November 19, 2017

Trump's Next Scotus Pick Should Be

Timothy Birdnow

Looks Like Anthony Kennedy, the unstable fence straddling urist who gave us gay marriage in violation of Nature and Nature's God is looking to call it quits after over two decades of mindless legal drooling. The geriatric justice is, at age 81, no longer able to remember where to go to the bathroom much less legal precedent, and so soon Donald J. Trump may get to appoint a replacement, one without false teeth.

Here is a list of five namesx that Trump is considering to replace Kennedy.

(I do hope they sanitize his seat first, as I suspect his Depends have leaked over the years and it wouldn't be cricket to make a junior Justice sit in his filth.)

I would like to propose a sixth name. Drumroll, please....Roy Moore! Moore was twice Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and has been a top lawyer his entire life. If Mitch "the bitch" McConnell is unwilling to allow Moore to take a Senate seat then perhaps Trump should put him on the bench.

Wouldn't that be fun! Maybe Moore can lug his giant stone Ten Commandments plaque with him.

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Why are Sex Scandals Exploding Now?

Timothy Birdnow

I was chatting online with Dana Mathewson and we were discussing the sex abuse scandals that are currently breaking. At first I thought it was a way to get Trump but now I think the Left  has even bigger fish to fry . I started thinking about the end game with this, and it occurs to me that they experimented with what they want in colleges with civil disciplinary boards. I'll bet the plan is to create a bureaucratic system similar to the EEOC where women can charge men with sexual assault but not have the burden of proof that is required in a court of law. It would be the ultimate power grab, a fundamental realignment of American jurisprudence. If they could get such a thing they will own the political landscape, because anybody who caused problems for liberals would be subject to trumped up charges that would then be assumed to be true by the civilian board, which would then have legal power to punish and thus take out anybody the Left doesn't like. All these sex scandals - particularly the ones about to break in Congress - could be used to justify this. I don't know if SCOTUS would declare it unconstitutional or not, but clearly any Obama appointee to any court would give their blessing to such a law passed by Congress.

As I say, it would basically work the way it does on college campuses today. That was their laboratory. No court has ever ruled against this at the college level, even where it is a state college and taxpayer funded.

I see no flaw in my logic here.  Anyone have reason to think I am wrong? One thing we should all have learned over the years is that the media does nothing by chance and liberals are not motivated by moral conscience but by political strategy. It is especially true when they are willing to give up some of their own; it means they are working on a major initiative. 

This bears reflection.

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Frankengroper Sings

Jack Kemp
Al Franken's new campaign song

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You Must Remember this?

Jack Kemp forwards this stroll down memory lane:
Jun 26, 2010

Former VP Al Gore copes with polluted image as divorce and alleged scandal makes headlines

To many, including one licensed massage therapist in Oregon, Nobel Prize winner Al Gore was "Mr. Smiley Global Warming Concern" - a pure-of-heart environmental hero.
Now the globe-trotting, do-gooding Gore is catching a lot of heat - with none of it related to global warming.
Gore is dealing with some inconvenient truths - and a few ugly rumors - since the end of his marriage was followed by suggestions of sexual scandal.
The high-profile activist typically profiled in magazines like The New Yorker was suddenly splashed across the front page ofThe National Enquirer.
"AL GORE SEX ATTACK!" howled the Enquirer's front page, referring to a purported 2006 incident with the masseuse in an Oregon hotel suite.


The red-headed masseuse - who said she voted for Gore in the 2000 presidential race - detailed his alleged transformation from statesman to "crazed sex poodle" during a late-night massage in his hotel suite.

"He had a dramatic display of violent temper as well as extreme dictatorial commanding attitude besides his Mr. Smiley Global Warming Concern persona," the woman says in a 67-page transcript of her interview with police.

Read the full article.

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San Joes to shut down 2 churches selling pot

Jack Kemp forwards this:

San Jose moves to shut down two churches selling marijuana.

San Jose is about to crack down on two churches that apparently are selling marijuana despite not having permits to do so, Councilwoman Devora "Dev” Davis said Monday.

In an email, Davis told the Resident that the city attorney’s office "is preparing to take court action to shutdown both illegal dispensaries.” She was referring to Coachella Valley Church at 2142 The Alameda and Oklevueha Native American Church of South Bayat 265 Meridian Ave.

Read the full article.

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Why Hillary Lost - The Musical

Jack Kemp

Why Hillary Lost - in Rodgers-Hammerstein song

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“It’s The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Year...

Dana Mathewson

This is a year old -- obviously the gal who sent it to me is a bit behind the times -- but the sentiments still are good!

From Jack Kemp

Dana, and there is also this year old Youtube parody:

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Kaepernick vs. Manute Bol

"Colin Kaepernick Needs the Truth" by Trevor Thomas.

