians.

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New York Wants to Ban Wood Fires for Heat

Timothy Birdnow

Now here they CLAIM to want "renewable enrgy" and what is more renewable than firewood? It is the "greenest" energy imaginable. What this illustrates is that this isn't about the environment at all but about controlling us by controlling our energy.

New York State Bans Heating With Firewood This Fall?

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Self Ownership

Chester McAteer

Upon being asked what is the "Natural position of Property”?

The following is my response:

The first and natural principle of private property rights can be answered by asking the question: Do you, as a human, own yourself? If you do concede that right of self ownership, then you must also concede that your labor is nothing more than the extension of your life, which you own with no other claims upon your life but your own.

Personal liberty therefore, must give you the right and therefore, the freedom to think without undue pressure from external forces to command what is and is not socially acceptable to think, with the right to think comes the extension to the freedom to express those thoughts, again without undue external forces that would seek to suppress such speech as either heretical or politically undesirable.

To express yourself in writing or to freely associate with others all stem back to self-ownership. If therefore, you concede that you are in fact, the sole owner of yourself and that, as you have expressed yourself in your post freely, without external compulsion, coercion or force, that all the Rights I've listed and untold Rights I've not listed do, in fact stem from the right of self-ownership and yet you then deny a person any private property rights in the ownership of material goods, property or wealth then you are holding two diametrically opposed beliefs at the same time and yet, somehow believing both.

The two are inextricably intertwined, you cannot have one without the other therefore, if you take away one you take away the other, you in fact, take away the humanity of a person and attempt the impossible task of taking away natural proclivities of human action which are installed into human DNA. It is for this reason that social engineering collectivist schemes such as Communism, Socialism and Fascism always fail and only voluntary systems such as Capitalism succeed.

Tim adds:

I wrote about this here and here.

Today we live not in a free society but in a fascist dictatorship where the State owns us, body, mind, and soul.

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Republicans Who Voted for the Ukraine War Funding

Timothy Birdnow

Here are the Republicans who voted to fund border security for Ukraine while our border remains wide open:
1. John Barrasso (WY)
2. John Boozman (AR)
3. Shelly Moore Capito (WV)
4. Bill Cassidy (LA)
5. Susan Collins (ME)
6. John Cornyn (TX)
7. Tom Cotton (AR)
8. Kevin Cramer (ND)
9. Mike Crapo (ID)
10. Joni Ernst (IA)
11. Lindsey Graham (SC)
12. Chuck Grassley (IA)
13. John Hoeven (ND)
14. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R)
15. John Kennedy (LA)
16. James Lankford (OK)
17. Mitch McConnell (KY)
18. Jerry Moran (KS)
19. Markwayne Mullin (OK)
20. Lisa Murkowski (AK)
21. Mitt Romney (UT)
22. Mike Rounds (SD)
23. Marco Rubio (FL)
24. Dan Sullivan (AK)
25. John Thune (SD)
26. Thom Tillis (NC)
27. Roger Wicker (MS)
28. Todd Young (IN

There is blood on their hands.

Hat tip: Joanne Moon-Yarwood

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Biden Throws Money at a Non-Existent Problem

Timothy Birdnow

Joe Biden plans to waste $200 million to help Pacific Islands fight "climate change".

"I want you to know I hear you, the people in the United States and around the world hear you," Biden told the leaders. "We hear your warnings of a rising sea and (that) they pose an existential threat to your nations. We hear your calls for reassurance that you never, never, never will lose your statehood, or membership of the U.N. as a result of a climate crisis. Today, the United States is making it clear that this is our position as well."

This while the U.S. is trillions of dollars in debt.

These islands have NOT been seeing rising sea levels take their land - quite the opposite. Many islands are growing, not sinking as Mr. Biden seems to believe. See also this.

How can that be when we were assured sea levels were rising and we are all going to die?

According to the BBC article (and I'm sure it galled them to write it):

A new geological study has shown that many low-lying Pacific islands are growing, not sinking.

The islands of Tuvalu, Kiribati and the Federated States of Micronesia are among those which have grown, because of coral debris and sediment.

One of the authors of the study, featured in the magazine the New Scientist, predicts that the islands will still be there in 100 years' time.

