May 18, 2024

Fracking Lithium

Carlos Velazquez

Verry interesting. Geologists have discovered what could be the largest supply of domestic lithium, certainly the most accessible, largest except for maybe the untapped lithium found in an extinct supervolcano in California.

They have discovered that fracking waste water contains vast amounts of lithium. Which should be an economic boost to Pennsylvania where most U.S. fracking is done. BTW, currently the U.S. imports most of its lithium from Chile and from Australia. Not China.

Quote: "Mackey and his colleagues have now found that when wastewater is dredged up from the deep by fracking activities, it contains an astonishing amount of lithium."

"We just didn't know how much was in there," says Mackey.

Note: Elon Musk has said that mining for lithium is like printing money.

A Vast, Untapped Source of Lithium Has Just Been Found in The US

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Biden's War on Coal

Timothy Birdnow

Are you paying attention West Virginia? Pennsylvania?

U.S. Proposes Ending New Federal Leases in Biggest Coal Region

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Biden Knew Israel Would Be Attacked

Tom Sassi

Biden administration was running a color revolution against Netanyahus’government and due to the infiltration of the State Department and Agency by Palestinian terror supporters and Iranian assets like Robert Malley, Maher Bitar, and Ariane Tabatabai at the Pentagon. I know from a source in the IC.

Biden like Obama finances terror from Iran, Hamas and Hezbell.

Dems openly tolerate blatant anti semetism from the "SQUAD"

An outrage.

Charles Kasner

The US Intelligence Community (USIC) and State Department knew about the October 7th Attack weeks in advance and deliberately withheld the Intelligence from Israel hoping that the attack would topple the Netanyahu government. Over the past few months, we’ve seen a proliferation of contradictory narratives leaked by the US IC and the State Department regarding what/when/how they knew about the October 7th planning of Hamas’ murderous attack on Israel and the largest single day massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.Many observers suspected that the US IC was fully aware of the upcoming attack weeks before October 7th, especially Maher Bitar, and opted not to share the details with Israel in part because the Biden administration was running a color revolution against Netanyahus’  government and due to the infiltration of the State Department and Agency by Palestinian terror supporters and Iranian assets like Robert Malley, Maher Bitar, and Ariane Tabatabai at the Pentagon. I know from a source in the IC that the State Department, the FBI, and the CIA have long viewed Palestinian terrorism as a threat to the United States and American citizens. HAMAS violence against Americans was the reason why Congress passed the 2018 Taylor Force Act to prevent the United States from funding the "Pay for Slay” program, by which hundreds of HAMAS terrorists and their families benefited financially from over half a billion dollars that the US funnels every year to the Palestinian Authority.

The IC source confirmed that the United States trained and assigned intelligence assets to monitor HAMAS worldwide, and had actionable intelligence about the pending attack. The source also confirmed that the monitoring and attack details came from several NSA listening posts in Egypt, Jordan, and the US Central Command base at the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar. This is the same base that happens to regularly host HAMAS chief Ismail Haniyeh and former Hamas chief Khaled Mashal.

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Trump Judge's Daughter Receiving Democrat Money

Jerry S Rainforth

Dem Dan Goldman, according to the FEC, has been sending tons of cash to "Authentic Campaign”

• "Authentic Campaign” has a Richmond, VA address that just so happens to be Loren Merchan, Judge Merchan’s daughter
—— the same judge on Donald Trumps "Hush Money” trial.

• Loren Merchan is the President of "Authentic Campaigns”
—— Dan Goldman sent these payments to "Authentic Campaign” deliberately leaving out the , to hide the fact he’s literally funding the daughter of the Judge who’s overlooking Trumps trial.

It sounds like congressional Dems are inadvertently funding the trial against Donald Trump.

According to FEC records, the address that NY Democrat Congressman @RepDanGoldman sends his checks to when he pays "Authentic Campaign” is a Richmond, Virginia address that happens to be the personal home residence of Loren Merchan, Judge Merchan’s daughter.

Loren Merchan is the President of Authentic Campaigns AuthenticH Q and her father is overseeing Trump’s trial in NYC.

Additionally, the record in the FEC was documented by Democrat New York Congressman Dan Goldman deceptively as "Authentic Campaign” instead of "Authentic Campaigns”, deliberately leaving the S off the end as a way to cover up the fact that Congressman Dan Goldman, who admitted on MSNBC last week to prepping Alvin Bragg’s Star MichaelCohen before his testimony in the Trump trial, has been sending his payments to THE PERSONAL HOME ADDRESS OF JUDGE MERCHAN’S DAUGHTER.

