May 12, 2024

Why the Reagan Israeli Aid hold is not like Biden's

Timothy Birdnow

The lastest talking point to defend Joe "Ever Sound Retreat" Biden is that Reagan withheld military aid in 1982 to Israel too. That sound good but if you analyze it more closely these are two very different situations.

For one thing Israel was going after terrorists in a fully sovereigh state - Lebanon. This is quite different than invading a country they already control and to whom they supply water and gas and electricity. Had Israel been attacking Gaza as they are today Reagan would have never done that.

Second, President Ronald Reagan imposed a six-year ban on cluster weapons sales to Israel, not other weapons. That was done because cluster bombs are notoriously injurious to civilians.

And it should be pointed out that the weapons in question were for SALE, not freebies being handed out. Biden has broken the law by stopping the delivery of bombs already purchased by the U.S. Congress. Reagan merely stopped the sale of some weapons.

Also, Reagan did not attach the strings Mr. Biden has, demanding a full pullout and a detailed "peace plan" aka a surrender.

The reality is Joe Biden is doing to Israel what Democrats impeached Trump for threatening to do to Ukraine. The Impoundment Control Act of 1974 Made it illegal for a President to use the money earmarked by Congress for it's intended purpose. Biden had no right to hold these funds, as they were duly passed in a budget-busting aid bill.

You may remember Donald Trump threatened to hold funds if the Ukrainian government did not resume it's investigation of Hunter Biden's associates. The Democrats impeached him for it.

Here are a few headlines from the Trump era:

Trump administration violated the law by withholding Ukraine aid ... › politics › trump-impeachment-inquiry › ukraine-aid-...

Trump Committed Crimes in His Ukraine Shakedown › article › trump-committed-crimes-ukraine-sh...

Trump Administration Broke the Law By Withholding Ukraine Aid ... › Politics › Ukraine › Donald Trump › Impeachment

I could go on but you get the point. It's o.k. for Biden to do it but bot Trump.

And if Reagan could do it? They now defend Biden using Reagan but ignore Trump.

"Faithful execution of the law does not permit the President to substitute his own policy priorities for those that Congress has enacted into law,” the Government Accountability Office (GAO) concluded, referring to the fact that Congress had already voted to appropriate the funds.

So where is the GAO now? Why the silence on Biden?

Where is Nancy Peloi? She said of Trump:

"The OMB, the White House, the administration broke – I’m saying this – broke the law.”

Joe Biden called for Trump's impeachment for this.

It is simply astonishing the double standard employed.

Also, Barack Obama threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid to Ukraine for the same reason Trump did.

At any rate, the two situations are not really analogous.

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