However he says it is not clear whether many of them will be inhabitable.

In recent times, the inhabitants of many low-lying Pacific islands have come to fear their homelands being wiped off the map because of rising sea levels.

But this study of 27 islands over the last 60 years suggests that most have remained stable, while some have actually grown.

Using historical photographs and satellite imaging, the geologists found that 80% of the islands had either remained the same or got larger - in some cases, dramatically so.

They say it is due to the build-up of coral debris and sediment, and to land reclamation.

Associate Professor Paul Kench of Auckland University, who took part in the study, published in the journal Global and Planetary Change, says the islands are not in immediate danger of extinction.

"That rather gloomy prognosis for these nations is incorrect," he said.

But wait! There's more!

Tropical cyclones have actually weakened 13% because of climate change.  And the numbers of tropical storms in the Pacific are decreasing.

So let me get this straight; these Pacific islands are getting bigger, and are facing fewer nasty storms and we have to pay them to compensate for it. Seems to me THEY owe US money for improving their situation.

I know; it's in part to keep China out. But can we really afford to toss around money every time someone wants a new airport and sees the suckers in America as easy pickings?

Nobody respects a chump. If I were in Kiribati I'd side with the Chinese just because the Americans were fools.

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Defining Down

Michael Smith

Many dismiss Schumer's move to reduce the dress requirements of the Senate to Fetterman levels, but there is more to it than that.
It is the simple desire of the collectivist Democrat mind to reduce everything, including the standards of our civilization, to the least common denominator, to render everything into something "less" because anything "more" is somehow the exhibition of inequality and therefore undesirable.

Tim adds:

Always with them it is defining deviancy/sloth down. There is a reason why people dress up; it makes the point this is serious business. The formality sets a standard. Walking around like you are at a beach party is fine for a beach party, but it degrades the dignity of the Senate. Look how much schools have declined since they ended dress codes for kids.

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Debt Slavery

Diane Kimura

Biden has introduced. The Department of Education, at President Biden’s directive has instituted the so called, "On Ramp Program” which goes into effect on October 1, 2023 and lasts through September 30, 2024.

This makes it a crime for any issuer of student debt to make any borrowers non payment delinquent, report to credit bureaus, place in default, or refer to debt collection agencies. There may be no negative recourse during this time with the power of law.

During this time interest keeps accruing and the burden on borrowers will be that much greater about one month before the next Presidential election in early November of 2024.

If you’re a lending institution and you see the federal government impacting your ability to get your money back, what will you do moving forward?

Where does this end? Furthermore this keeps ingraining a bad culture of kicking the can down the road and not being responsible with funds you borrow. The negative impact to millions of borrowers and lenders will be dramatic and I believe time will show this to be accurate.

Negative consequences keep a society in check and the left is increasingly allowing certain crimes and even incentivizing poor choices at alarming rates.

The current administration is restricting private business from recouperating lended funds with the force of law, while simultaneously creating and incentivizing young borrowers to be irresponsible.

Fast forward a decade and think about it. This is possibly the most damning thing Biden has done yet to solidify the hamstrunged trajectory of younger borrowers. 

The goal of the left is that this will disproportional ly impact minorities and I think it’s interesting they’ve made a real push to get minority students on insane debt?! Think about it.

Think of how these actions will impact decisions these borrowers make? Debt? Who cares right?

The left IS NOT there to help you, they’re there to KEEP YOU down in a calculated fashion, so you need government and will be locked in to voting Democrat out of necessity.

They’ve done this pushing the welfare state KEEPING a *disproportiona te* amount of black families in poverty for decades and now they’re coming for their families members and yours that work. Anyone can view the data where various Americans live and what political party is in charge, so none of this is opinion, it’s fact. They want you in the mud and staying there.

We’re watching the strong attempt to create a one party state, aka communism.

"Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer in which we use to crush the enemy.”

-Mao Zeding, Founder of todays Communist China

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You Bet it Changes Your Genetic Code!

This courtesy of Diane Kimura.

From the Australian Spectator:

"Early in 2023, genomics scientist Kevin McKernan made an accidental discovery. While running an experiment in his Boston lab, McKernan used some vials of mRNA Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines as controls. He was ‘shocked’ to find that they were allegedly contaminated with tiny fragments of plasmid DNA.

