August 07, 2018

Heat’s on Rahm in re-election race after bloody Chicago weekend

Dana Mathewson

Whatever happened to never letting a crisis go to waste? Here, Ex-President Obama's former chief of staff is letting an entire city go to waste. Apparently the Peter Principle (remember that?) has hit once again.

From Fox News:

After a bloody Chicago weekend that left a dozen dead and another 62 wounded, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is facing a mounting political crisis -- with his rivals emboldened as they aim to unseat him in the looming mayoral election.

Several of Emanuel’s 10 challengers slammed the prominent Democrat for the city’s soaring crime and blamed him for everything from an understaffed police force to a lack of investment in Chicago’s economically downtrodden neighborhoods.

Emanuel has tried to fend off the attacks while calming an alarmed electorate, but the latest violence has only fueled the calls for political change in the February election.

"What happened over the weekend is absolutely horrific and unacceptable. It’s another tragic weekend in Chicago, and unfortunately, we’ve had too many of them,” former Chicago Public Schools CEO and mayoral candidate Paul Vallas said, according to the Chicago Tribune. "There is no substitution for providing the police resources we need to close this gap.”

Vallas blamed Emanuel for permitting the police department’s detective division to be "gutted through attrition”and accused him of shifting officers to various sections of the city for "political reasons.”

There's lots more, as you'd expect, including a blast from former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, who rightly refers to decades of "one party Democratic rule" for the violence in a series of tweets.

Meanwhile, Emanuel serves up meaningless pablum about how "Our souls are burdened," Emanuel said. "It is unacceptable to happen in any neighborhood of Chicago. We are a better city." Words, but so far no action.

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Elizabeth Warren tries to fuel a race war

Jack Kemp

In order to change her lilly white image as someone who only talks about (fighting) big money banks - and to also compete with Bernie Sanders as the biggest nut in America - Elizabeth Warren is now smearing US law enforecemt as racist.

J'accuse Sen. Warren. Clearly she is trying to raise racial tensions in this country with undocumented and inflamitory remarks - and she doesn't much care what the consequenses will be, just as long as she can get a chance at the Democratic Party nomination for President in 2020.

In Rich Lowry's article in the NY Post, he concludes "... in reaction to President Trump, the left is embracing a sweeping indictment of America as undemocratic and racist at the core.Warren’s performance shows that the party is prepared to consider no critique of America too radical or out of bounds.?"

Here are some of the lowlights.


The Massachusetts senator who has made a career of unfairly maligning bankers and other alleged capitalist malefactors is now smearing the criminal justice system, too.

In a speech at a historically black college in New Orleans, she declared that "the hard truth about our criminal justice system: It’s racist . . . I mean front and back.”

Her riff is a sign that the Democrats are going to leaven their lurch toward socialism with a condemnation of America as fundamentally racist. After helping fuel Trump’s rise in 2016 with loose rhetoric about the bigotry of cops, Democrats hope to dislodge him in 2020 with even more sweeping accusations of systematic racism.

...But the contention that US law enforcement is a product of racial hatred is a paranoid lie, from top to bottom, from beginning to end, from front to back.


The biggest reason for the overall disparity in incarceration is different rates of offending. Blacks account for a little more than 50 present of homicides.


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August 06, 2018

Moonbat Peter Fonda Suggests Election Fraud for Democrat Election Wins

Dana Mathewson

I just found this one on Tammy Bruce's excellent site. Peter Fonda continues to embarrass. It's short and to the point, so I won't quote any of it here, just give you the link.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is A Millennial’s Millennial

Dana Mathewson, with hat tip to David Dickinson

Here's a good evaluation of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -- or She Guevara, as some are styling her -- by John Hirschauer, found on Daily Wire. I hope you appreciate it, and the threat that she (and they... "they" being millennials, of course) pose to today's America.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the hero millennials deserve. Her cocksure ignorance befits a generation that despises its elders, shouts down its superiors and scoffs at its history, all because they’re confident -- no, certain -- that they are more virtuous than you.

