August 03, 2018

Rush Misses the Point: The Destruction of the US Is Well Organized and Underway

Dana Mathewson

This one's scary, no two ways about it.

Joel Goodman writes this one for Townhall. I'll give you just a taste, as usual.
Everyone says that the Democratic Party is not the Party of JFK, still they discuss the far left element of the party through an intellectualized political lens formed in the shape of the old politics. Many on the air still treat the Democrats and the media and those who revere former President Obama with a certain politeness when ascribing motives to their actions. They make fun of them and laugh at them when discussing their actions. Humor is always good in a too serious world.

But the violent left is not funny.

The game is different. The rules have changed.


The United States is in the way of a Communist styled world.

Whether those wanting to bring down the United States are truthful in their accusations is irrelevant. The end will justify the means for them. The means is conflict, disruption and destabilization. What is being protested is irrelevant as long as there is protest. The truthfulness or accuracy of what’s being screamed is irrelevant, as long as there are accusations and there is screaming.

Scared yet? The entire article is here:

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