McKernan, who has 25 years’ experience in his field, ran the experiment again, confirming that the vials contained up to, in his opinion, 18-70 times more DNA contamination than the legal limits allowed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In particular, McKernan was alarmed to find the presence of an SV40 promoter in the Pfizer vaccine vials. This is a sequence that is, ‘…used to drive DNA into the nucleus, especially in gene therapies,’ McKernan explains. This is something that regulatory agencies around the world have specifically said is not possible with the mRNA vaccines..

..Now, McKernan, Dr Buckhaults and other scientists are calling for urgent research to test whether the DNA contamination is lingering in the cells of mRNA vaccinated people, and whether the human genome has in fact been altered by mRNA Covid vaccines."

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September 26, 2023

How the FBI Protected Biden

Timothy Birdnow

Even MSN has to admit the FBI has been the Praetorian Guard for the Biden Princeps:

Proof the FBI Has Been Protecting Biden All Along

Time to disband this corrupt and evil Stasi.

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The New Opium War

Timothy Birdnow

I was chatting with Nikki Grace this morning and we discussed a point worth mentioning  here. Russia believes that what they are doing in the Ukraine is about the survival of their nation, even if we disagree, and hence this war will drag on and on as long as NATO is supplying the Ukrainians with weapons.

Think about the Opium Wars.

As you may remember, in the 19th century the British found a wonderful use for the pretty poppy flowers that grow in Afghanistan and the surrounding regions; they could make a highly addictive narcotic called opium. The British, eager to take control of the vast Chinese market but knowing they couldn't just conquer so large a nation with a direct military invasion, came up with the simply solution. They would flood China with drugs, make the Chinese people complacent and weak, and then reap the rewards of a strangling economic power.

The British actually fought a number of military campaigns to force China to allow opium into the country.

The Chinese emperor was humiliated, and the Chinese People were debased.

In the end Britain didn't seize control of the Chinese economy, but they gave it a good try. It was one of the things that led to the revolution by Sun Yat-Sen and the Kuomintang, and it was that revolution that set the stage for the rise of Mao and the Chinese Communists. China was totally humiliated by being forced into the British sphere of influence and economic bondage.

In fact, the infamous Rape of Nanking was justified by the Japanese as punishment for the Chinese for allowing this to happen. They argued China had no honor and deserved it.

But Japan had been forced open by the U.S. (itself a thing which ruined the Japanese culture in many ways and led to Japan's arming itself and ultimately  attacking America at Pearl Harbor) and the U.S. was far less abusive than the British had been to the Chinese.

But the point is both nations had to "endure the unendurable" and were forced to accept the boot of Western imperialism on it's throat - indirectly, but it was there.

Russia is not a Western nation. It is a bridge between the West and the Orient, and it always has been. Vladivostok is an Oriental city owned by Russians, for instance. Lake Baikal is closer to Beijing than it is Moscow. Russia sits on two continents.

The Russians know what happened in China and Japan. And they don't want to become another colony of the West.

Which, in many ways, is what they see happening with the Ukraine. They  have watched NATO, their old enemy, gobble up nation after nation that were formerly under the Russian sphere of influence. It was galling, no doubt, but Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. all fell to the Western coalition. That was  frightening; their enemies moving to their borders. Russia has been invaded countless times from the West and East and South; she has no natural defenses. The Urals are the only mountains protecting them from vast plains, and they aren't much (about the size of the Appalachians.) Russia always fears a potential enemy at her door.

But NATO began expanding into the Baltic States - former Soviet Republics - and now wants to expand into Georgia and Ukraine. Ukraine is one of "the Russias" and that is to them like it wold be if they had expanded into Texas.

So the average Russian sees what has been  happening as an existential threat. The U.S. led a revolution to kick out the pro-Russian President and installed a puppet government in 2004. The Orange Revolution was fomented largely by the CIA. See here and here.

And since then the U.S., particularly the Democrats, have used Ukraine as a piggy bank, which essentially gives them colonial status.

Also, America has been deploying missile defense systems right up to Russia's doorstep, and Ukraine would be the ideal place from a military standpoint. The know this.