Here is my comment to that piece:

I'm Jewish but live in America and have been exposed to a number of Christian examples. I don't recall Jesus taking his ministry to sports stadiums (the Romans built them) or ampitheaters performances but rather He took to speaking at the Great Temple in Jerusalem and in town squares where people discussed the issues of the day. There are stories of Jesus feeding the poor with loaves and fishes, something that these football players could well afford to do at times becasue of their astronomical salaries.

Recently I saw on Youtube a story about the semifamous who had recently died. One of them is the African former NBA player Manute Bol who returned to Sudan and gave away most of his fortune to help poor people in his country to alieve their suffering. I don't believe Bol ever took a knee at an NBA game - he just did Good Acts. No, Bol was everything that these NFL millionaire idiots are not.


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November 18, 2017

Pope, Netanyahu send Blessings to D.C. Bible Museum

Jack Kemp

Pope Francis, Netanyahu Send Their Blessings as Museum of the Bible Opens in D.C.


There is a contest until the end of the month at the Bible Museum's website to win a trip for two to the place in D.C.,plus flight and hotel included.

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Black Country Singer releases "Take a Knee, My Ass"

Jack Kemp

Here's the song on Youtube: It sounds like a Lloyd Marcus song.

Country music singer Neal McCoy takes a jab at former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and others who protested the national anthem by taking a knee in his newest single he debuted last week.
The song, "Take a Knee, My Ass (I Won’t Take a Knee),” was performed in front of a small audience on Oct. 8th and shared online as a Facebook Live video, which has since gone viral.
"When I see someone on TV take their stand by bending their knee, whether it be on astro turf or grass," the lyrics say. "I think of those whose freedom was not free, and I say: ‘Take a knee – my ass!’”

Read the whole article.

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Hillary Defends Frankengroper

Jack Kemp

This is like Lindsay Lohan defending someone's drinking habits.

Well, this should change every Minnesotan's mind. NOT.

Hillary comes to defense of ‘accountable’ AlFranken

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Woman raped by Franken intern wants A. Franken name off Sex Victims' Bill

Jack Kemp

Woman Raped by Former Al Franken Intern Wants Senator’s Name off Sexual Assault Victims Bill

by Penny Starr17 Nov 2017

The 22-year-old woman who was brutally raped by a man who once interned for Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), and who reached out to the lawmaker about passing federal legislation to help sexual assault victims, now says she wants a new sponsor following the revelations about his own sexual misconduct.

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Bird-brained atheists sue shelter over 'blessing of the animals'

Dana Mathewson

You may have seen this on Fox News. Todd Starnes skewers the atheists who thought this one up.

I particularly liked his comment about how his Southern Baptist relations bless their animals, usually along with gravy and BBQ sauce.

Earlier this year the church where Martha works invited people to bring in their pets for a blessing on St. Francis' Day. I took Bijou in -- showed up a few minutes late, uncharacteristically (can't remember why). Photo below. I was concerned about Bijou's possible behavior because he does not usually tolerate other dogs, but I remembered that if there are number of other dogs around, he generally lapses into submission. And Martha would be there, and he'd be able to sit with her when she wasn't on the piano bench.

Well, he was fussy at first, partly because his paws could get no traction on the highly-polished marble floor. And as he smelled many (not THAT many) other dogs, his senses went into high gear. But he stayed quiet, as did all the others. At one point in the (mercifully short) service, one dog barked ONCE.

The priest intoned the blessing while we all held our own dogs -- or laid hands on them if they were too large to pick up and hold. (Yes, there may have been a cat or two present.) And there were some huge ones indeed. A couple of German shepherds that looked like archetypical wolves -- beautiful beyond all description. Two or three other dogs of various sizes that were also beautiful. A couple of scruffy non-beauties. Various others. We all exited to the parking lot where there were doggie treats to be handed out, and of course there the noise began, as each dog rang in with his or her version of "I've been blessed. LOOK AT ME!" And each dog wanted to greet every other dog with a kind of "And bless YOU too, brother or sister" sort of camaraderie that I'm sure would have had a different dynamic in a different setting. They all seemed to understand what it was all about.

I really believe all dogs DO go to Heaven, at least if they've been properly trained. And Bijou was quite high-strung for the next three days.

I wonder if there are any atheists among dogs?

A word from Jack Kemp:

I once went to the Mormon Center in the West 60s in Manhattan to check out my grandparents ancestry and also the ancestry of a woman friend I knew. The Mormons keep the best records on this. I also know that they "baptize" every name entered into the Mormon Church - including deceased people. I figured as long as they weren't digging up graves or changing government records or sending me letters asking for money as "a fellow Mormon," I could let them have their fun. I don't think my late grandfather would have been a fan of the Osmonds.

