February 18, 2024

Hochul "Nothing for Businesses to Fear"

Timothy Birdnow

I guess the word "chill" doesn't apply?

Hochel tells NY Businesses 'You have Nothing to Fear from Trump Verdict

Oh really? If they can do this to Trump they can do this to anyone. And if it's only political that means New York has no freedom.

If there was ever a time to move to Florida...

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60% of Meta Folks are Censors

Timothy Birdnow

Meta Spox Says 60% of Total Employees Work on Censorship

I have no doubt; there is constant censorship and all sorts of weird and aggravating dirty tricks by Meta to suppress Conservative thought on Fakebook.

Also, I've noticed a whole lot of new people suddenly appearing on friends pages and arguing for liberal ideas, particularly I'm sseeing this over support for Hamas. It would be strange except I am sure these are employees of Meta doing what they are paid to do.

It's going to go into overdrive as the election nears.

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KC Mayor Calls Mo. Gov. Racist

Timothy Birdnow

The Democrat mayor of Kansas City is attacking Missouri Governor Mike Parsons, calling him a racist, for the Governor's characterization of the KC parade shooters as "thugs".

Parsons is a blockhead but he's right here; these dudes are thugs, no question.

In modern America you cannot speak honestly. And some are more equal than others.

The Mayor also railed for gun control to excuse himself for his failure to make his city secure.

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Smith's Star Chamber

Timothy Birdnow

Jack Smith is bitterly resisting disclosing information about the Trump case in a star-chamber-like approach to prosecution.



Special counsel Jack Smith said in a new court filing that he’s vehemently opposed to the Trump camp’s latest request to disclose evidence in the former president’s classified documents case, because disclosure would expose potential witnesses to danger.
"The defendants’ Motion is inconsistent with the process they proposed (and that the Court approved) for their supplemental reply brief,” Mr. Smith wrote in the Feb. 16 filing.

"And their request to disclose discovery materials should be denied for the same reasons the Government has explained elsewhere: doing so would unnecessarily expose potential witnesses to very real dangers of harassment, intimidation, and reprisal,” he added.
Mr. Smith’s latest filing stems from a Feb. 15 request by former President Donald Trump’s legal team asking Judge Aileen Cannon to enter an order permitting the disclosure of the discovery materials, arguing there’s a "strong presumption of public access in criminal proceedings” that they believe outweighs Mr. Smith’s request to keep the evidence secret.

End excerpt.

In other words Smith doesn't want the public to know the facts in the case so the media can define it for the public.

This isn't America.

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A Hot Time in Old Rome

Michael Mckee

Roman warm period was because of motor powered chariots ?

Roman Warm Period Was 3.6°F Warmer Than Today, New Study Shows

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Attack Via Open AI

Carlos F Velázquez

State sponsored, meaning Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, hacking organizations are using America's open source AI to improve their hacking and spying capabilities.

"OpenAI, in a blog post written Wednesday, identified five state-affiliated "malicious" actors: Chinese-affiliated Charcoal Typhoon and Salmon Typhoon, Iranian-affiliated Crimson North Korean-affiliated Sandstorm and Russian-affiliated Emerald Sleet and Forest Blizzard. The post claimed the groups used OpenAI services to "query open-source information, translate, find coding errors, and run basic coding tasks." The two Chinese-affiliated groups, for example, allegedly translated technical papers, debugged code, generated scripts and looked at how to hide processes in different electronic systems. "

AI security infrastructure needed after 'malicious' foreign actors use OpenAI to train operatives, expert says

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Florida Seeks to Replace California as a Primary Port

Alex Dobrenchuk

This is what should have happened long ago. California is not business friendly, so why do we rely on it to supply our nation's needs?

Florida can become the center for shipping if the Golden State wants draconian laws about truck ages and no independent drivers. Let them tarnish while the Sunshine State shines.

DeSantis Invites Shipping To Florida Ports As Vessels Idle Off California

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America's Dying Imperium

Diane Kimura

This is insane.

The US just experienced the largest population increase in a year ever.

Mostly driven by the surge in illegal immigration.

May be an image of text that says 'Largest one-year population increase in US history US Annual Net Population Growth 4.0M 3.5M 3.0M 2.5M 2.0M 3.8M 1.5M 1.0M 0.5M JOHN BURNS BEARCN&CONIOLTING 0.0M -0.5M 190 1913 1923 1933 1943 1953 1963 1973 1983 66 200 2013 2023 Sources: CBO. US Census, John Burns Research and Consulting LLC (Data: Q23: Pub: Feb-24) As seen in Burns US Demographics Analysis and Forecast (coming soon in 1Q24)'

Tim adds:

Truly mad. We are the third most populous nation on Earth and keep bringing in more, more, more! You don't see mass immigration to India or China or Indonesia but we say we have to take them all. Insane. We now have more aliens living here than the entire population of Canada and double that of Australia. There are more Spanish speakers here than in any country on Earth except Mexico. It's madness. We aren't a nation any longer. We are an empire, and like all empires it must be ruled by force; the peoples have nothing in common to bind them together.

