April 11, 2024

Agent Provocateurs

Carlos Velazquez


Scientific fact: Life begins at conception. Every newly conceived child is unique, has unique DNA, and is made in the image of God.

However, I am presuming a less scientific motivation. I think they probably ruled this way to mobilize the very committed and fanatic pro-abortion crowd to turn out in the upcoming election and vote against all republicans in a swing state barely won by Biden with less than 0.5% of the vote. And where many "irregularities" occurred.

Arizona Supreme Court Reinstates Civil War-Era Abortion Ban

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April 07, 2024

The Big Fix

Warner Todd Huston

Skyrocketing Voter Registration via Soc. Sec. Numbers in 3 Swing States is 'Extremely Concerning'.

Skyrocketing Voter Registration via Soc. Sec. Numbers in 3 Swing States is 'Extremely Concerning' - The Lid

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3 Bridges Lots of Waiting

Ellen Toever


Valleyview Bridge-Ohio
Indian River Bridge-Delaware
Baltimore Bridge-MD

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The Eclipse Menu

Timothy Birdnow

So, the official food for the eclipse must be moonpies.

And you wash that down with some moonshine, I suppose.

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Eclipse Will Part Clouds

Richard Cronin

This is about the eclipse:

I’ve read that the cooling effects suppress upward convection so the clouds clear. More than that the lunatics are out there, openly admitting that they’re using the eclipse to gather information on "solar radiation management”, aka geoengineering.

Low-Level Clouds Disappear During a Total Solar Eclipse

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Senior Moment

Diane Kimura

The internet is FOREVER. And the mainstream media doesn't seem to want to highlight or expose the truth. So let's do it for them.

2021 - If inflation happens, it will be very small and temporary.

2023 - I take no blame for inflation, it was already here when I got into office.

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Not Killing Davis

Chester McAteer

"If Abraham Lincoln had lived Mr. Davis would never have been captured. This fact is well known, and is made apparent in the memoirs of Grant, Sherman and others.”

In his book on Lincoln a very significant paragraph is published by Col. A. K. McClure, as follows:

"He [Lincoln] intimated to Sherman very broadly that he desired Jefferson Davis to escape from the country. Sherman in his memoirs repeats a story told by Lincoln to him illustrative of his wish that Davis should escape 'unbeknownst to him,' and, discussing the same subject in the white house in the presence of Gov. Curtin, Col. Forney, several others and myself, he told the same story to illustrate the same point, obviously intending to convey very clearly his wish that the southern leaders should escape from the land and save him the grave complications which must follow their arrest.

Secretary Welles, in an article in the Galaxy, quotes Lincoln as saying on this subject: 'No one need expect he would take any part in hanging or killing these men, even the worst of them. Frighten them out of the country; open the gates; let down the bars, scare them off.... "

The Bouttineau Courant
Bottineau, N. Dak.
July 9, 1898

Tim adds:

Lincoln knew that if Davis were caught he would have to be hanged, and the outrage that would spawn would lead to renewed hostilities. The war would switch from standing armies to guerrilla warfare and would burn on and on for decades.

Robert E. Lee had forbade such tactics near the end and Grant wisely treated Lee's army fairly when he accepted the surrender. Had mass executions been done the South would have turned to terrorism and it wouldn't have stopped.

And the South already had great guerrilla fighters; Quantril, Bloody Bill Anderson, Nathan Beford Forrest, etc. These guys could live off the land and resupply from angry locals. And you had Joe Selby down in Mexico trying to prepare for a renewed push. He could have coordinated with the guerrilla bands. Lee's forces weren't the only troops in the Confederacy. There were plenty who hadn't surrendered and could fight on. I think Lincoln knew this (and so did Grant).

If they started shooting or hanging Confederate leaders it wouldn't take long for the will to resist to return. Look at how long the fighting went on in Northern Ireland if you want a model of how this could have played out.

Booth and his co-conspirators
could well have just been the beginning. You really cannot subjugate a whole country forever, not if the people refuse to forget.

