January 11, 2020

The Radical Agenda of PETA

Timothy Birdnow

If you think PETA is just about helping animals, think again.

Care About Australia’s Wildlife: Please Don’t Give Money To PETA

From the article:

Well, if we begin to take a look at PETA’s Australia chapter, we can imagine why they are not first in line to help those poor koalas and kangaroos we keep hearing about on the news. For example, PETA’s Australia chapter received over $49 million in contributions in 2019, but only less than 1 percent went into actually helping troubled animals. The rest of the money, in true PETA fashion, was used on advertising, public disturbances, paying off celebrity spokespersons, and lobbying politicians and businesses into getting what they want and they want one thing, and one thing only-total animal "liberations”. This would mean no zoos, no aquariums, no responsible meat, or dairy consumption, no pets, no wildlife conservation efforts that require rehabilitation or breeding programs, and no use of animals for therapeutic purposes. PETA is also against the use of guide dogs for those who are blind. If that is not enough to throw you over the edge about who PETA is, they once compared farm animals to Jewish Holocaust victims in order to convince the public to switch over to a vegan lifestyle. In addition, they also have long ties to eco-terrorists groups such as the Animal Liberation Front, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and the Earth Liberation Front.

If you still think PETA still cares about animals, then you might start developing some second thoughts after hearing what I am about to tell you next. As of 2018, PETA has killed around 39,961 adoptable animals while only 3,459 animals, which is less than 7.31 percent of all animals that were taken in by the Virginia-based extremist group over a period of 20 years. According to government documents, PETA employees often kill the animals within 24 hours after taking them into custody and just to make matters worse, PETA’s very own "animal shelter”, which is located on the fourth floor of it’s headquarters, only consists of three rooms that are nestled among the cubicles and conference rooms that are used to discuss new plans to profit off of animal and wildlife tragedies in the name of "animal rights”. It’s implied that the shelter is also not accessible to the public. If this is the case, then this would mean that PETA does not operate as a facility that would meet the definition of an animal shelter, especially if they have no intention to find permanent homes for animals in need.

Thanks to Kim W.!

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