October 08, 2018

Thank God for Columbus!

Timothy Birdnow

Happy Columbus Day everyone!

When Christopher Columbus came to the New World it was full of savages who were still in the stone age. They had no metals except silver, which they worked solely to make ornaments. They did not have the wheel. They kept slaves - the same as the Europeans, the Africans, the Asians and everyone else in the world. Most natives practiced ritual torture, and many (especially the Aztecs and Mayans) practiced ritual sacrifice of captives. There was more than a little cannibalism in the Americas.

And the "civilized" parts of America - such as the Aztecs - were unaware of the other American cultures. Aztecs didn't even know there were Incans in South America, and didn't much care. They didn't know about the Mound Builders of the Midwest. They really weren't interested in advancing civilization.

And why did the native Americans in Mexico, in Cuba, and elsewhere disappear so fast? Because so many of these cultures were sexually immoral to the point where they interbred with the Spaniards and thus became half Spaniard. The Tainu of Cuba are a classic example; the women walked around buck naked so men had easier access. The Tainu were interested in pleasing the Spaniards because they wanted to enlist the aid of Spain against the Caribs. Oh, and did I mention the Tainu kept other Indians as slaves"

Columbus may have taken their independence, but he brought them much in return.

Oh, what about syphilis? We have been told the Europeans "gifted" the New World with syphilis. That is not correct; syphilis came first from South America.

From the National Institute of Health:

"Unlike Europe, the American continent was able to present clear evidences supporting the existence of syphilis in pre-Columbian period. In this respect, skeletal lesions characteristic for the diagnosis of syphilis which has been identified in various areas plead for syphilis existence in these areas before Columbus discovered America. In addition, radiocarbon dating of the bone fragments showed an age of several thousand year"

If Columbus had not come there would be no democratic civil governments in America (most tribes and empires in the Americas were despotic in the extreme), no writing, no fair treatment of women (who were mostly held as property until the Christian religion imposed the idea of the dignity of all people. The Christian works of mercy made it possible for people to get food without growing or stealing it when they were too weak or old.

Columbus and the Europeans brought great gifts to the New World, and yet he and they are much maligned now by ungrateful leftists who will admit to nothing but evil from Europe. Why? They believe that there was some sort of natural paradise that the evil white man destroyed. They do not know that Nature is degenerate and that there is no worse hell than unregenerated Man trapped in a state of Nature.

It's called Original Sin. Look it up.

There were many worthwhile aspects of the Amerindian cultures, but, as with the Canaanites of old, they were weighed in the balance and found wanting. In the end the land "vomited them out" as the land of Canaan eliminated the Peoples who lived there before the coming of the Israelites.

So, hate him as much as you wish, but Columbus did the Peoples of the Americas a huge favor. And his mission eventually gave the world the United States. That alone was worth it.

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