When she decried the Israeli "occupation” of Palestine -- whatever that means -- and was subsequently pressed on the subject in a now-infamous PBS interview, she ceded that she’s "not an expert on geopolitics on this issue.” She has given completely incoherent answers when asked how she is going to pay for the multi-trillion dollar entitlement programs she’s proposing, offering little beyond emotive adjectives and the assurance that she has spoken with a "Nobel Prize economist.”


That’s cold comfort; to modify Bill Buckley’s formula slightly, someone has to win a Nobel Prize in economics. And if Mark Steyn is right when he says that being a multiculturalist absolves you of knowing anything about other cultures, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s candidacy seems to suggest that being a socialist absolves you of knowing anything at all.

Sock! Pow! Biff! I'd add that knowing nothing makes her just what millennials want, makes her fit right in with them.

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August 05, 2018

California Nightmare

Dana Mathewson

In the past few years we've often heard the Anchor State of the Left Coast referred to as The Peoples' Republic of California. In case there are one or two of you who have just moved in from, oh, say, Lithuania and don't understand the reference, the following blog post from Power Line may help you:

A little noticed detail in Santa Barbara’s recent drive to criminalize plastic straws, which culminated in the Santa Barbara city council taking testimony from a nine-year-old about the planetary menace, has come to light in recent days. During that council session, councilman Jesse Dominguez said to following in response to citizens who asked "what’s next?”:

"Unfortunately, common sense is just not common. We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.”

And don't you love it when a politician tries to say "Well, you didn't understand what I was trying to say?" Yeah, sure, Skippy, We totally understood you, and that's your problem. We hope the voters of Santa Barbara remember this at election time and hang this around your neck like a dead albatross!

I wish they'd included the testimony from the nine-year-old, but I have the suspicion it wouldn't have been much different from the councilmember's comments.

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August 04, 2018

NRA's Future at Risk in NY Courts

Jack Kemp

Gov. Cuomo of New York is engaged in lawfare against the NRA and The Second Amendment, moving to force New York insurance companies to not cover the NRA gun education classes (and other services) under penalty of a stiff fine. reports that:

The NRA's Future Rests In The Hands of One Court Case. Here's Why.

Posted: Aug 04, 2018 6:00 AM

The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) has filed a collective lawsuit against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), New York State's Superintendent of Financial Services Maria T. Vullo and the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS).

Why These Defendants?

The NRA claims Cuomo, Vullo and DFS knowingly went to banks and insurance companies to tell them not to work with the pro-gun group, Rolling Stone first reported.

"Simply put, Defendants made it clear to banks and insurers that it is bad business in New York to do business with the NRA," the lawsuit says. "As a direct result of this coercion, multiple financial institutions have succumbed to Defendants’ demands and entered into consent orders with DFS that compel them to terminate longstanding, beneficial business relationships with the NRA, both in New York and elsewhere."

According to the NRA, Everytown for Gun Safety reached out to Cuomo's office in Sept. 2017 over NRA's Carry Guard insurance program. Specifically, Everytown "prompt[ed] a crackdown by sympathetic government officials that would target alleged compliance infirmities in Carry Guard."

This is a fairly long story and somewhat complicated. But it is readable. Go to the link here.

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Corey Booker holds up anti-Israel sign

Cory Booker claims he didn’t read the anti-Israel sign that he allowed himself to be photographed holding by Thomas Lifson

Senator Cory Booker, who is one of the Democrats contending for his party’s 2020 nomination for president, is pleading political negligence, claiming that he didn’t bother to read a sign that he allowed himself to be photographed holding.  Booker, who has raised considerable money from pro-Israel Jewish groups, apparently got carried away with intersectional enthusiasm at the Netroots Nation confab...

The professionally printed sign reads, "From Palestine to Mexico all the walls have got to go.” 