The U.S. maintained biological labs in Ukraine, ostensibly to get rid of old Soviet biological weapons, but those sites continued to operate and probably still do. Even if they are what the U.S. claims, that doesn't matter; what matters is that the Russian People think they are weapons labs. Certainly the good work of the labs in Wuhan buttress this fear.

What Russia sees is an attempt to force them into the New World Order, the so-called "rules based order" which will essentially make them a pseudo-colony similar to China in the 19th century.

Russia has it's own unique culture and heritage and has always maintained a sphere of influence. They have to if they are to retain their independence as they have no natural defendable borders. So all of what we have been doing makes them very nervous.

I am not downplaying other things (the lust for power, the desire to profit from control of the flow of energy to  Europe) but I am saying the People themselves fear an ever-expanding West. They like their Russia. And just like Obama said "if you like your doctor you can keep him" when pushing Obamacare so too the Russians know the claims by the West "if you like your country you can keep it" is probably a farce.

When the Russians withdrew from the U.S.S.R. a bunch of carpet-baggers showed up and tried to carve the country up. This culminated in the financial crisis caused by George Soros which wrecked their whole economy and precipitated the rise of Putin.

Putin was a strong leader promising a restoration of the old Tsarist empire. The Russians were humiliated in a manner similar to the  Imperial Chinese. They wanted what Putin was selling.

So this is more than just a fight over territory or oil or any of the other things we normally associate with a military invasion. It's a clash of civilizations. Russia wants to be Russian and fear they are being slowly eaten by the flesh-eating organisms of the multi-corporatist West. This is, to them, a struggle for their way of life.

I would remind everybody that the U.S. tried to invade Cuba during the Kennedy Administration, and while we did not actually invade Nicaragua we fought a proxy war very similar to the one being waged now by NATO in Central America. Why? Because we wanted to stop the Soviets from creating hostile vassal states in both places. And we actually invaded the small island nation of Granada to kick the Communists out. And we fomented a revolution in Chile to kick the Communists out. We have done repeatedly what the Russians are now doing and for the same reasons. We invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, sent troopsinto Syria,  etc. I do not think we can claim any moral high ground.

I'm not saying that Russia is right to invade Ukraine, or that Putin is some good guy. But I am saying that they have their point. They don't want to end up like the Quing Dynasty of China after the Opium wars.

Now all sorts of commercial pirates sit in wait, salivating over the bits and pieces of Russia they can snatch up at fire-sale prices. Russia does not intend to become another colony of Western Imperialists, or a pony to be ridden by the New World Order.

Putin and Russia will  keep fighting. This can only end in two ways - either a negotiated settlement or one side is completely wiped out. The Russians have the nukes and other advanced weaponry, much of which they have held in reserve. If it comes to a skirmish to the death they intend to be the last living souls.

Do we? Are we that willing to die for Green Energy and the profits of the uber rich and their mad schemes of depopulation and world socialism?

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Vax Coverup Continues

Timothy Birdnow

The coverup continues:

The CDC refused this month to release updated information on case numbers of myocarditis and pericarditis in the USA.

If this wasn't happening why do not they tell the world, eh?

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The National Church of Pergamos

Timothy Birdnow

So the National Cathedral in Washington has replaced it's traditional stained glass windows with scenes of "social justice". Our nation's place of worship now gives homage not to the Lord our God, nor any traditional American heroes,  but to a bunch of hate-filled black supremacists and other social revolutionaries.

We are replacing the Lord of Hosts with a new, communist-allied religion that promotes revolution. America is now  a pagan nation.

IF they wanted to remove windows with depictions of Confederates that is one thing, but to promote these new "heroes' is quite another.

From the article:

The new windows "lift up the values of justice and fairness and the ongoing struggle for equality among all God's great children," the Very Rev. Randolph Marshall Hollerith, the cathedral's dean, said on Saturday at the unveiling.

They are erasing America one piece at a time. What we are seeing is the founding of a whole new nation, one that rejects and despises the America we love and the America our leaders have all sworn allegiance.

Our culture isn't just dying it's  being murdered.

The Cathedral is managed by the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation. May as well sell it to the Rainbow Coalition or Al Sharpton.

Congress should pass a bill that makes it illegal for them to call themslves the "National Cathedral" if this is where it is going. This violates the Establishment Clause. It enforces a new, alien pagan religion.