The address on the Schedule B FEC form for Congressman Dan Goldman as it relates to independent expenditures to "Authentic Campaign” is the same address listed in the Richmond, Virginia Department of Real Estate Assessor database, which lists the address as the personal residence for Loren Merchan and her husband Taylor Murray Harper.

The home Loren Merchan lives in where the Democrat Congressman (who advised Michael Cohen before his testimony in Trump’s trial which her father is overseeing) is sending her payments is a 2 story home with a value of $639,000.

Records show NY Democrat Congressman Dan Goldman has sent Loren Merchan over
$162,091.92, with the last payment being made on March 26, 2024, right before the Trump trial began on April 15th, 2024.

This should be enough evidence to force Judge Merchan to recuse himself and to acquit Donald Trump all together.

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May 17, 2024

No Break from Inflation

Diane Kimura

Inflation has not fallen in a single month since January 2021, according to Zerohedge.

This means that overall prices are up over 19.5% in less than 4 years.

That is an average of 5.5% per year effectively wiping out ONE FIFTH of the US Dollar's purchasing power.

We have not had a year-over-year inflation print below 3% in 37 consecutive months.

Since the pandemic, the purchasing power of the US Dollar has lost ONE FOURTH of its value.

It all escalated after $4 trillion in stimulus was handed out.

Inflation is the biggest involuntary tax of all time and yet Biden and Congress continues to push for billions in spending that needs to be cut to tame inflation.

Inflation is now building on previous years of inflation; we effectively have compounding inflation.

How is this a "strong" economy?

May be an image of blueprint and text that says '日 US CPI Urban Consumers SA Last Price 313.207 +19.54% (+5.50°ann.) 320 313.20 20 310 300 290 280 ....... 270 2015 260 2016 2017 2018 250 2019 2020 2020 2021 240 2022 2023 074'

Tim adds:

And the inflation rate does not even take into account shrinkflation - the practice of reducing portion sizes to avoid sticker shock. That isn't factored into the calculations of inflation rates, I do not believe.

But it's inevitable; the Federal Reserve has exploded the money supply to pay off the huge debt incurred by this Administration and by Congress (the GOP is equally at fault for refusing to rein in spending). You can't do that without triggering runaway inflation. This will turn into hyper-inflation if spending isn't brought down and efforts aren't taken to boost American output in all ways. Biden and his ilk want to import evertyhing so Americans will be on the dole and under their thumbs.

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A Hole in Our Pocket

Joseph M Litus

Vote for blieden and the inflation will go sky high, and new taxes will erode any money you may try to earn. This is JUST THE BEGINNING with the trade imbalance and NOT manufacturing our own products..

***U.S. import prices rose by the most in two years in April amid rising costs for energy products and other goods, suggesting that domestic inflation could remain elevated for a while.

Import prices surged 0.9% last month, the largest increase since March 2022, after an upwardly revised 0.6% rise in March, the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics said on Thursday. Economists polled by Reuters had expected import prices, which exclude tariffs, to advance 0.3% following a previously reported 0.4% gain in March.

In the 12 months through April, import prices accelerated 1.1%, the largest gain since December 2022. Prices rose 0.4% in March, which was the first year-on-year increase since January 2023.

The firmer import price readings cast a shadow on the inflation outlook. Data on Wednesday showed inflation resuming its upward drift after surging in the first quarter, with consumer price growth moderating in April after posting solid gains for two straight months.

Subsiding price pressure together with easing labor market conditions have strengthened expectations that the Federal Reserve will start cutting interest rates in September.

The U.S. central bank has kept its policy rate in the 5.25%-5.50% range since July. It has raised its benchmark overnight interest rate by 525 basis points since March 2022.

***Imported fuel prices increased 2.4% in April after vaulting 5.4% in March. The cost of imported food increased 1.7% after rising 1.6% in March. Excluding fuels and food, import prices jumped 0.6%. These so-called core import prices gained 0.1% in March. Core import prices rose 0.4% year-on-year in April.

Prices for imported capital goods edged up 0.1% last month. The cost of motor vehicles, parts and engines rose 0.3%. Imported consumer goods prices inched up 0.1%.

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What You Pay For

Diane Kimura

This Is The Cost Of Voting Democrat

Newsom and California Democrats are spending $5 billion this year to give free health care to all illegal immigrants.

To balance the budget, they're proposing to cut $500 million to school facilities.

