November 28, 2020

Be it Ever so Crumbly there's No Place Like Rome

Timothy Birdnow

Ever wonder why Roman structures have lasted so long while our own crumble away after a few years? They used concrete, same as do we. But ours are gone in no time while theirs are still around.

The answer; they used seawater.

From the article:

"Now, scientists have finally figured out why: a special ingredient that makes the cement grow stronger—not weaker—over time. Scientists began their search with an ancient recipe for mortar, laid down by Roman engineer Marcus Vitruvius in 30 B.C.E. It called for a concoction of volcanic ash, lime, and seawater, mixed together with volcanic rocks and spread into wooden molds that were then immersed in more sea water. History contains many references to the durability of Roman concrete, including this cryptic note written in 79 B.C.E., describing concrete exposed to seawater as: "a single stone mass, impregnable to the waves and everyday stronger.” What did it mean? To find out, the researchers studied drilled cores of a Roman harbor from Pozzuoli Baynear Naples, Italy. When they analyzed it, they found that the seawater had dissolved components of the volcanic ash, allowing new binding minerals to grow. Within a decade, a very rare hydrothermal mineral called aluminum tobermorite (Al-tobermorite) had formed in the concrete. Al-tobermorite, long known to give Roman concrete its strength,it reacts with volcanic ash and crystals to form Al-tobermorite and a porous mineral called phillipsite, they write today in American Mineralogist. So will you be seeing stronger piers and breakwaters anytime soon? Because both minerals take centuries to strengthen concrete, modern scientists are still working on recreating a modern version of Roman cement.
can be made in the lab, but it’s very difficult to incorporate it in concrete. But the researchers found that when seawater percolates through a cement matrix,"

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Johns Hopkins Erasing the Truth

Warner Todd Huston

Johns Hopkins Suddenly Deletes Scholarly Paper Finding Far Fewer Deaths from Coronavirus Than Reported

Tim adds:

Why do they need to do this if the "science" is on their side? Open debate is the hallmark of true science. I've noticed it is becoming harder and harder to find contrary evidence online; it used to be there but now when I debate the Covidiots I can't find the info anymore.

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No Causal Link

Willis Eschenbach observes:

OK, my Democrat friends, you've been telling us for months that Trump did everything wrong ... please explain the following.


PS—The most logical explanation of the data is that the lockdowns and the masks do NOTHING in the long run ... but we knew that going in.

Image may contain: text that says 'Daily new confirmed COVID-19 deaths per million people Shown olling 7-day verage. Limited testing challenges attribution cause death means deaths may noe an accurate count the true number LINEAR LOG number ofconfirmed World Data 5 European Union United States Dec 31, 2019 Mar11 Source: European CDC Situation Update Worldwide Dec31,2019 Apr Jun1 Aug Sep 27 Nov 27,2020 27, CCBY Nov27,2020'

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Sleepless in Nevada

Warner Todd Huston

Unexplained 'Spike' in Nevada Voter Registrations with Unusual Addresses

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Orwell in Vermont

Warner Todd Huston

These fascists really need to be destroyed.

Republican Gov. Phil Scott says Vermont schools will question kids about Thanksgiving plans

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Mysterious Explosions and Helicopter Flights

Timothy Birdnow

Last night there was an explosion.

We've been hearing what sounded like gunfire on occasion and even some modest explosion over the last few weeks. My neck of South St. Louis is pretty tame, and there is no good reason for this. I have been quite curious about the nature of these loud bangs, but last night took the cake; the windows rattled and car alarms were set off up and down the block. It was LOUD! A friend who lived in Oklahoma City described the blast from the Alfred P. Murrah building as being similar. But there were no sirens.

Now, I live in Little Bosnia, and the Bosnians simply love their fireworks. They shoot them off all summer and again around New Year and shoot a few off all year long. I think they are the source of the gunshots as well. I guess it reminds them of the old country and the war. At any rate, this was nothing like that (nor have the other booms I've been hearing lately.) This sounded like a serious explosion.

So what gives?

A Google search turned up nothing.

This sort of thing has been reported as happening in major cities across the United States in recent years.  They have happened in Cleveland in Brockton Ma.  and other places. as well.

There have been some in the past few years as well in Alhambra Ca. for example.  and Flint, Michigan.

There were a lot of stories online about this phenomenon a while back. They seem to have been largely tossed down the memory hole at Google. Curiouser and curiouser.

So what was that giant boom last night? There were no sirens, so it was not likely a gas explosion in a house.

