June 09, 2018

Transgenderism is Witchcraft

Timothy Birdnow

Daren Jonescu has a nice blogpost where he builds on my recent American Thinker article. After recapping my article Daren goes on to tell a transgender story:

"Speaking of gender identity, from Right Scoop comes the wonderful story of Terry Miller, who set high school records in the girls’ 100- and 200-meter sprints at Connecticut’s State Open track and field championships — because he is a boy.

Miller, a "transgender” athlete — that is, a boy who imagines he is a girl — was competing in the boys’ competition earlier this year, but not setting any records. I suppose if he/she decides to identify as an ant next year, he/she will be shattering records all over the place, and likely go into the Ant Pantheon as Athlete of All Time.

And just to round out this feel-good story, the runner up in the 100-meter race was also a boy. Congratulations to all — especially the parents who encouraged their sons to find the easiest way to glory, even if it meant making a mockery of their sport and demeaning the efforts of the girls who trained to compete in the — sorry to be so blunt — GIRLS’ competition."

End excerpt.

And he warns that Connecticut is going to allow boys to fight girls in the Golden Gloves. That ought to be a series of short contests. By the way, in my AT article I forgot to make a good point; the "boy" in question is being allowed to use the nurse's bathroom rather than being "forced" into the girls, since "he" doesn't identify as a girl. This is a nonsequiter. I wasn't able to find out the age of the student, but if said student is a small child the parents are abusing the kid by allowing her to choose her own sex, and if the student is a bit older she clearly evinces a lack of maleness, because a pubescent boy would be thrilled to be allowed to use the girls bathroom and, even better, locker room. There are few boys who would argue with such an opportunity. Only a girl who is trying to claim she is a boy would demand a special private bathroom or be allowed in the boys room. Every 12 year old boy would give his new eyeteeth for the chance to scope out the girls.

So she is not acting like a boy here, but rather a girl in boys clothing.

Look, our roles in life are taught to us by parents and teachers and siblings and friends. We wear clothes appropriate to our position in life because we are taught to do so. I remember as a young boy wanting to wear things, or have my hair cut a certain way, and my parents said no or "you'll regret this later" and they were not wrong; I have seen pictures from that period and was embarrassed to death by what a dork I was! I am most thankful my parents dissuaded me from some of the more stupid ideas I concocted over the years.

This transgender business is more of the same. Rather than take the child in hand the parents usually want them to 'be who they are" in some ridiculous liberal utopian idea, and actually steer the child down that path.

If you doubt that, think about Ernest Hemmingway. Hemmingway did all that He-Man stuff because he was sorely confused about his sexuality, and that was a result of his older sisters dressing him like a girl for the first years of his life. Hemmingway wore dresses and stockings and little girl shoes and had ribbons in his long hair. Later he moved away from it, but he was always confused and unsure of his sexual role. He was quite unhappy, as a result, and was a heavy drinker and drug user.

Not teaching children what they will become is essentially child abuse. A girl is ordained so by God and Nature, and all of the wishful thinking will not change that. Oh, there surely are cases where children "feel" like the opposite sex, I don't deny that. But children feel like all sorts of things, from flowers to robots to cowboys or indians. Their grasp on reality is tenuous, and that is a good thing because it allows them to learn the parameters of their world and open them to new experiences. But the world is still there, and it is still unyielding to the inner workings of the mind. The best thing you can do for a child who is gender-confused is to gently guide them toward the role they are to play later in life. Allowing them to change their sex is the ultimate in mistreating the kid.

And as I say, if this girl were really a boy on the inside she would think like a boy and not be unhappy using the girl's facilities. That point speaks volumes.

Question; if a person thinks he is a giraffe, say, would that person be willing to eat with a fork? Go to the bathroom inside? No and no. If that person TRULY believed he was a giraffe he would crane his neck up to low hanging leaves and try to eat them. He would defecate on the ground outside. But someone playacting, pretending to be a giraffe would perahps prance about in the yard, but in the end would eat and sleep and go to the bathroom in the house. We see that with infantilism, where people pretend to be giant babies. They lay in big cribs, wear diapers, suck baby bottles, and go to the bathroom in their pants. But they speak instead of just coo, and they eventualy get up and take showers and whatnot. They don't subsist entirely on baby milk. They KOOW they aren't babies, but like to play pretend games.

The same holds true here, methinks.

I suspect someone told this girl she looked like a boy when she was very small, or she decided being a boy was more fun, and her parents took no action to correct this rejection of reality. So she was allowed to call herself a boy, dress like a boy, and demand a special bathroom. Her parents have done her no favors.

I would point out that every story I have read on this Steve Springer issue has never mentioned the parents in a concrete way. It's this school teacher union thug who is pushing the assault on Springer, not the parents, who probably know they are skating on thin ice from a moral and rational standpoint.

A lot of conservatives were unhappy with ABC for cancelling the reboot of the Roseanne show. She was popular with them because of her support for Donald Trump. But the show was hardly conservative, and one of the more unsettling things was the transvestite grandson. The boy - Darlene's son - liked to wear women's blouses and skirts, even going to school dressed in this fashion. Darlene said "I want him to be who he is" and after some token resistance from Roseanne and her husband they gave in and "let the boy be who he is". Well, if we are to let children be who they are we would have a bunch of naked savages running about. What parent hasn't had to make his or her child put on clothes at some point? What parent hasn't had to teach children to use the toilet, to use utensils at dinner, to wear pants? Children have to be taught what is appropriate and not appropriate. You don't let children do what they feel. If they do what they feel they will bash their siblings in the head, gouge their eyes out, and stuff themselves with candy and ice cream. We force them to do things for their own good. Why do we have a legal drinking age, for instance? Why not let the kids do what they please and get plastered at age seven? Because it is not good for them, although they may not understand that.

Anyone who has had teenagers knows the endless fight with them to get them to do the right thing. Kids don't want to study, don't want to learn. How many teens have threatened their parents with quitting school and working at McDonalds? It would be so much easier to let the kid have his or her way, but a good parent doesn't roll over to a child's wishes.

But now on this issue of sexual identity we are supposed to do so.

If the transgendered child at this school suddenly decides education is not "who he is" will the school board allow the kid to drop out?

This is well beyond madness. In point of fact, it is witchcraft in a way; an attempt to alter reality by an act of will alone. Chant a few incantations, focus your mind and energy, and choose the path you want rather than the one set down for you by Nature and Nature's God.

But in the end you can no more change a girl to a boy than you can suspend the law of gravity, and the end result will be similar if a bit slower. Ignoring physical laws usually ends in death or dismemberment, and so does ignoring things like the sex you were born with. There is a reason why the transgendered committ suicde at such fantastically high rates, and it is not because of a lack of social accptanc (although that in itself is an assertion of Natural Law). It is because you cannot step off a cliff and not eventually go splat.

America is pushing children off cliffs, and shoving those trying to grab them at the last over the edge with them.

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