The State is facing an almost $73 billion deficit.

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May 16, 2024

It Wasn't HAARP

Lyle Hancock Sr.

Lately, my news feed has been flooded with claims that HAARP caused the auroras or augmented them to intensify. Neither claim has any objective support. However, I can see where press releases from the HAARP program might feed into such beliefs. They conducted an experiment where they tried to ionize a very highly focused and small region of the ionosphere and actually created some visible light, too faint to be seen except out of the corner of your eye (where the rods are more sensitive to faint light). But special cameras did record the nearly imperceptible quiver of light. That was with highly focused 3.6 Megawatts of HF energy. Yeah, a candle at five miles distance would have been more visible. So, they proved that exciting ions in the E and F regions of the ionosphere can produce light. The sun already demonstrated that years before HAARP with incredibly more dramatic auroras.

There is a history of the program that very few know about. The program actually started back in the 1960s. Back then the program had well-defined objectives - exploring ionospheric heating techniques for potential military applications, such as over-the-horizon radar, communications, and eavesdropping on the radio signals of countries of interest.

The first facility was placed in East Africa. However, by the end of the 1960s, the facility was dismantled due to political instability in the region to prevent the advanced technology from potentially falling into unwelcome hands.

Today's HAARP program states its objectives:

• Investigating the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, which can affect radio communication and navigation systems.
• Studying the potential for improving radio communication a͟n͟d͟ ͟s͟u͟r͟v͟e͟i͟l͟l͟a͟n͟c͟e͟ ͟t͟e͟c͟h͟n͟o͟l͟o͟g͟i͟e͟s͟.
• Researching the effects of ionospheric disturbances on satellite and terrestrial communication systems.
• Exploring ionospheric heating techniques f͟o͟r͟ ͟p͟o͟t͟e͟n͟t͟i͟a͟l͟ ͟m͟i͟l͟i͟t͟a͟r͟y͟ ͟a͟p͟p͟l͟i͟c͟a͟t͟i͟o͟n͟s͟, such as over-the-horizon radar and communications.

So, there! Not much has changed. The program is not concerned with creating brilliant Christmas-like displays of lights all around the world as experienced on May 11th and 12th. I would think that if they had actually accomplished that, there would be considerable bragging to make Russia feel little. It has other, more well-defined objectives. None of which is to produce or augment awe-inspiring ribbons of colorful light around the world.

Occam's razor dictates that the least complicated explanation of an occurrence is the most likely explanation. The sun's expulsion of one hellofa series of coronal mass ejections lighting up the ionosphere makes more sense than an incredibly complicated explanation of how HAARP did it. From a purely technical overview of what it would take for HAARP to do it, let me leave it as not only technically impossible but serving no practical purpose. Those solar flares came from a nuclear power generator on the face of the sun some 17 times the size of the Earth. So, our earthly energy production is going to match that? Dream on.

I'll finish this rebuttal by saying I'm a federally licensed RF engineer. I've designed and built arrays of transmitters and antennae around the world. I have a practical feel for how much energy it takes to power the 3.6 Megawatt HF antenna array HAARP uses. It is hellofa lot, taking conversion factors into account. And they accomplished lighting a barely visible candle in the sky.

Believe what you want. HAARP didn't do it. If you believe so, then please enlighten me with the technical exposé of how they did it.

Tim adds:

While I do agree HAARP didn't do it and I further think it paranoia on the part of many I will say this; the government secrecy in what they do and their endless manipulative behavior spawns a total lack of trust that makes people suspect everything. When you lie enough you come to lack credibility. It's like the old gangsters, or the wild west outlaws, who were blamed for every bank robbery west of the Mississippi; they did only a fraction of them but they got the blame anyway because they did enough of them.

Chester McAteer adds:

People generally have no clue about scale, so let’s look at the consideration of scale and man's insignificant role in the climate even with all his "advanced technology".

Humans are far more dangerous to the immediate environment than to the climate, of which his contribution is of little or perhaps statically zero.

There are approximately 7000 thunderstorms daily that convert in an inconceivable manner the energy equivalent of Hiroshima bomb in one hour, can you imagine that for a moment? As impressive as that is, when you look at a single tropical cyclone it has the energy that corresponds to man’s global consumption of electrical energy in one year, now that is the scale of the components of our climate.

The amount of heat that the rather small Gulfstream generates each and every day would require humans to build 110,000 nuclear power plants 50 meters apart across the Atlantic. Does that scale give you any indication about the power of the presence of humans on this planet?