Is the Department of Homeland Security running drills? The Army? I also heard a helicopter earlier flying overhead in what appeared to be a search pattern.

Are they prepping for a popular uprising?

Something is going on. Any ideas?

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November 27, 2020

One reason why I don't "do" Starbuck's

Dana Mathewson

A New Jersey woman was fired by Starbucks for refusing to wear a "Pride” T-shirt because of her religious beliefs, a lawsuit alleges.

Betsy Fresse, a Christian from Newark, who started working as a Starbucks barista in December 2015, alleged in a suit filed last week that she was "assured” by managers that her faith wouldn’t be an issue after transferring to a store in Glen Ridge early last year.

But months later, during a meeting in a manager’s office in June 2019, Fresse noticed a box of Starbucks’ Pride shirts on a desk. She then asked if she’d be required to wear one, which would be "tantamount to forced speech” because she believes marriage is defined by the Bible as between "one man and one woman only,” the lawsuit states.

"Mrs. Fresse hold the personal religious belief that all people need Jesus,” the filing continues. "Mrs. Fresse believes that every Christian is called to love and treat everyone with respect and compassion, irrespective of their religious or other beliefs.”

Fresse’s manager told her she wouldn’t have to wear the shirt at work — only for a district manager to tell her in late August that her employment had been terminated, according to the lawsuit filed on Nov. 19 in U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.

A notice of separation from Starbucks cited in the filing said Fresse was fired for violating the company’s "core values” and that she said her colleagues "need Jesus” when she was given the T-shirt.

"We enforce these values when we embrace inclusion and diversity, and welcome and learn from people with different backgrounds and perspectives,” the termination notice read.

Hmph! Well, my core values hold that anything out of Starbuck's is way overpriced and too sweet anyhow, and I don't need the milk. I buy (assuming you care) Green Mountain "Dark Magic" and drink it black. And I've recently taken to recycling the K-Cups.

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Iran's Chief Nuclear Scientist Assassinated

Timothy Birdnow

The father of Iran's nuclear program has been assassinated. fingers appear to be pointing at Israel's Mossad.

One wonders though; would the Israelis have had the courage to do this had Trump not been in office?

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CO2 Still Rising at Same Rate

This from Jim Church:

After the dramatic worldwide lockdown of 2020 There is absolutely no scientific evidence that human activities play any significant role in the levels of carbon dioxide which supposedly have caused the earth to warm in recent times (a claim made without actual observational evidence, only "seen” in man made computer models). Indeed all the observational evidence points to entirely natural warming.

WMO: Impact of Covid 19 Confinements (on co2) Cannot be Distinguished from Natural Variability

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Russia Creating "Social Credit System"

Timothy Birdnow

A Chinese style "social credit system" is now coming to Russia.

Report: Moscow Plans Social Credit System

From the Breitbart article:

Social credit systems monitor residents in various ways and feed huge amounts of data about them into algorithms that evaluate the quality of their citizenship, including their loyalty to the ruling regime. Those flagged as "poor citizens” can find themselves automatically stripped of benefits, barred from employment, or prevented from traveling, usually with little chance of appealing the system’s judgments.

The Moscow Times summarized Open Media’s report, which was based on public documents filed by Moscow municipal agencies:

Moscow City Hall has since 2017 been collecting the gender, age, income level, and relationship to other people signed up to its website as part of the internet activity monitoring system called IS STATS.

Open Media reported that Moscow City Hall placed a 280 million ruble ($3.7 million) tender last week to expand the system’s capabilities.

The digital profiles will now include information about Muscovites’ violations, fines, debts, and participation in various events, according to the cited documentation. The data will be compared with information from public Wi-Fi networks and mobile phone operators.

Moscow City Hall will be able to divide the data into groups that include "signs of loyalty,” according to Open Media.

The IT department at Moscow City Hall insisted it would keep the data the system amassed and analyzed anonymous and studied more for trends than punishing or rewarding individuals, which would be a major difference from China’s system. Skeptics doubted those promises of anonymity, with Internet rights activist Stanislav Shakirov bluntly stating that he expects the Moscow social credit system will be "personalized down to every citizen” and its data will probably end up on the black market.

If Biden and Harris take office, how long will it be before this comes to America?

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More Vote Fraud

Timothy Birdnow

Even more fraud.

From the Epoch Times

One of Braynard’s biggest findings involved voters who had submitted a National Change of Address form to the post office, indicating they had moved out of state, yet appeared to have voted in 2020 in the state they moved from.

In Georgia, the team found 138,221 such people, which represents a much larger number than the state’s current vote differential (12,670) in the presidential race.

