July 07, 2012

Members of Congress oppose U.N. "Arms Trade" Treaty

Dana Mathewson

Over 100 members of Congress have basically told the president to "back off" his attempts to push through the U.N. gun treaty. http://www.wnd.com/2012/07/obama-told-to-back-off-u-n-gun-treaty/

Whether he will listen is, of course, an open question.

And there are other issues. The article states, quote: "While that letter was [sic] been touted in the mainstream media as an indication that Democrats are now opposing gun control, some pointed out that the letter actually proved the opposite. The Senators stated they support the general concept of the treaty but believe countries such as the U.S. should have "exclusive authority to regulate arms within their own borders.”

"Critics point out that this statement indicates that the senators believe firearms registration is acceptable provided it is initiated by individual governments."

This means if you are putting pressure on your reps, don't stop now!

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