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Darkly Prophetic

"If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

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Social Distancing a Fraud

Timothy Birdnow

Health Offical; no science backs social distancing.

Yes, they lied to us about the benefits of social distancing.

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The High Price of Food Stamps

Timothy Birdnow

We've always known it. Now a study proves it's true:

Explosive study lays bare the cost of food stamps and their $135 BILLION 'culture of dependency'

* Republicans want to shave $30 billion off food aid in the Farm Bill this month
* Budget expert says cuts hurt 'children, older adults, and people with disabilities'.

The food stamps scheme used by 42 million US residents has become too widespread and costly and hooks recipients on welfare, new research shows.

The conservative Economic Policy Innovation Center (EPIC) in a report urgesCongressto pare back a ballooning program by requiring more beneficiaries to work when they can.

The study comes amid mounting challenges for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which helps low-income families buy groceries, snacks, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Washington lawmakers are poised to release the text of an updated Farm Bill within days, with Republicans gunning to trim $30 billion worth of nutrition program funding over 10 years.

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Clouds in my Coffee

Tomer D. Tamarkin

Dr. John Clauser, Nobel laurate, physics, lecture video and notes are here. Please watch.

The cloud thermostat is the dominant climate controlling mechanism

Scott Snell adds:

People fixate on the additional radiant energy from (slightly) enhanced CO2 absorption of OLR, but completely ignore convection. IMO, a little extra radiant heating just means the atmosphere churns a little faster. The extra heat is quickly dissipated by a few additional thunderstorms here and there. Earth's been doing this climate thing a long, long time.

CO2 resonates strongly in only one relevant bandwidth of OLR, around 1500 nm. This trait causes it to achieve saturation for GHE at very low concentrations. By the time you reach 400 ppm, there is very little left of that bandwidth to absorb.

As you also know, Happer and van Wiijngarden have made this clear with their work.

But really important details like this somehow get lost in the clamor. So we get predictions of doom all day, every day. It's dumb and incorrect. But it sells newspapers, and that's all that matters.

I suspect that CO2 might have played a major role early in the Earth's history in elevating the atmospheric temperature sufficiently to allow liquid water, therefore water vapor. Now it's almost irrelevant. Yet you have no shortage of people calling it the "control knob" of the climate, an offensively simplistic depiction.

Because of the breathless media coverage, most folks, when asked, greatly overestimate the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. When you tell them that its concentration has increased by roughly one part out of ten thousand in the last hundred years, from three parts to four, that makes it a little easier to grasp.

Tim adds:

I like to actually put those figures in terms people understand. There are four molecules of carbon dioxide out of every TEN THOUSAND molecules of air, and of those just one can be attributed to industrial emissions. This is rather like covering your greenhouse with chickenwire then being surprised when frost gets your plants.

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U.N. Cuts Civilian Casualties in Gaza in Half

This courtesy of Jerry Rainforth

Repost @blackandjewishunity In a dramatic shift, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has revised its data pertaining to the number of Palestinian casualties in the seven-month-old Gaza war, reducing almost by half the number of women and children it previously said were killed in the hostilities between Israel and the Iranian-backed terror group Hamas. According to an infographic published in OCHA’s daily report on May 6, the number of women killed in the fighting was said to be 9,500, while the organization, which admits to relying on figures from the Hamas-run Ministry of Health in Gaza, claimed that 14,500 children had been killed since the war began on Oct. 7. Two days later, in its May 8 report, the U.N. agency appeared to have cut the number nearly in half, showing instead that some 4,959 women and 7,797 children had been killed so far in the war, which began after thousands of Hamas-led terrorists infiltrated southern Israel from Gaza, slaughtering more than 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and taking some 240 people hostage. While the numbers on both sides remain high - the overall death count in Gaza is said by the Hamas-controlled ministry of health to have almost reached 35,000, with more believed to be buried under the rubble of destroyed buildings - the sudden and unexplained change in numbers is alarming. Hamas’ death toll figures have been disputed by Israel, which claims more than a third of those killed are combatants, yet they have been widely and unquestioningly quoted by the international media, humanitarian organizations and world leaders, including President Biden.


Tim adds:

Bet those U.N. numbers are way too high too. The U.N. would love to be able to claim high civilian casualties (as they hate Israel) but even this was too much for them. I'll bet when the dust clears the casualties will wind up being just a fraction, and most casualties will be Hamas fighters.