As Aaron Bandler points out at Jewish Journal, that slogan was crafted by the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights...


 Senator Booker has a long record of phoniness, going back to the start if his political career when he pretended to live in public housing. Now, he is trying to cultivate the far left of the Democratic Party, which hates Israel, while maintaining his ability to raise money from Jewish donors to the party, some of whom still are attached to the notion of the survival of Israel. Even morons realize that without walls to protect it, Israel would suffer wave upon wave of terror from its neighbors Hamas and Hezb’allah, not to mention the ISIS troops operating in Syria.

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August 03, 2018

Rush Misses the Point: The Destruction of the US Is Well Organized and Underway

Dana Mathewson

This one's scary, no two ways about it.

Joel Goodman writes this one for Townhall. I'll give you just a taste, as usual.
Everyone says that the Democratic Party is not the Party of JFK, still they discuss the far left element of the party through an intellectualized political lens formed in the shape of the old politics. Many on the air still treat the Democrats and the media and those who revere former President Obama with a certain politeness when ascribing motives to their actions. They make fun of them and laugh at them when discussing their actions. Humor is always good in a too serious world.

But the violent left is not funny.

The game is different. The rules have changed.


The United States is in the way of a Communist styled world.

Whether those wanting to bring down the United States are truthful in their accusations is irrelevant. The end will justify the means for them. The means is conflict, disruption and destabilization. What is being protested is irrelevant as long as there is protest. The truthfulness or accuracy of what’s being screamed is irrelevant, as long as there are accusations and there is screaming.

Scared yet? The entire article is here:

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August 02, 2018

A Sacred Duty

Dana Mathewson

I've been working for two weeks and as a result I've missed Kurt. Well, as they say, "I'm ba-a-a-a-ck!" Yay! servatives-to-own-the-libs-n2505511

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Leonard Pitts Claims Absolute Right to Define Racism in America

Timothy Birdnow

My brother Brian has tangled again with Leonard Pitts, the race-hustling columnnist for the Miami Herald. In this exchange Brian gets Pitts to admit that racism is whatever he defines it to be.

Finally; a liberal admitted that!

Enjoy: more...

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Appreciation for Rush

Dana Mathewson

Most if not all of you will know that none other than our esteemed President phoned in HIMSELF to congratulate Rush on his thirty years in the radio business. I heard about it on Hannity last night.

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Stupid Climate Tricks; Warming In Alaska Causes Suicide

Dana Mathewson

Interesting connection, as Alaska has the second highest suicide rate of all the states. And Alaska is also the warmest. Oh wait, Alaska is actually the coldest state. Never mind.

Years ago, before this climate change thing was invented, I read that Hawaii had one of the highest suicide rates anywhere. However, it was believed it was due to the fact that the weather there was so unvarying that people got bored by its never changing, finally couldn't stand it anymore and committed hara-kiri. Could be. At least, if we have "climate change" that should slow down a bit, yes?


An old boss of mine lived in Hawaii and he said he was never so glad to leave anywhere in his life.  The Reason?  You had mountains on one side and ocean on the other no matter where you went. It was like being in prison, he said; the same view every day. 

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Iranian Uprising

Dana Mathewson

BLACKOUT  AT 9:14 A.M. ET: Can someone explain why we haven't seen this story in the mainstream media? Is anyone in Washington talking about this? From the Voice of America:
Several hundred Iranians have staged a second day of anti-government street protests in Iran's third-largest city, Isfahan, in a sign of persistent public anger about the country's economic woes.

Video clips verified by VOA Persian and sent by residents showed the protesters marching and chanting opposition slogans on Wednesday in Isfahan's northern district of New Shapur, the same area where hundreds of anti-government demonstrators had marched the day before.

Read the rest at Urgent Agenda

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Sour Dough in Frisco

Dana Mathewson

Apparently, those of us who suspected that San Franciscans (at least, those who work in the city's government) aren't like the rest of us were RIGHT! tml

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Should liberal women be allowed to drive?