And I didn't organize a protest in front of the Mormon Center.

This from Dana Mathewson:

A few summers ago we had, in this neighborhood, a couple of young Mormon "elders" riding around here on bicycles -- guys were in their 20's, which I though funny if you were going to call them "elders;" church must be having a hard time recruiting -- trying to find people to talk to. I'd be walking my dog and telling them I really couldn't concentrate on what they wanted to discuss, but didn't want to appear hostile (Mormons are about the most gracious folks you'll ever encounter, with the possible exception of waitresses in the diners in their small towns). I'd see them day after day and wish them good afternoon, and they REALLY wanted to talk, but I'd gently wave them off. Didn't want to tell them they'd been gulled by a cult, but would they like to come in for a glass of brandy? NO? Cup of coffee, perhaps? Naturally, I would NOT do that. After about three months they were gone, and they didn't show up the following year.

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Muslims given All-Access Security Tour of MSP Airport

Jack Kemp
Minneapolis Airport: DHS Refuses to Divulge Names of ‘Muslim Community Members’ Who Got All-Access Tour of Security Measures
By Grizzly Joe - on November 16, 2017

Like many things "counter-jihad,” this story starts with a sharp eye seeing something that doesn’t seem quite right. "See something, say something.” In this case, a reporter for a local newspaper connects dots that our collective radar may have otherwise missed. The reporter writes a great piece that gets shared on social media (h/t Dr. Bill Warner @PoliticalIslam). The Geller Report spots a thread in that piece and runs with it. In short order, the greater community of counter-jihadists is aware of a problem that requires answers.

In short, on February 18, 2016, the Department of Homeland Security gave a group of "about 50 imams and other members of the Muslim community” [hereinafter "Muslim community members”] a behind-the-scenes tour of Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport. From all appearances, it seems that this beneficent tour exposed security policies and procedures to the "Muslim community members.”

Read the rest at Pam Geller's site.

This from Dana Mathewson

The Scott W. Johnson cited in the article is one of the proprietors of the Power Line blog which I frequent, and occasionally post articles from. No relation to the head of DHS at the time, the infamous Jeh Johnson.

I wonder if "we" can get this thing into Judicial Watch's hands in order for a heavier, "louder" FOI request? more...

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Frankengrooper in Deep Do-Do

Dana Mathewson

FRANKEN IN DEEP TROUBLE – AT 11:15 A.M. ET: Apparently, even Democrats are smart enough to realize that they'll have to sacrifice Al Franken to have any credibility on the sexual harassment issue. They may even have to take a swipe at Bill Clinton.

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A major step in the Middle East

Dana Mathewson

I do NOT think this would have happened during the Obama Administration!

Saudi Arabia's King Salman is reportedly set to announce he will step down as monarch and name his son as successor.

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November 17, 2017

Al Franken's male rape jokes reported

Jack Kemp

Al Franken Has Long History of Sexual Misconduct Jokes Before Accusation of Groping Woman’s Breasts

Senator Al Franken’s past jokes about rape and other forms of inappropriate sexual conduct resurfaced Thursday after a radio anchor accused him of forcefully kissing her during a rehearsal and of groping her breasts while she slept on a flight fromAfghanistan following a USO tour in December 2006.
Franken rose to fame as a comedian and writer for NBC’s Saturday Night Live, and some of his quips and performances were touchy subjects well before he ran to represent Minnesota in the Senate.

Read the article.

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Franken criticized "don't ask don't tell"

Jack Kemp

Franken is on the cover of the NY Post today, as was Anthony Weiner several times.

In this video from Rush Limbaugh, Franken is on the Senate floor talking about his not comprehending the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. It seems to me that Franken had his own version of Don't Ask Don't Tell when it came to sexual assaults.

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Franken insulted gays in Harvard newspaper

Jack Kemp
Everybody Knew About Al Franken
Nov 16, 2017

RUSH: April 16th, 1976, Al Franken at Harvard — this is a story posted at the Harvard Crimson, the school newspaper. "I just don’t like homosexuals… Hey, I was glad when that Pudding homosexual got killed in Philadelphia.” That’s what Franken said in this Harvard Crimson story. Drudge has pulled that quote out of this story and that’s the link at the Drudge reported.


As Minnesotans know, Franken is up for reelection in 2020. If he loses, he now can not do ads for Target saying how there are no perverts who will enter the co-ed bathrooms at Target stores, that he insures the integrity of the place.

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Goings on at Mall of America

Dana Mathewson

I'm sorry I let my sister-in-law loose in the Mall of America a few weeks ago, although she escaped unharmed. Not so for some other folks recently, though you'd not necessarily know it if your sole source of information was the infamous Star Tribune.

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