In Michigan, there were 51,302 such people; Wisconsin had 26,673, Nevada had 27,271, Arizona had 19,997, and Pennsylvania had 13,671.

Braynard said the numbers are high enough that they could "easily” overturn current election projections.

It's clear that the Democrats pulled out all the stops. If the GOP has the courage to back the President this thing should blow wide open. Sadly, I fear they will prefer to cover it up and go back to business as usual.

Again in Georgia, Braynard found a further 1,000 people who registered to vote by using a post office box number, but attempted to disguise the box number as an apartment or suite number.

When registering to vote, by law, individuals must use their actual residential address as their residence. A P.O. box number can only be used as a mailing address. Homeless people can list a shelter, a soup kitchen, or even a parking lot as their residence.

"So rather than saying, ‘P.O. Box 123,’ the address is listed as ‘Apartment 123,'” Braynard said, "and that’s a major red flag.” In Pennsylvania, the group found 1,400 such voters.

He said almost all of those people voted early or absentee, rather than in person—at a rate far higher than the overall average.

But no, there's no evidence of vote fraud. Or so says the Department of Homeland Security.

In Arizona, 44 percent of the people reached by phone said they hadn’t requested a mail-in ballot, despite the state receiving a completed ballot in their name.

In Michigan, that number was 24 percent; in Pennsylvania, 32 percent; and in Wisconsin and Georgia, 18 percent.

"Those are pretty startling numbers, because the question is, how? How did that ballot get requested? Who did that? Is it possible that people we talked to maybe lied to us or maybe did it and forgot about it? Was there a clerical error that could be this substantial?” said Braynard.

"Once they stripped those ballots out of those absentee envelopes, it becomes very difficult to come up with a real remedy.”

This was the worst case of vote fraud in history.

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Drudge Out at Drudge

Warner Todd Huston

Matt Drudge is no longer involved in his site... it is run by a group of Big Tech leftists in California.

Who Really Runs the Drudge Report?

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The Great Reset - the New New World Order

This from Judi McLeod:

It’s no longer a matter of speculation or the stuff of conspiracies. This coming horror is where world ‘leaders’ intend to take the masses:

"This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.”—Canada ’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, speaking to the United Nations on Sept. 29, 2020.

Tucker Carlson Outs PM Justin Trudeau's Plan for the Coming Great Reset

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Biden's Program

Timothy Birdnow

Wonder what a Biden Administration will give us? Here it is.

What Christians Can Expect from Joe Biden/Kamala Harris

It's bad folks. Very bad.

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Global Warming Cools Britain

Timothy Birdnow

Despite global warming, the October mean temperatures of Britain have been dropping since 1995.

Strange how cool it is with global warming around.

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The Historic Nature of Biden's Victory

Timothy Birdnow

Why is the media so incurious about all this (yes, it's a rhetorical question.)

5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms

From the Federalist article:

While Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 totals in every urban county in the United States, he outperformed her in the metropolitan areas of Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Even more surprising, the former VP put up a record haul of votes, despite Democrats’ general failures in local House and state legislative seats across the nation.

He accomplished all this after receiving a record low share of the primary vote compared to his Republican opponent heading into the general election. Clearly, these are tremendous and unexpected achievements that would normally receive sophisticated analysis from the journalist class but have somehow gone mostly unmentioned during the celebrations at news studios in New York City and Washington, D.C.

The massive national political realignment now taking place may be one source of these surprising upsets. Yet still, to have pulled so many rabbits out of his hat like this, nobody can deny that Biden is a first-rate campaigner and politician, the likes of which America has never before seen. Let’s break down just how unique his political voodoo has been in 2020.

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The Technocratic Terror

This from Jim Church:

CS Lewis observed that the ruling power in the brave new world would neither be God nor kings who were supposedly divinely appointed. Neither would it simply be power hungry politicians. Instead Lewis thought the power behind the throne would be modern science.

Lewis said, "I dread the government in the name of science. That is how tyrannies come in. In every age the men who want us under their thumb, if they have any sense will put forward the particular pretension which the hopes and fears of that age render most potent. They ‘cash in’. It has been magic, it has been Christianity. Now it will certainly be science.”

Lewis was not denigrating science as such. He was warning of a society in which science provided the ruling belief system behind the power. Why was science a frightening dark Lord? Because those who have science as their underlying ideology are also utilitarian in their views. That is to say, they will choose the scientific, efficient, cost-effective and surgical or chemical solution to problems.