Dana Mathewson

Timothy keeps telling me that Liberalism is a disease, and of course I keep agreeing. Or maybe we should say that Liberals have a disease. This article is

Enraged by Trump Bumper Sticker, Massachusetts Woman Rams into Man's Car

A reporter on CBS Boston said the woman appeared to be suffering from Trump Anxiety Disorder. Probably.
A Massachusetts woman is accused of intentionally driving into a man’s car Monday after becoming enraged by his Trump bumper sticker. Chloe Wright, 25, has been taken into custody and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

She is also facing charges of vandalizing property and leaving the scene ofa hit-and-run with property damage. The incident happened in Hyannis on June 30, the Cape Cod Times reported.

Sweet. The entire story is here, and you'll be happy to learn that the woman was identified, nabbed and is out on bail.

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Photographer of Starving Polar Bear Admits ‘Climate Change’ Image Was ‘Misleading’

Dana Mathewson

I was just perusing Tammy Bruce's excellent site and came upon this one. I'm sure you'll all remember it as one of the more offensive images from the "Glow-Bull Warmiacs." Anyhow, the photographer now says that "her now-viral photographs of a starving polar bear went "too far” in linking the bear’s condition to the effects of climate change."

I should think so. Bears of all varieties are "opportunists," as we all know.

Let's let her continue:

In an article for National Geographic, Ms. Mittermeier wrote that she and photographer Paul Nicklen, who recorded video of the bear, were "on a mission to capture images that communicate the urgency of climate change”

"Documenting its effects on wildlife hasn’t been easy,” she wrote. "With this image, we thought we had found a way to help people imagine what the future of climate change might look like. We were, perhaps, naive. The picture went viral — and people took it literally….

 Hmmph! As Tammy says, "How else were people supposed to take this heart-wrenching but deceptive image?"

Entire article is here:

I don't know about you, friends, but a few more incidents like this and I'm going to start believing that the liberals are actually lying to us!

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Light blogging in the next week

Timothy Birdnow

Blogging is going to be a bit spotty over the next week. I've got a lot on my plate and will probably not be very active. Dana Mathewson and Jack Kemp will help keep you all informed and entertained.

Please be patient.

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Rahm Pushed to Resign

Dana Mathewson

This is funny -- if you're not a Chicagoan, I guess. Looks like The Ballerina is in a cleft stick of his own making (to use a line from "Lord Of the Rings").

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Global warming is not people’s most pressing concern

Paul Driessen

International Climate Science Coalition director Tom Harris has written a thought-provoking article about the shortcomings of climate models – and reasons why people consistently rank "climate change” at the bottom of their lists of concerns … regardless of how the poll is structured or how many "concerns” are listed … in the United States and other countries, including Nigeria.

As Harris notes, in 2016 computer models were already forecasting "runaway” global average temperatures a full 0.5 degree Celsius (0.9 degree Fahrenheit) different from what was actually measured by satellites and weather balloons. And even in developing countries like Nigeria people place good education, improved healthcare, better job opportunities, better transportation and roads, affordable nutritious food and other issues oceans ahead of climate change. They understand that real problems which affect our lives and well-being right now must take priority over conjectural problems decades from now, conjured up by computer models whose forecasts don’t come anywhere close to Real World temperatures.


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July 31, 2018

Giving Until it Hurts; Crazy Libs offer their Organs to Justice Ginsberg

Timothy Birdnow

The Left is in sheer, utter panic these days and when they are they are often hillarious. Here is a fun one; SCOTUS Justice, Ruth Buzzy Ginsberg, has publicly stated her desire to remain on the Court for at least five more years, and liberals are offering to donate organs to the old bat to deny Trump an appointment!

Read about it at the Daily Wire.

It has become impossible to write comedy in the modern era; fact is more ridiculous than fiction these days.

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