September 21, 2007

The Voice of a Distant Friend; a New Post at Ultima Thule

I once made a dear friend on the internet.  My very first essay had appeared in the American Thinker, and I the editor (Thomas Lifson) forwarded an e-mail from his friend Aussiegirl/Helen.  She was such a sweet person and we quickly became great friends.  She was also a terrific writer, having been a regular poster at and hosting her own website Ultima Thule.  I had just started my own blog, and Aussiegirl gave me so much encouragement that I continued writing in spite of less than stellar success.  I often considered our sites complementary; she would frequently post on my work and I on hers.  (She was brilliant.) 

Ultima Thule was a terrific site, and Aussiegirl had a breathtaking depth of knowledge.  She was as likely to post on archaeology as on politics, on classical music, or opera, or especially physics. Her natural curiosity and love of learning made her site one of the most fascinating I have ever encountered.

Unfortunately Aussiegirl passed away at the beginning of the year after a prolonged illness. I miss her terribly.

Her husband David has kept the site going, although he has been unsure what to do with it.  It was Aussiegirl`s pride and joy, and David does not want to let it die.  He has been working through a number of her unfinished pieces, and posting when possible.

Today marks the birthday of Ultima Thule, and David wanted to post a new work to commemorate.  He has posted a pensive musing by Aussiegirl on the the passing of the seasons and the approaching winter in the West.  It`s good to hear Aussiegirl again, if only for a moment!

For those unfamiliar with Ultima Thule, be sure to read back through her archives; she has some of the best writing available on the internet, and there is bound to be something to please everyone.

Heaven is richer, but we on Earth have lost a bright light.  I`m glad David is working to keep that lamp lit.

We miss you, Helen! 

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1 It saddened me deeply when I heard that Aussiegirl had passed away, Tim.   She and did chat once or twice and I found her to be a very open and endearing person with, as you say, a huge amount of knowledge in many interests.   What a love of life she had - it was breathtaking in today's largely nihilistic society.   I do drop by her site from time to time and browse her extensive archives when I need something to read with 'some meat on it".

Posted by: Morris at September 22, 2007 08:15 AM (GL3qh)


Thanks, Morris; she was truly a great lady!  We lost something special when she passed.


Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at September 24, 2007 11:41 AM (bHxmI)

3 I was a "friend" of Helen's. We exchanged numerous emails about health. The last letter I received from her was 2006 September. Today I was combing through emails and came across her emails to me. I decided to go to her web site and see how it was coming along when I was blind-sided by her husbands addendum to the site. I sat transfixed and saddened. I am at a loss for words. Both my parents died from Cancer. I have CF, and each day I fight one more day to live. Helen helped me with my interest in health. She and I exchanged emails about the things she did to manage her lung issues. I never asked her what they were, for I did not wish to pry. When she and I were exchanging emails, I was two years removed from my own moms passing due to cancer. I am thankful I never shared that with her, knowing that she was fighting her own battles with that dreaded enemy. How very sad. Damn.

Posted by: Timothy Carr at January 10, 2009 03:35 PM (sJEDd)


Hi Timothy!

Yes, it was a sad passing, indeed. She never told me about her illness until near the end. I was very upset when she passed away; she was a great friend to me.

I`m sorry to hear about your CF; you are a very brave person it seems to me, otherwise you would never have hung in as you have. Keep up the good fight!

We all miss Helen very much.

You said it best ``how very sad, damn!``

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at January 11, 2009 11:57 AM (bHxmI)

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