August 04, 2020

Today, Seattle. Tomorrow, where?

Dana Mathewson

From Power Line, where some of the best reporting on the current situation is being done.

White BLM mob comes calling on home of Seattle’s black police chief

Carmen Best, a black woman, is the chief of police in Seattle. She’s a longtime member of the police force and, as you would expect, a liberal who supports police reform and peaceful protests calling for such reform.

Best has criticized vandalism, arson, and rioting — a stance that surely is no more than table stakes for a police chief even in this woke age. However, her force has done very little to combat the criminal mob behavior that plagues Seattle.

Nonetheless, Best has incurred the wrath of the BLM mob. Thus, according to this report, "a crowd of about 200 persons, mostly white men and women in their twenties” converged on the police chief’s suburban home. Members of this mob were "dressed in black with masks and black hoods and carried signs that read ‘Black Lives Matter.’”

Neighbors established a perimeter to protect the home of Best, who was not present at the time. At least one neighbor pointed a gun.

That’s the only good news associated with this story. I hope we’ll be seeing more examples of spirited citizens standing up BLM mobs, given the absence of police forces willing to do so. As we have seen, though, such neighbors risk being prosecuted by Soros-backed prosecutors.


Best called on the city council to "stand up for what is right” and to take action to prevent "mob rule.” Shaw notes the contrast between this language and that used by Best in a letter to Seattle businesses telling them they are basically on their own when the mob arrives.

I suspect that this longtime law officer has been frustrated for some time by the city’s approach to the mob, but is constrained by Seattle’s mayor and city council. Unfortunately, it was only after the mob got very close to her suburban home that Best was willing to speak out forcefully.

In any case, Bill Otis offers a concise summary of "where we are” with BLM:

A hooded gang of mostly white thugs shows up at the private neighborhood residence of a black police chief, with equipment they refuse to unwrap, question little children, and terrify the neighbors. Let’s not fool ourselves. This is not a civil rights protest, and it’s not about George Floyd. It’s the mob — a bunch of Brownshirts — and if we tolerate it, we won’t be able to claim later on that we didn’t know what was coming.

The entire article is found here and is very much worth the read!

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1 Well, it sounds like she's pretty much "woke" herself so I have no pity; as ye sew so shall ye reap. It is good to see people standing up to the thugs. But this will continue until there is bloodshed, I assure you, or Joe Biden wins in November.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at August 05, 2020 06:53 AM (HsSz+)

2 OMG, Tim, pray THAT doesn't happen. Yes, if Trump wins there will be rap, burn and pillage in Democrat controlled cities. But what the hell? It's already set up to happen. What needs to happen is to go and look for it now.

If Biden wins, America will die. End of story.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at August 06, 2020 10:31 PM (wRiPF)

3 Agreed Dana. It's the end of the line for the U.S. if Biden wins.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at August 07, 2020 06:48 AM (vAUV7)


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