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Raising Stock Market Means Little

Timothy Birdnow

All they care about is having something solid to point to to claim Bidenomics worked. That it is smoke-and-mirrors is imamterial to them.

BTW inflation hurts bonds and savings so stocks naturally rise during an inflationary period. Duh.

John F. DiLeo

The left is excited and happy. The Dow just went over 40,000, so they think that means we're not in a recession.

Don't tell them that the Dow is denominated in US Dollars, which means inflation applies to it too. A climb in the Dow is only good to the extent that the climb is superior to the rate of inflation.

So for example if the Dow goes up by 10% but the real inflation rate is 2%, then that means the business sector is probably doing well.

But if the Dow goes up by 10% and the real inflation rate is over 10%, then that means the business sector is just treading water, like everybody else.;

Nothing happens in a vacuum. You have to look at economic numbers in context.

Let's say an individual stock (that has not split or otherwise changed what it represents) was trading at $100 three years ago, but it's trading at $120 today. That sounds like it's worth 20% more after three years. But since inflation was running over ten percent per year all three of those years, the stock has not kept up with inflation, so the stock is actually worth less.

The $100 stock price in 2021 represented a hundred 2021 dollars, while the $120 stock price today represents a hundred and twenty 2024 dollars. And 2024 dollars are worth much less than 2021 dollars were.

All economics must be viewed in context.

Tim adds:

If anything this is proof we have a top-down economy where the wealthiest are profiting handsomely and the working class suffers. A good stock market disproportionately benefits the rich and Biden knows it. High inflation disproportionately hurts the working class and Biden knows that too.

What this is is a huge transfer of wealth from the middle class to the already obscenely wealthy elites. We are financing the profits of the rich with a stealth tax on the working class.

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The Radical Moderates

Timothy Birdnow

This brings up some interesting points. He's right; give them what they want and you'll have them demanding more. Anyone who has ever fed birds knows that if you give some stale bread to one or two you will soon have a whole flock.

I HATE the term moderate for the people who straddle the political fence. They are nothing of the sort. They are complicit and knowingly so in my view, with the revolutionaries. But they are so terrified of being disliked by those who control the narrative, meaning the media and the ruling class in Washington, that they will fawn in obsequious fashion over the radicals ostensibly in the interests of "comity" and of "balance". But in the end they simply help advance a very radical agenda.

And many just like thumbing those with principles in the eye. Then they can tell themselves they too have principles when in fact they are craven cowards.

We need a new word. RINO isn't really accurate either.

Morgan K. Freeberg

There are moderates out there who concede the point that the Woke Left is a raging pain in the ass, and agree we don't want more of that, but at the same time -- if the nose-ring purple-hair crowd are complaining that something is "problematic," why not just get rid of it for the sake of harmony. Just give 'em what they want. "So we don't have to listen to it."

In all walks of life: Give the faction we don't want more of, whatever they want, so they'll stop complaining and we don't have to listen to it -- is a plan with a 100% failure rate. They don't go away. You feed the monster you always get more monsters.

There is this myth that we have a finite supply of "problematic" things, that if we keep removing these rough edges we'll eventually sand down the furniture to a lovely smoothness and we can all start getting along with each other. Moderates need to become acquainted with the word "problematize." It gets a red squiggly underline when you type it because it's not in the dictionary. But it's a real word, and an important concept. The Left of today is dedicated to problematizing things. It therefore follows that the supply of problematic things is being constantly replenished, and is in fact inexhaustible. It's not only inexhaustible, it is strategic. It is how The Left does things. It's their power play.

So no. You don't give them what they want. They don't really "want" anything, except to erase everything. What they really want is complete power with no accountability for making the wrong call.

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Posing as Science

Warner Todd Huston

Scientific Journals Being Destroyed by Woke Lies Posing as 'Science'

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Diane Kimura

CPI Inflation

While CPI inflation is at 3.4%, inflation is much higher in many basic necessities:

1. Car and homeowners Insurance Inflation: 22.6%
2. Transportation Inflation: 11.2%
3. Hospital Services Inflation: 7.7%
4. Car Repair Inflation: 7.6%
5. Homeowner Inflation: 5.8%
6. Rent Inflation: 5.4%
7. Electricity Inflation: 5.1%
8. Food Away From Home Inflation: 4.1%

Keep in mind, inflation has been above 3% for over THREE years now.

This means that these inflation numbers are building on multiple years of already inflated prices.

Affordability is still getting worse.