This is the new church of Pergamos, one that has fully surrendered to the seat of Satan.

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What's the Fun in That?

This from Bob Clasen

What do people do for fun? Eat out at a nice restaurant hopefully with a view. Travel to see strange and beautiful sights. Listen to music, depending upon one’s taste. Watch movies which are made up stories about interesting and often beautiful people often in dangerous situations. Go dancing. Go to a bar and drink and chat with friends. Go to a sports game and watch a contest and root for your team
. Go for a drive. Have sex. Go surfing. Go swimming. Go on a date. Read a book, which can vary according to taste. Take a class in something that interests one, according to your taste. Go to the gym. Go to an "amusement park” like Disneyland. Go to the zoo. Have a picnic. Take a hike.

Most of these things don’t seem particularly rational to me. This goes along with my basic idea that reason can help you to find a goal, like looking for a good restaurant, or traveling to an interesting place, or earning enough money to be able to afford any of these pleasures. But the ultimate activities that give life pleasure are not particularly "rational.”

They are pleasant experiences. Just for fun.

Tim adds:

One must ask why we have these irrational pleasures if Darwinian evolution is at work. Seems to me all energy would be expended to improve the situation of the organism in question. That we do all manner of things solely for enjoyment suggests there is so much more to it than a blind, deterministic world and an organism programmed to seek it's own survival and propagation. Pleasure is one of those things, like humor, or love, that cannot be explained materially. In my mind it is proof of God.

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You Know It's Not a Revolution

This from Lance Sjogren

You know it's not a revolution when the regime is the one wielding the torches and pitchforks.

(In reference to the attempts to shut down Rumble for hosting a person who has been ALLEGED to have committed sex crimes.)

No trial, just self-appointed judge, jury, and executioners are stringing up Russell Brand and those who allow him to speak and make a living.

(Even if Brand were a convicted criminal, should he be prohibited from speaking and making a living after he had served his sentence? I am unaware of the clause in the constitution that says your civil liberties are stripped from you if you have a criminal record.)

The mob that runs our country is facing more pushback, but its response is to become all the more vicious.

It's possible that the extreme viciousness of the regime toward Brand is partly due to him being a left winger. I'm sure there's nothing the "liberal" establishment in this country hates more than those who point out that its agenda today is little more than war and authoritarianis m.

As has been often stated, the establishment tends to be a lot more comfortable with its enemies that are genuinely bad dudes, such as white supremacists. Because such enemies serve to further convince establishment authoritarians that they are the forces of good. A leftist who believes in civil liberties is a far more insidious enemy because such a person glaringly exposes defenders of the establishment as frauds.

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Growing Wealth Inequality

This from Diane Kimura:

While ordinary Americans have struggled with w/inflation & and declining real incomes over the last 3 years and now face the least affordable housing market ever the top 0.1% again sees record wealth.

$18.6T of wealth in the hands of just 132K households having increased by $5.2T since 2020.

The minimum cut-off to be in the top 0.1%?

$38.2M as of 2019.

Given the record of Fed policy errors in recent years ('inflation transitory' with over-easy policies and now the process of fixing the policy error with aggressive tightening) the data results send an unmistakable message:

Fed policies have disproportionat ely benefitted the top 0.1% at the expense of the vulnerable & poor in society with added pressure on the middle class. Inflation helps the wealthy as their investment asset values rise more than offsetting any increases in prices of goods and services.

The majority pays for the Fed's policy mistakes while the ultra wealthy minority benefits with ever more wealth as the middle class keeps shrinking.

The Fed claims to be in service for all Americans, yet the results show that not to be true.

The true tragedy here is that the Fed is not held account for this blatant disparity and faces no consequences for this dismal record while ordinary Americans have no recourse, voice or say in the matter while the top 0.1% are laughing all the way to the bank.

While so many are busy expressing outrage over various buzzwords & cultural issues on social media they are distracted from the real war, the one that has the most impact on their economic lives, yet the war most are not even aware of that has been raging behind the scenes for decades.

Nothing has changed other than wealth inequality getting ever more extreme.