So Lincoln had every reason to offer an olive branch after having destroyed the South. It was like the Mafia protecting your business after firebombing it to make you pay protection, but that certainly is a pragmatic solution. You can only push so far.

The Communists and the Ruling Class in today's America may learn that sooner rather than later. At some point  Americans may turn to guerrilla warfare to resist the octopodal government and it's state-sponsored terrorism against Middle  America.

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A Third World Country With Nuclear Weapons

A-Greg Delany

I posted this in 2018. Things have changed for the worse since then!
It is a wonderful time to be a conservative in America.
It has been a long time since we have had a President that actually practiced what he preached.
We have not seen capitalism being practiced since Ronald Reagan, and President Trump is showing the world how effective Capitalism is when Practiced.
Venezuela is showing the world how effective Socialism is when practiced as well.
It is a contrast that should be used as a teaching moment. I hope you will hear my story.
I have been blessed to work for our government with the DOS and DOD in the USSR, and Iraq. This gave me an opportunity to see how our government works or doesn't work first hand.
Too many people in our government are trying to tell us how we should live and how we should be governed, without having any life experience.
I worked in the USSR and former Soviet Republic countries for more than six years and in Iraq for three years. I have seen first hand the fallout on a society when there is an all controlling government, and how if our Government is not held accountable to spending and the corruption of Power. We will all become slaves to Government and we will also be bankrupt.
I was shocked and unprepared for what I experienced when I first moved to the USSR. At first glance I thought, How could this be the country we feared? The entire society spent large portions of their days trying to find food and basic necessities. Their Government promised to supply every need to live a happy life.
I could not believe how run down the buildings were and how primitive the autos, machines, equipment and products were. I could not believe the shortages of food and goods in the stores. I lived in the center of Soviet Power, the city of Moscow where things were better than in the cities outside of the center.
I traveled to every corner of the USSR and the further from the center the harsher the conditions.
After a few months, I met a Soviet Army Captain , Sergi. He was a linguist and wanted to practice his English. He asked me what I thought of his great country. I explained to him that I thought it was a third world country with nuclear weapons.
He was offended at first, but it lead to a wonderful debate and friendship that lasted years. That first day he asked me why I thought the great Soviet Union was poor.
I explained that the standard of living I found in Moscow was lower than the standard of living in India. I asked him if he thought India was a third world country. He agreed it was. I told him that I had just returned from New Delhi and while I was there I went into a restaurant. I sat down and ordered from a menu, I ordered and ate my dinner, then paid for my food and left.
I asked him, where in Moscow could I do that?
He replied that these were difficult times, but they would get better.
Then I said, after I ate I went to a store to buy shoes. I tried on my size, paid for the shoes and left.
I asked him, where could I do that in Moscow?
He wanted to know why I said I bought shoes.
I said I actually needed shoes and bought some Nike running shoes while I was there.
He told me he had spent most of that day in line at a store to buy shoes.
Four hours to get to the counter to try them on, then the clerk gave him a receipt to pay the cashier. 45 minutes in that line at the cashier.
When he returned to the counter with the paid receipt, the store no longer had his size. He had to take a smaller size and go outside to sell someone in line the smaller shoes to get his money back.
I proclaimed to him, This is the Truth about Socialism, you are a third world country with nuclear weapons.
3 years later the USSR was gone and the Soviet TV and News Programs began to open the eyes of the Soviet people to the lies and propaganda that had held them in bondage their entire lives.
We today have the same propaganda being used on us to push us toward a third world style of government.
I also saw how wasteful our government was. I learned that if it is not your money, you will not care how it is spent and if you can benefit from someone else money. You will soon take advantage of it and become corrupt.
Here is just one of my examples and there are too many examples to talk about.
When I first got to the Embassy. I needed to find transportation because I lived seven miles from the Embassy. Someone told me to go to the Embassy's surplus silent auction.
The Embassy sells off autos, furniture, food and goods that are outdated or no longer useful. They invite the diplomats from western counties to our parking garage where they can bid on our supposed junk. The furniture is two years old and the top of the line because nothing is too good for our Embassy staff. The diplomats pay pennies on the dollar for basically new stuff. So while I was entering the garage I noticed a Chevy Suburban 4x4 with a full snow plow package for sale. There was a small sticker in the window that said place a cash only bid. The truck had 17 000 miles on it and it was two years old. It had a stick shift and no one at the Embassy liked driving the stick shift so they ordered an automatic to replace it.
It could not be replaced until the old one was sold first, so they put it in the silent auction. I only just arrived in Moscow and only had $500 cash with me and it was a cash bid only. So as a joke I placed a $500 bid. The staff called me at the end of the day and told me to come pick up the keys to my vehicle. After 4 years of hard driving and an additional 100 000 miles on the truck. I sold it for $35 000 CASH. The Embassy could have sold it for much more than that but it was not their money, so they did not care!
The moral of the story is we can do better. When we vote, we need to vote people into office who will run our government like it were their own business.
Be careful what you watch and what you listen to for News and Information, because the Democrats/