April: After Some Zigs, a Zag. But 6-Month Core CPI Hits 4.0%, 6-Month Core Services CPI Hits 6.0%, Both Highest since mid-2023.

The housing components of services CPI: Rent of Primary Residence CPI rose by 4.3% annualized in April from March (blue).

The three-month reading rose by 5.0%, the fourth month in a row of 5% increases, after having cooled sharply from the 2022 to early-2023 pace in the 9% range. The three-month pace in April (5.0%) was slightly hotter than in December (4.9%).

The Rent CPI accounts for 7.6% of overall CPI. It is based on rents that tenants actually paid, not on asking rents of advertised units for rent. The survey follows the same large group of rental houses and apartments over time and tracks the rents that the current tenants actually paid in these units.

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Stealing America's Elections

Diane M. Kimura

STUDY: 10% to 27% of Non-Citizens Are ILLEGALLY Registered to Vote in the United States

A new study shows that between 10% and 27% of non-citizens are ILLEGALLY registered to vote.

This means that due to there being around 30 million non-citizens in the U.S. — more than enough to sway elections decided by thousands of votes — American elections are being illegally and illegitimately decided.

In 2014, the academic journal Electoral Studies published a groundbreaking study by three scholars who estimated how frequently non-citizens were illegally voting. Based on data for the 2008 presidential and congressional elections, the study found that:

• "roughly one quarter of non-citizens” in the U.S. "were likely registered to vote.”
• "6.4% of non-citizens actually voted.”
• 81.8% of them "reported voting for Barack Obama.”
• illegal votes cast by non-citizens "likely” changed "important election outcomes” in favor of Democrats, "including Electoral College votes” and a "pivotal” U.S. Senate race that enabled Democrats to pass Obamacare.

The academic study, accepted for peer-review publication at the journal Electoral Studies, estimated non-citizen voter registration data from two key sources:

• A national survey in which 14.8% of non-citizens admitted that they were registered to vote.
• A database of registered voters that reveals what portion of the surveyed non-citizens "were in fact registered” even though "they claimed not to be registered.”

Just Facts used an "enhanced version" of the 2014 Electoral Studies methodology to find that roughly 10% to 27% of non-citizen adults in the U.S. are now registered to vote, as of 2022.

In order to stop illegal voting by non-citizens, House Republicans recently introduced a bill to "require proof of United States citizenship” to register to vote in federal elections.

Every single Democrat opposed.

Tim adds:

And while there are far more registered to vote than actually voted according to the numbers I strongly suspect those registrations did not go to waste. It's how Joe Biden won so many votes last time. The Democrats will keep them ready and use them as the need arises.

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May 15, 2024

When Worlds Collide

Richard Cronin

In Greek mythology, Theia was the wife of Titan and their daughter was Selene. In Roman mythology, Titan is Atlas and Selene is Luna.

It has long been thought that the moon was formed by the "Big Impact” or "Big Splash”, wherein a nearly Mars-sized planetoid named Theia collided with the Earth, broke up, and a major remnant became our moon. Moreover, the collision took place very shortly after the beginning of our Solar System, 4.56 billion years ago. The Earth had not formed a rigid crust. It was a semi-molten mass. Two fragments penetrated deep inside the early Earth. The impact also imparted Earth’s tilt and Precession which gives us our seasons.

Quoting from article "They were already aware that there are two massive, distinct blobs that are embedded deep within the Earth. The masses — called large low-velocity provinces, or LLVPs — were first detected in the 1980s. One lies beneath Africa and another below the Pacific Ocean.”

It is pretty certain that one impact initiated the Pacific Ocean. I’d hypothesize that the blob beneath Africa struck in such a way as to form the Indian Ocean and push up the regions of South Africa.

The trenches forming the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire plus trenches in the eastern Indian Ocean (i.e. Sunda or Java, as well as the Diamantina trench) were formed by the combination of the Sun’s gravity with the Earth’s rotation. The trenches are rips in the Earth.

The Great East African Rift is one of the notable geological features with Africa but there are no trenches associated with the coasts of Africa.

The moon has been essential in providing the tidal basins where early life flourished. The coupling of the Earth and moon also gives us our eccentric orbit which imparts Tidal Pumping, driving the El Niño Southern Oscillation.

Finally, the addition of mass from the Big Impact made the Earth larger than Venus and Mars, affecting our shared Tidal Pumping effects.

Yeah, and it all happened by chance (** eyes roll **), then Atlas Shrugged.

Collision that formed the moon also created alien blobs inside Earth, study says | CNN

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