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February 17, 2024


Timothy Birdnow

The Catholic Church is dying. Here's the proof.


The iconic Manhattan St. Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth Avenue attracted a giant crowd for the funeral of a transgender activist who was not religious. The word "whore" was written on the altar and the words "Ave Maria" were changed to include the name of the activist, with the singer saying, "Ave Cecilia." Prayers for sex changes were made during the proceedings.

Cecilia Gentili, who died at age 52 at home in Brooklyn on Feb. 6, was an Argentinian transgender activist who was also a self-proclaimed atheist. The deceased activist was also awarded $540,000 from the Biden administration for "trans outreach" for HIV while living. Genitli was an illegal immigrant in the US for 10 years as a sex worker before gaining asylum in 2012.

The New York Times reported that the event doubled as "an exuberant piece of political theater." According to the outlet, Gentili was surrounded by the words in Spanish for "transvestite,” "whore,” "blessed” and "mother” above the scripture Psalm 25.

Attendees wore outfits with glittery miniskirts, halter tops, fishnet stockings, and at least one donned a boa sewn together with $100 bills.


This is a desecration of St. Patricks. It NEVER should have been allowed. You are not permitted to be buried from the Church if you are in an open state of sin when you die.

The whole Church heirarchy needs an exorcism.

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GOP Shuffling Chairs on the Deck of the Titanic

Timothy Birdnow

The Republicans new Fisa Plan.

Meet the new plan, same as the old plan.

There are few meaningful reforms in the planned renewal of the FISA system, which so terribly abused Donald Trump and those who have opposed the power of the Ruling Class.

Here is the kicker:

"As the Hill reports, the new package "focus[es] on more reforms at the FBI to address misuse of the powerful spy tool,” but the deal does not include requirements for a warrant, which is "deemed a red line for the intelligence community but nonetheless a top priority for privacy advocates in Congress.”

The new measure "would severely limit the number of FBI personnel who can query the database, forcing more oversight from some 550 supervisors or lawyers before agents can tap into the database to gain information on Americans.” The bill aims to "protect members of Congress or other high-profile officials” by requiring consent before a "defensive briefing.”

The FBI will be required to "notify a member of Congress, with some limitation, if they have been queried in the 702 database.” As members of Congress and the public may have noticed, the FBI, tasked with counterintelligence, has become a law unto itself."


Get that? Congress is exemptingthemselves from spying BUT NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Nice work when you can get it.

As the article mentions, the FBI has failed to stop multiple terrorist attacks since 911 despite a massive increase in their budget. The prefer to go after people like Aretha Franklin, parents fighting trans promotion at school board meetings, and Catholic nuns.

And the GOP is going right along with all this.

No wonder everyone in Washington hates Donald Trump; he's the only guy calling for a return to sanity.

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February 16, 2024

Putting the GO in NGO

Timothy Birdnow

Here is a list of the NGO's promoting the invasion of the United States.

They include:

OIM, Red Cross, UNICEF, HIAS, the European Union, Doctors Without Borders, UNHCR, and the Norwegian Refugee Council and others.

Many of these - like the Red Cross and UNICEF - receive taxpayer funds. And they have tax-exempt status as charities. Those exemptions and funds need to be revoked.

And Norway needs to be smote with great anger and furious wrath. If they pull this they can just take care of their own defense. We ought to tell Putin that Norway is not on our list of defended countries.

The article doesn't mention Catholic Charities, which has been instrumental in much of this.

This isn't hard to stop. Pull tax exemptions and cut off taxpayer assistance. I assure you it will end very quickly.

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Weiss Prosecuting Biden Whistleblower

Timothy Birdnow

Special Counsel David Weiss has indicted an FBI informant who accused Biden of taking bribes from Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company.

Alexander Smirnoff was arrested for "fabricating" his claims that President Biden was on the take.

It's interesting how many people who have endangered the Biden Presidency have faced legal action from this cabal. Instead of just debunking and discounting Smirnoff's claim they are using the full force and power of the Federal government.

Time was this would be called a chiling effect on whistleblowers. Now it's par for the course.

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Black Rock Out of Climate Cartel

BREAKING: @BlackRockhas followed the lead of JPMorgan and State Street by withdrawing their over $9 trillion in assets under management from Climate Action 100+, after facing increased antitrust scrutiny over their involvement with the climate cartel. https://t.co/1VyIqyr7RB

— Will Hild (@WillHild) February 15, 2024
Read more.