In his novel That Hideous Strength Lewis told the story of an England in the grip of a cabal of scientific, atheistic globalists, planning to dominate humanity. Their planned utopia turns out to be not a dream, however, but a nightmare. Lewis knew that a society driven only by scientific advancement would be a nightmare because individuals would become pawns in the power games. They would be used, abused and disposed of without a second thought.

Without belief in the human soul there is no reason to recognize innate value in each human being. Those who have science as their one Lord and Master will invariably take pragmatic decisions; thus abortion, euthanasia and abuse of the elderly, the disabled and the poor and even genocide will all be rationalized. All it requires is that the "final solution” be quick, easy and painless.

C.S Lewis' Prophecy Coming True, as  We Give Over Our Freedoms to Technology

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November 26, 2020

SCOTUS Shoots Down Cuomo's Church Pogram

Timothy Birdnow

SCOTUS has blocked New York Governor Andrew "Covid Death Camps" Cuomo's shutdown of religious gatherings.

From the article:

"The emergency application was filed against the Executive Order issued by Cuomo that said that in "red zones," where COVID-19 cases are prevalent, "no more than 10 persons may attend each religious service." There was a sliding scale of attendance based on the colour of the zone in which a house of worship was located, with 25 persons permitted to worship together in "orange zones."

The two applications were filed by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and by Agudath Israel of America, respectively.

The ruling read: "Citing a variety of remarks made by the Governor, Agudath Israel argues that the Governor specifically targeted the Orthodox Jewish community and gerrymandered the boundaries of red and orange zones to ensure that heavily Orthodox areas were included.

"Both the Diocese and Agudath Israel maintain that the regulations treat houses of worship much more harshly than comparable secular facilities. And they tell us without contradiction that they have complied with all public health guidance, have implemented additional precautionary measures, and have operated at 25% or 33% capacity for months without a single outbreak."

Good news, but...

"Unbelievable (and very alarming) that even one Supreme Court Justice would think it is constitutional,let alone 4 of them. And one who is supposed to be a conservative. They must believe there are no limits on authoritariansm in our Constitution, when the whole point of the Constitution is to limit authoritarianism.”
Yes indeed. Even at the level of the Supreme Court the lure of Imperial power is seen. What is it about tyranny and the desires of Man?

John Roberts (who else?) joined the liberals on the Court in backing Rottenfuehrer Cuomo's religious putsch.

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Winning In Arkansas

Warner Todd Huston

Arkansas Supreme Court Invalidates Democrat Candidate’s Election Victory, Giving GOP the Win

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Trump Pardons Gen. Flynn

E. Calvin Beisner directs our attention to this:

Office of the Press Secretary

November 25, 2020

Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding Executive Grant of Clemency for General Michael T. Flynn

Today, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Grant of Clemency granting a Full Pardon to General Michael T. Flynn. The President has pardoned General Flynn because he should never have been prosecuted. An independent review of General Flynn’s case by the Department of Justice—conduct ed by respected career professionals—s upports this conclusion. In fact, the Department of Justice has firmly concluded that the charges against General Flynn should be dropped. This Full Pardon achieves that objective, finally bringing to an end the relentless, partisan pursuit of an innocent man.

General Flynn should not require a pardon. He is an innocent man. Even the FBI agents who interviewed General Flynn did not think he was lying. Multiple investigations have produced evidence establishing that General Flynn was the victim of partisan government officials engaged in a coordinated attempt to subvert the election of 2016. These individuals sought to prevent Donald Trump from being elected to the Presidency, to block him from assuming that office upon his election, to remove him from office after his inauguration, and to undermine his Administration at every turn.

The prosecution of General Flynn is yet another reminder of something that has long been clear: After the 2016 election, individuals within the outgoing administration refused to accept the choice the American people had made at the ballot box and worked to undermine the peaceful transition of power. These efforts were enabled by a complicit media that willingly published falsehoods and hid inconvenient facts from public view, including with respect to General Flynn. They amounted to a brazen assault on our democracy and a direct attack on our fundamental political values.

While today’s action sets right an injustice against an innocent man and an American hero, it should also serve as a reminder to all of us that we must remain vigilant over those in whom we place our trust and confidence. The people who sit atop our intelligence and law enforcement agencies have tremendous power to affect the lives of their fellow citizens. The American people must always take care to scrutinize their actions, to hold them accountable, and to ensure that they use their immense power to uphold the rule of law rather than to harass, persecute, and jail their political opponents in pursuit of partisan political agendas.

Happy Thanksgiving to General Flynn and his family, and thank you all for your great service to our Nation!

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