August 09, 2018

Trump supporters will 'provoke violence' when he leaves office, professor says

Dana Mathewson

Well, well. One of Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals" states that you should accuse your opponent of doing exactly what you intend to do (or are doing) yourself. In this case, the Left is provoking violence already.

This woman is really going low. She calls Trump's supporters "racists" with no evidence. Well, maybe she's getting her terms mixed up. Maybe she thinks racists are NASCAR fans? Hey, as we know, the Left needs no evidence for anything.

A women’s studies professor predicts President Trump’s supporters, whom she calls "overt racists,” will "provoke violence” when Trump leaves the Oval Office – even if it is after two terms.

Julie Novkov, chair of the political science department at the State University of New York at Albany, concludes in a recent article for New Political Science that Trump supporters having political power is "dangerous.”

She defines core Trump supporters as overt racists who view immigrants, blacks, Muslims, and Jews as "enemies of the American state” and are "particularly inclined to embrace propaganda."

Tell me, Professor, what "race" are Muslims?


Whether it is impeachment, resignation, failure to win re-election, or death, Novkov believes Trump supporters will riot when he leaves office.

"I believe that Trumpers – the core supporters Trump has bound to himself through his consistent and persistent messaging – will not accept as legitimate any means through which he departs from the presidency,” Novkov wrote. "Can the Trumpers can be reincorporated into a democratic republic as engaged political actors who accept the fundamental premises of democratic governance?”

Looks to me as if she does not consider the possibility of his serving two complete terms, and therefore, as per the Constitution, exiting the office peacefully; or doing a Calvin Coolidge and "not choosing to run" for a second term. But I think it's obvious this woman isn't playing with a full deck anyhow.

It must be easier to become a professor than it once was. I'd sure hate to be in any of her classes!

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1 Dana, notice she uses the term "provoke" and not "engage in".  She means her friends in the Left will commit overt acts of violence and it will be the fault of the Trump supporters! They will have "provoked" the radical Left into murder and mayhem by refusing to roll over.

This is classic left-wing parsing of language here...

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at August 10, 2018 09:29 AM (j7XHm)

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