Socialists control the media and it is their propaganda wing of their Party.
They will do anything, say anything and enslave you to take control of power.
In the days ahead you will witness how they work. They do things in the dark, they cover up, manufacture a false crisis and fill your heads full of lies.
They will do all they can to destroy our President Trump, destroy our Economy and our Nation if they have to keep themselves in power.
We must vote in people who will be accountable to individuals liberty, that promote self reliance and they must be accountable with our tax dollars.
We need to find a way to make our elected officials live by the rules they prescribe for us to live by.
I think term limits and tort reforms are essential to our Constitutional Republics Survival!
Now Support our Country and Defend of Constitution!

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Rainbow Hydrogen

Richard Cronin

When enviro-terroris ts talk about the wonderful world of Hydrogen, they should really know the various processes to make Hydrogen and how the different paths are described in colors.

GREY hydrogen is all smoke-and-mirro rs regarding CO2 emissions. Currently, this route produces 95% of Hydrogen on the market. Grey hydrogen is produced from natural gas, using steam reformation but without capturing the CO2 made in the process. This has been practiced in oil refiners for years. Steam reformation:

CH4 + H2O (steam) —> CO2 + 3H2

This process is net endothermic (requires heat input to boil water to produce the steam).

The blunt truth is that the CO2 is just emitted but the oil companies are doing this for transferable tax credits and good PR. They claim that they need to keep working on the carbon capture magic while your tax dollars build out the distribution infrastructure for Hydrogen.

ELECTROLYSIS of water, splitting it into Hydrogen and Oxygen with power supplied from such sources as hydropower or nuclear. It is very energy intensive and costly. This route comprises almost all of the remaining 5%.

GREEN Hydrogen provides less than 1% of Hydrogen on the market. It also uses electrolysis but the power comes from wind or solar.

BLUE Hydrogen is the same as GREY Hydrogen but with the aforementioned carbon capture magic. "Sequestration” by injection into the Earth, oceans, etc.

BLACK Hydrogen comes from gasification of bituminous coals. Air at high temperature and reduced conditions (oxygen deficient) is blown through a pulverized coal bed. There is only partial combustion of the coal to produce carbon monoxide then you proceed to steam reformation of CO. Again, this is endothermic to provide steam and preheat the air:

CO + H2O —> CO2 + H2

Ergo, BLACK Hydrogen is essentially the same as GREY Hydrogen but it uses bituminous coal and is more endothermic (greater heat input required).

BROWN Hydrogen is essentially the same as BLACK Hydrogen but uses lignite coal as a feedstock. Lignite (also called Brown Coal) comes from peat bogs or wetlands which were often covered over by pyroclastic ash. The Brown Hydrogen process is a little better than the BLACK process because lignite has some Oxygen in its composition.

TURQUOISE hydrogen uses a process called methane pyrolysis, which directly splits methane – the main component in natural gas – into hydrogen and solid carbon. Also called ‘carbon black’, this byproduct has a variety of industrial applications, including in the production of car tires, coatings, plastics and batteries.