May be an image of text that says 'FRED 20,000,000 Net Worth Held by the Top 0.1% (99.9th to 100th Wealth Percentiles) 18,000,000 16,000,000 14,000,000 Lolg ㅎ0 10,000,000 12,000,000 Munds 8,000,000 6,000,000 4,000,000 000 2,000,000 000 0 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020'

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In the End

In the End

Timothy Birdnow

What have we wrought
is it all that we sought?
Man in all his glory
is but a vain and empty story

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September 25, 2023

Move On Morons and the Big Steal

Timothy Birdnow

The architects of the Big Steal in Georgia want the state GOP to "move on".

Who’s Responsible For Georgia’s Disastrous 2020 Election?


Governor Kemp and Secretary of State (SOS) Raffensperger want Georgia voters to move on from the 2020 election. Correspondence and official decisions made over the summer indicate the State Election Board (SEB) wishes the same. While this may work for politicians and government officials, President Trump and 18 others, including Georgia voters, are under indictment for the 2020 election. CNN reported that all are being charged with serious crimes that, if not disproven, could alter the course of their lives.

Some believe it is a witchhunt prompted by bitter disdain for the former President. In any case, the charges make it exceedingly difficult for the indicted to leave 2020 behind unless they can prove the election resulted in anomalies and errors that should have rendered its certification a certifiable sham.

Several of the indicted were longstanding and earnest election officials who witnessed problems with tabulators and other election-related snafus. When they investigated, they were doing their jobs. However, it’s not the way their actions are being portrayed. They are being treated like criminals, punished for questioning and attempting to legally remedy election errors that didn’t seem right at the time.
Coffee County/CNN

100% of the Coffee County Board of Elections (Georgia) agreed they 'cannot certify the electronic recount numbers given its inability to repeatably duplicate credible election results.'

Today, two members have been indicted.

— Call Charles (@CallCharles) August 15, 2023

In addition to the great work of groups like VoterGA, True The Vote, and others, three citizens, Kevin Moncla, Joseph Rossi, and David Cross, have worked tirelessly to investigate the 2020 Presidential Election. Evidence shown in two complaints, one from Rossi in September 2021 and the other from Moncla and Rossi in July 2022, would easily validate Trump’s request for an investigation into the election, proving he was correct to request an investigation of the 2020 election during the Jan. 2, 2021, one-hour conference call with SOS Raffensperger. The various investigations and complaints documenting anomalies or outright errors affected roughly 50,000 votes, exceeding the narrow margin in the Presidential election of 11,779 votes.

Dominion: "our shit is riddled with bugs…"

EAC/Pro V&V: "Good enough!"

Krebs/CISA:"Best evah!" @JenaGriswold : "Gold Standard!!!"

But YOU'RE the conspiracy theorist….

— Shawn Smith – Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes (@ShawnSmith1776) September 21, 2023

During their investigation of Fulton County’s election, Moncla and Rossi have written countless FOIAs and letters. They have poured doggedly over tabulator tapes, ballot images, system logs, and batch tally sheets to document the irregularities in the election. Their collective work shows undeniable proof of missing ballots and missing ballot images, meaningful gaps in the chain of custody, and myriad other anomalies and errors that failed to comport with state laws.

However, two years later, with few exceptions, there has been no remedy but rather a series of delays, blocks, and at times, by officials. Others have derided their findings, saying they are Trump-loving election denies. Raffensperger’s office should have undertaken their investigatory work, not two uncompensated citizens. What’s worse is that Raffensperger continues to misrepresent the phone call with Trump. And he continues to tell Georgia voters that Biden won, as shown by his audit and his recount.

Read the rest; the best is after this part!

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Canadian Book Ban

Timothy Birdnow

A school in  Ontario, Canada  has removed all books from their library that were written before 2008.

Funny; I remember a time when the Left complained about book burning, supposedly by right wing fanatics. And in fact they made a big stink here  in Missouri about a state Senator named Bill Eigle who used a flamethrower to incinerate some k]boxes which liberals falsely claimed were books.

So it's o.k. to just remove them from the shelves but not to burn them?

And remember the hew and cry over the removal of pornographic books in schools in Florida?

The Left always wants to have it their own way.

But removing all books before Obama (BO)? (I know; this is Canada and Trudeau didn't take over until 2015, so it must be to honor Obama.) 

Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.

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