August 29, 2010

Pig in a Poke

Dana Mathewson

Former boss of mine sent this -- whaddya think?

 Anyone have any New York friends they can mail this to.   
It would be a great idea if someone would do this.
I received an email from a friend about how neighbors in Seville,
Spain were able to stop the building of a Mosque in their city.
Somebody might take up on the idea and the issue of
the New York Mosque near the 9/11 site will be moot.
The Sevillians went to the lot where the Mosque was
to be built and according to the email defiled the site by burying a PIG there.
They took photos of the burial and gave wide press
exposure of the same. By burrying the pig they say this made the site unsuitable for the construction of the Mosque. The site now is unclean.

New Yorkers could add a couple of bottles of cheap whisky (muslims
abhor sinful liquor, or so they say) and some photos of naked women, too.
Come on Big Apple ---- show your stuff!!

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