January 26, 2009

Obama`s Ovens; Funding Abortion at Home and Abroad

Timothy Birdnow

I`ve argued that Barack Obama is a monstrous man, on the par with serial killers Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc. not because of any personal malice or sick perversion but because of a cold, rigid vision of ideology. Obama believes in abortion, believes in the efficacy of abortion and the need to keep it ``safe and legal`` at all cost. The great monsters of human history have not been the Bundys and Dahmers, but the Hitlers, the Stalins, the men who are prepared to sacrifice innocent human life for the sake of their vision of a better world.
After all, Hitler did not seek to wipe out Jews and other ``undesirables`` out of any great personal malice per se, but because he believed in the importance of maintaining a pure racial stock. He had fallen for the arguments made by the Eugenics movement, that there was ``good stock and bad stock`` and, much like a rancher looking to produce a superior breed of cattle, he sought to employ traditional Mendelian genetics to the human race, weeding out the ``poor stock`` while cross fertilizing the ``good``.  That he was the one to determine the fit and unfit-rather than God-is what made him such a monster. His heart was too small; he did not care about the suffering he was causing. He cared about a vision he had, of a greater Germany of pure ``Aryan`` stock. His vision and lack of kindness is what made him a monster.

Ditto Stalin, who murdered at the drop of a hat to advance his Messianic vision of Communism. The Kulaks in the Ukraine proved to be an embarassment to his vision of the New Man, so he took their food, leaving them to starve by the millions. This was an object lesson to others who refused to cooperate; classic reward/punish psychological approach.

Arthur Koestler`s ``Darkness at Noon`` illustrates the cold-bloodedness of International Communism well; the hero (Rubashov) is executed for treason to the Soviet state, despite having been an old guard hero. His problem was that he developed a conscience, and felt that the coldly analytical approach taken by Stalin and the others was too rigid. The creation of the New Man meant Darwinian-style selection albeit artificial rather than natural, and this meant making those who did not fit into the mold essentially die out. The end justified the means, and Rubashov`s developing conscience was problematic for the movement. Number One was at the top because his logic was strongest, so the argument went. Those below had to toe the line or face their end.

We see this throughout history; tyrants and villains do not believe they are tyrants and villains, but that they serve a greater good. Rare is the despot who admits that he is doing it for his own aggrandizement; generally there is some overriding vision that excites and compels others, and that vision then metastasizes, leading to murder and mayhem to feed this malevalent beast. Think of the French Revolution, the Cult of Reason, Robespierre, etc.  Even Ghenghis Khan, that most ruthless and brutal of warriors (Khan would annihilate whole cities to avoid having an enemy at his back) believed he was conquering for the sake of world peace.

Which brings us to the culture of death that Barack Obama embraces; he was the most pro-abortion member of the Senate, rejecting the most basic of restrictions (such as the ban on partial birth abortion, the grisly proceedure whereby a child is born except for the head and the ``doctor`` james a forceps into the base of the skull to kill the child, and Obama opposed the Illinois version of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act which banned the practice of delivering children after botched abortions then tossing them on a table to die of exposure.) Why does Obama oppose any and all restrictions? Because he believes abortion is a fundamental right, and he fears a slippery slope to restrict it. In his zealotry to protect a woman`s ``right to choose`` he is prepared to take a child`s right to life, the one thing that most assuredly can be inferred in the Constitution as it appeared in the Declaration of Independence. His rigidity places him on a par with the aforementioned tyrants of history; he will kill in huge numbers innocents to advance his leftist ``hope and change`` vision for America. 

And not just for America; Obama has already rescinded the Bush Administration ban on American taxpayers funding abortions overseas.

Now, why should Americans pay to abort foreigners babies? Modern Liberalism has had a strong stream of this, going back through Paul Ehrlich`s ``The Population Bomb`` and the Club of Rome study which claimed the Earth`s resources were about exhausted, and in fact goes back to Thomas Malthus (it was Malthus who inspired Charles Darwin`s theory, I might add, and it was Darwin`s theory that inspired the Nazi Holocaust via the ``science``  of Eugenics.)  To Obama, living in an intellectual world where overpopulation is the cause of poverty, which is the cause of all of the rest of the world`s maladies-including terrorism and war, this is a no-brainer; abortion frees the impoverished in the Third World by giving them fewer mouths to feed, and thus they can advance in a material sense and can help reduce global carbon emissions. See!  It all makes perfect sense!

But it is little more than what Hitler sought to do, save it is not intended to wipe out a race of people. No, but it is intended to fundamentally change the culture of other nations, intended to bring the citizenry into the fold of Western thought via the sacramental employment of abortion. Many ancient religions had blood sacrifices to their gods, and the religion of liberalism is no different; a woman who has had an abortion is one of them, and cannot be free of that mark on their souls. Obama may not be conscious of this fact, but below the eloquent speechification lies the ancient parts, and there he is aware of this fact.

In any case, Obama will end millions of lives for ``the greater good`` as he defines it. Bundy and Dahmer were amateurs next to this guy.

Below is an article from Lifenews about the Messiah`s funding of murder abroad:

``Barack Obama Forces Taxpayers to Fund Foreign Abortions

Washington, DC -- Barack Obama promised during the presidential
campaign that he wanted to reduce abortions and said as much in a
statement yesterday in association with the anniversary of Roe.
Today, however, he betrayed that promise by forcing taxpayers to
fund groups promoting and performing abortions overseas.

In an executive order, the president officially scrapped the
Mexico City Policy that protected taxpayers from involvement in
overseas abortions for eight years. Now, Obama will send hundreds
of millions of dollars to groups that aggressively promote
abortions on a worldwide scale.

Obama was slated to overturn on Thursday the protections
President Bush put back in place following the Clinton
administration, but Obama decided to wait.

He hoped his decision today to force taxpayers to fund foreign
abortions will somehow make him seem less radical because he
decided to wait until after the pro-life movement mourned the
thirty-sixth anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

More at http://www.LifeNews.com/nat4781.html``


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1 Tim, a worldwide financing of abortion by the US will lower the population of non-Muslim societies, be they Christian, pagan, Hindu or other groups. But the Muslims will keep having many children. This is a socially acceptable (to leftists) way to have the most anti-abortion (and anti-Western) society gain at the expense of the West. 

Posted by: Jack Kemp (not the politician) at January 26, 2009 09:19 AM (e6n2C)


Excellent  point, Jack!  The Russians are shrinking because of abortion, for example, and the Moslems of central Asia seem to be thriving as their former overlords disappear.

It will happen everywhere if we finance death.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at January 28, 2009 02:09 PM (e6n2C)

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