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Are We a Nation Anymore?

Diane Kimura

Trends that will have major implications on the growth of government, education, and the labor force:

Economic illiterates continue to mismanage our country by using debt to increase the size of the ruling class governing with more costly regulations and control without growing productivity and profitability.

When the economic outlook is uncertain, fewer children are born so our borders were opened to make up for the depopulation of Americans.

How do we navigate the societal shifts reshaping government, education, and the labor force?

1. Economic policies play a crucial role in shaping our future. Data shows that increasing debt levels, coupled with regulatory expansions, can strain economic growth and productivity, impacting long-term governance and stability.

2. Demographic Realities: Economic uncertainties often influence birth rates. Studies indicate that during uncertain times, birth rates tend to decline, necessitating a review of immigration policies, to address demographic imbalances.

3. Education Challenges: The quality of education is pivotal for workforce readiness. Recent studies reveal a decline in global education rankings, with some regions struggling to produce graduates proficient in essential skills like math and English, potentially leading to a rise in welfare dependency.

Our public schools have fallen from #1 to #23 in the world and not one student in some school districts are functionally literate in math and English. These students will struggle to earn a living and we will have a growing population of lifelong dependency on welfare.

The growing wealth divide will continue to push America towards socialism as the growing majority will see no way to gain an economic footing.

4. Skills Mismatch: Employers face challenges in finding skilled workers. Research highlights a growing gap between the skills demanded by industries and those possessed by the workforce, underscoring the need for targeted education and training initiatives.

5. Cultural Evolution: Our cultural landscape is evolving, impacting our national identity. Studies suggest a shift in shared history, heritage, and culture, raising questions about the cohesion of our society.

America no longer has a common history, common heritage, or common culture.

We don't salute the same flag or look up to people who demonstrate great acts of courage as heroes.

And now we don't even rise for the same national anthem in our stadiums.

Are we even a nation anymore?

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Fani Willis Testimony

Timothy Birdnow

I caught a sizable chunk of Fani Willis' testimony yesterday on NTD News. What a horrible, hateful, angry woman! And she made a spectacle of herself in prime fashion.

Read about it here.

She was combative and aggressive and alternated that with "why are you yelling at me" when nothing of the sort was happening. She understands how a black woman can play on faux sympathy.

I don't think her testimony did her any favors.

BTW her paramour said Fani paid him back for all the trips and gifts and the like "with cash" and so there was no record. Thousands of dollars in cash! And Willis testified to that effect also, claiming she generally walks around with wads of cash coming out of her pockets. Ri-ight!

See, she had to claim these were loans and not gifts, which would be illegal. So they concocted this cock-and-bull story.

She has also fundamentally altered the time-line of her story so as to claim she started dating him AFTER hiring him. That has been contradicted by witnesses. That too is necessary as hiring her lover would put her in legal jeapoardy.

And she added all sorts of unnecessary details, like her affinity for Gray Goose vodka. Now, she's a lawyer and understands the importance of succinctness in answering questions. Those details were thrown in as red herrings. She clearly was trying to diver everyone's attention, like a magician waves his hand around so you don't see what he is doing.

I hope she gets the book thrown at her.

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Soros Buying 2nd Largest Radio Station Network

Timothy Birdnow

It just keeps getting worse!

George Soros To Take Control Of America's Second-Largest Chain Of Radio Stations

This guy should long ago have been stripped of his citizenship and deported back to Hungary.


The Soros Fund Management has bought up $400 million of debt in Audacy, which owns over 220 radio stations across the country.

According to a Republican insider that spoke to the New York Post, he believes it was possible Soros was buying the stake to help influence public opinion for the months prior to the 2024 presidential election.

"This is scary,” the source said.

Sources claim that Soros’s stake is equal to close to 40% of the company’s senior debt, a high enough percentage that could yield effective control of the media giant when it emerges from bankruptcy.

Additionally, Audacy confirmed the Soros investment after multiple sources confirmed the deal.

"The decision by our existing and new debtholders to become equity holders in Audacy represents a significant vote of confidence in our company and the future of the radio and audio business,” Audacy said in a statement.

Meanwhile, a hearing to approve the Audacy restructuring plan is slated for February 20th in a Houston bankruptcy court.

This comes after the radio company filed for bankruptcy on January 7th after compiling $1.9 billion of debt. Under the current chapter 11 bankruptcy plan for Audacy, shareholders who have a stake in the company will be taken off.

