March 30, 2008

Slouching Quietly into that Good Night; the Dying Western Civilization

By Timothy Birdnow

David Selbourne bemoans the death of Britain in a piece at the U.K. Spectator.

He argues that liberty has turned to license, and corporatism is at the heart of the declining belief in Liberal Democracy.  I concur, but I think he failes in his understanding in two regards-he ignores the globalist sentiments that have been the driving force behind much of the latter part of the Twentieth and early Twenty-First centuries, and he failes to grasp the serious nature of the decline in our traditional Judeo-Christian faith. 

The move towards Globalism has been an ongoing thing, and the ambitions to create larger supra-national structures has been relentless, especially in Europe, where the horrors of the Second World War lead to the establishment of the European Commonwealth, which metastasized into the European Union.  To create this Frankenstein`s monster it was necessary to diminish national pride throughout Europe, and now those chickens are coming home to roost. 

Of course, the decline and fall of the British Empire did not help, either, as numerous peoples had to be assimilated into British society at a time when the nation was facing a crisis in pride.  Britain, along with France, Spain, Belgium, and Portugal, began dismantling their colonial empires after the war (with enormous encouragement from the United States), believing that the maintenance of them was too costly.  It was also true that many believed the lust for empire was at the core of the two world wars; it most certainly was the cause of the First, which pitted a surly Hohenzolleran Germany against Britain.  The British had a policy stipulating that their navy had to be double the size of the next rival power, and Germany`s decision to build a navy to project their colonial ambitions (they were quite angry about the Boar War, in which they were powerless to aid the Afrikaaners) lead to a furious naval arms race. Each side wanted to weaken the other to make it possible to build and maintain their colonial ambitions, and this would eventually cause the ``Great War`` which would merely be suspended until Hitler and the coming Pax Americana. 

So the French (who else) came up with the idea of knitting Europe together economically, and this was carried further into political unification.  To accomplish this, concepts like patriotism had to be removed from the populace.  A supra-nation would need the people to give it their loyalty, not their old nation-state.

The U.N., too, was a new and improved League of Nations, one with a permanent Security Council including France and Britain.  This uber-government needed teeth, and the only way it could have a healthy bite was if the nations of the Earth looked on themselves as citizens of the world first, then citizens of their nation.  This was reminiscent of the sea change in America; during the antebellum period America was THESE United States, with the citizens therein seeing themselves as citizens of their particular state first, then citizens of the central government.  The war changed all that, and with the imposition of reconstruction America became THE United States, with an imperial central state.  People no longer see themselves as citizens of their respective states so much; the states have become mere provinces. That was the hope of the United Nations as well.

It`s a big part of why America will not secure her borders now; we are in the process of building a North American nation via the E.U. route.  It will be done piecemeal, but understand it will happen.  Too many Americans see themselves as citizens of the world these days.  The British have this syndrome even worse.

But the decline of Christianity and Judaism as a central element of our culture and way of life has left a spiritual vacuum, a gaping hole that must be filled.  It is being filled with counterfeit things; sexual licence, scientism and atheism, consumerism, pop psychology, etc.  These usurpers cannot fill the need, as they do not answer the ultimate questions and lay no solid ground, and the West has slouched into moral torpor as a result.  Relativism-something popularized by a misunderstanding of the Heisenberg Principle in quantum physics and encouraged by the Globalists to ease the transition to world government-holds sway where once Christians and Jews proclaimed the truth boldly, secure in the blueprints for a stable and healthy society.  There has been a war against our Judeo-Christian heritage, a war that has been waged since the first Philosophes in the 18th Century.  Western civilization wasn`t called Christendom for nothing; it was the heart of our system of beliefs.  We have surgically removed the primary organ which gave life to our culture, and are surprised to see our culture dying. 

Islam isn`t rising for no reason; the West no longer believes in itself, has no strong passion for defending itself.  Does anybody really think that terrorism would be a problem if we were determined to defend ourselves against the Islamic Jihadists?  We would crush them like bugs, but cannot bring ourselves to do it.  Why?  Too few citizens believe in our civilization these days.  The relativists have won.

Mr. Selbourne raises a good point, one that should be seriously considered.  However, until we confront the root causes of our malaise, we will continue to slouch quietly into that good night.

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