November 07, 2018

McCaskill Loses

Jack Kemp

Incumbent Senate Democrats in battleground states who opposed the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination appeared to have paid a price on Election Day, with senators Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Indiana's Joe Donnelly, Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Florida's Bill Nelson all suffering defeat.

In fact, every Democrat incumbent who opposed Kavanaugh in states rated "toss up" by Fox News lost their race.In contrast, the lone Democrat who voted for Kavanaugh, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, won his race.
"Every Dem Senator in a competitive race who voted against Kavanaugh lost,"tweeted Tom Bevan, Co-founder of RealClearPolitics. Fox News polling offered evidence the Kavanaugh issue was a major problem for those battleground incumbent Democrats.


The Democrats running the House of Representatives is mind boggling. Maxine Waters head of a committee? She is more fit to sell cheap kitchen knives and cleaning cloths on the Santa Monica Pier. This is truly a circus.

A note from Dana Mathewson:

I applaud McCaskill's loss, and wish I had some good news of my own for Minnesota. Unfortunately the news is all bad here. My beloved State Rep. Anna Wills lost to a goon who can't even pay his own taxes. We will continue to have a Socialist in the statehouse. You all know about Keith Ellison. My federal Rep is now a lesbian -- not that it matters, but we lost a good guy. Our two Senators are still the same a$$holes.

And a word froom Tim:

Trump dragged Hawley over the finish line. I am so thankful he came; Hawley was a poor candidate who was too good to get into the mud with Claire (although with that thought in mind who can blame him?) He's going to get beaten if the Dems put up a real candidate unless he learns how to fight.

Can't say we're very happy here. Although we ARE happy for wins in other states. Ted Cruz, the Blackburn gal, Florida, looks like Georgia dodged a bullet.

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1 "Every Dem Senator in a competitive race who voted against Kavanaugh lost"

That is taking a lot of the sting away from losing the House, which was never going to support Trump anyway, except there's one exception, Jon Tester just won by a hair, 0.44%.  And it was personal for Trump, for Tester torpedoing the nomination of the Navy Doctor who was a presidential doctor, for the head of the VA.  Completely gratuitous, must have really ticked him off, 4 rallies, only Mike Braun in Indiana got as many.

Posted by: Anonymous at November 07, 2018 05:07 PM (FPIRN)

2 Woops, no, 47 != 49, the Tester margin was 2.44%.  Still made him sweat, I'm sure.

Posted by: Anonymous at November 07, 2018 05:22 PM (FPIRN)

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Posted by: josef304 at November 08, 2018 05:49 AM (XxuSM)

4 Yes, Anonymous; it sure must have made tester sweat. 

It sucks that Trump had to try to save a guy like that. 

In many ways losing the House can be viewed as, well, not a good thing but it means getting a lot of RINO's out. If the GOP could keep building in the Senate maybe we can eliminate more of those guys there, too. We got rid of a couple last election. Sadly, the next election may see the Senate in Dem hands as the GOP has so many seats to defend; the Republicans will have to defend 22 seats compared to just 11 for the Donkeys. And while I can't believe anybody would be stupid enough to vote Democrat, nobody ever went broke betting on the stupidity of the public, alas.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at November 08, 2018 08:49 AM (Xbgd6)

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