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February 15, 2024

A Serious VP Suggestion for Mr. Trump -- see if you can Cotton to it

Dana Mathewson

Hugh Hewett writes in Fox News:
Michael Barone is a political genius, best known perhaps for his "Almanac of American Politics" which he co-authored for decades, but from the labors of which he retired a few years back. Barone is the author of numerous other books, all excellent, but the one that has stuck with me over the years is the lesser known "Hard America, Soft America: Competition vs. Coddling and the Battle for the Nation's Future (Crown Forum, 2004).

In a nutshell and with apologies to Barone for this way too short summary, "Hard America, Soft America" sets aside all the usual rules of dividing up the U.S. such as Red v. Blue, old v. young or other demographic divisions. Rather, "Hard America" is the America of farm, factory and frontier —the country of clear-eyed realists acquainted with the way the world really works, familiar with its often profoundly unfair twists and turns of life, and deeply familiar with the old adage: Work or don’t eat.

"Soft America" is, by contrast, the gooey stuff of the New Age nonsense of a few decades ago plus every cliche on every sign in every yard that proclaims "all are welcome here," etc. At bottom," Hard America" is hard-edged and realistic about the world. "Soft America," not so much, if it all.

Rarely have we had two presidential candidates who embody Hard America and Soft America so thoroughly as former President Trump and President Biden. Even before the damning Hur report was made public, the public had concluded that President Biden was too old for the job —too befuddled, too, in a word, "soft.

86 percent thought that much according to an ABC News poll even before Special Counsel Hur explained his decision not to charge the president with crimes related to his unlawful retention of classified materials because the president is a "elderly man with a poor memory."

The decision by Attorney General Garland to release the report explaining that Hur had declined to prosecute Biden because of his infirmity has ignited anger on the left which somehow has persuaded itself we all don’t know this already. Now that it’s in black and white, they can no longer pretend that the absent president can actually do the hard things. He can’t. "Soft" is actually too hard of a word to describe the infirm occupant of 1600, but it will do.

Vice President Harris is also from "Soft America," as any of her word salad declamations on any subject could prove. Her world is the world of the faculty lounge and the "arranged" politics of California where the overwhelmingly blue state seems always to line up the next Democrat to be tagged for the next job provided be or she checks boxes and says "nice" things about hot button issues. Vice President Harris embodies every cliche of "Soft America" and her rise is the triumph of the anti-meritocracy. She’s the perfect running mate for a president already in the deep twilight of his twilight years. And our enemies know it.

By contrast, former President Donald Trump is most definitely from "Hard America." After four decades as a land use lawyer —now retired— I can assure you I never met, much less worked for, a developer who wasn’t from "Hard America," largely because projects either pencil or they don’t. The site grading either balances or it doesn’t. The houses, apartments, commercial buildings or office towers either make money or they go bust. It’s a hard nosed, hard knocks business. The former president is like every other developer I’ve ever known well: A bottom line guy. A "Hard America" guy.

Which is why I hope Trump picks as a running mate another member of the "Hard America" class, people for whom either a job gets done or it’s a failure. There is, for example, no grading on the curve when it comes to protecting Americans (Biden has utterly failed here) and no getting around the bottom line of the value of all the oceans of red ink unleashed by the hapless president in his pursuit of "FDR status," a hilarious conceit of Team Biden.

Joe Biden defines "Soft America," which is why Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton has led every list I’ve been promoting of potential running mates for Trump since day one.


Read the rest of the article at https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/morning-glory-donald-trump-should-select-tom-cotton-running-mate to see why. I think Cotton would be a great choice!


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Rob Reiner Tells Christians to Sit Down and Shut Up

Timothy Birdnow

Rob Reiner is Jewish. So why is he telling Christians what we believe?

Rob Reiner Attacks Politically Active Christians: You Are ‘Antithetical to the Teachings of Jesus’

Jesus did not excuse evil. He called the Pharisees "vipers" and "hypocrites" and he overturned the money changers' tables in the Temple. He wasn't passive at all. Nor was he a-political; those same "vipers" were the ruling class in Israel. Jesus was killed primarily for opposing those in political power.

I guess Reiner doesn't know any of that.

And what is "Christian Nationalism"? He can't define it because it isn't a real thing. But he's an INTERNATIONALIST and a scumbag.

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Voting Intimidation

Timothy Birdnow

Leftists pushed and shoved a Republican election chief here in the Show-me state.


This is just the beginning. The  violence will accelerate as the election draws near. And the media is wholly silent on this.

Meanwhile, across the country election officials are quitting in the face of threats and intimidation.

Why? In Democratic districts they are bailing before the Big Steal puts their necks in the noose, and in Republican districts no doubt it's Leftists trying to drive them off so they can get their own people in.

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