It gets worse from there.

Tim adds:

Notice how this hydrogen is essentially a rainbow flag. Even energy is now woke and in the service of the LGBTQ movement.

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April 06, 2024

Kemp Still Has not Signed Election Reform Bill

Timothy Birdnow

Georgia Republicans passed a bill to help secure elections by tightening up the voter rolls and making ballots public record once the election has been certified. Also, if any candidate gets on the ballots of any 20 states they will automatically get on Georgia's (meaning Robert Kennedy Jr.)

Tha ACLU is threatening to sue Georgia over this.

But what is interesting is Republican Governor Brian Kemp has yet to sign this bill. Now why is that?

I suspect he wants to screw Trump one more time and he'l probably be happy to sign such a bill only AFTER the next election.

Kemp hates Trump, that much is clear, and he was the reason Trump lost in 2020. Had he done his job Trump would have taken Georgia and the election.

With friends like these...

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Biden Seeks to Move Babbitt Trial

Timothy Birdnow

The Biden DOJ is seeking to move the wrongful death trial of Ashlii babbit from California to Washington D.C.

No doubt the government will win in D.C.

They murdered that woman in cold blood and now want to cheat her heirs out of compensation.

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Another Law Broken by Willis

Timothy Birdnow

Looks like Big Fat Fani Willis (Left alone with big fat fani she was such a naughty nanny) was illegally recording Trump co-defendant Harrison Floyd's attorney. As one party was in Maryland and there is a law against that Ms. Willis has yet again violated the law and her oath of office.

When will the Republicans in Georgia take action?

BTW why can't Brian Kemp just pardon all of these people being charged now and end this circus?

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The Collapse is Immanent

Timothy  Birdnow

The Biden Treasury Department is issuing debt at pandemic levels to fuel it's war machine (war against the American People). This is at a rate that is double the 231 year  previous record.

Well, we DO have a pandemic. It's called socialism, and it's like that flesh eating staph. It's hollowing America out from the inside.

That is $7 TRILLION in new debt issued in Q4 of 2023 alone.

No nation can survive this. We will be going belly up really soon.

The Treasury Market now stands at a whopping $27 TRILLION dollars.  That's up 60% since the pandemic.

And despite this titanic spending we still see a sluggish and ailing economy. This proves Keynsianism does not work; you cannot spend your way to prosperity, no matter what that dope Paul Krugman thinks.

Hyperinflation is coming folks. Or the U.S. will default and we'll probably get hyperinflation anyway as nobody will extend the U.S. credit.

It's time to start stocking up and keep your powder dry.

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The Priceof Eggs in Chitown

Timothy Birdnow

Grocery prices are up almost 40% since the usurper took office.

Food and fuel are not calculated into the national inflation rate, which is why it appears lower than it is.

Remember who caused this when you go to the grocer.

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New York Earthquake Cause by Climate Change?

Timothy Birdnow

It was just a matter of time before some 2 watt bulb said it.

Yes, she really did say climate  change caused the New York Earthquake.

Now I'm sure they'll tie this to Donald Trump.

BTW Fracking, has been banned for a decade in New York State and was permanently outlawed in 2021 so they can't blame the quake on that.

Christina Khalil - who made the ridiculous accusation - is running  for the Senate on the Green Party ticket.

At any rate she cannot explain the mechanism that caused the quake. I guess nature is now no longer a factor.

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Biden "Loses" Deportation Paperwork

Timothy Birdnow

Biden lost the paperwork on 200,000 deportation cases, leading to the dismissal of these cases and the release of the invaders.

That's a fifth of a million cases dismissed because of negligence or more likely malfeasance.

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James Doogue

As early as 2021 the Lefty media were helping Joe Biden with scripted interviews.

Former ESPN sports broadcaster Sage Steele told Bill Maher how heartbreaking it was to talk to the President who was clearly in no mental condition to be in the spotlight.

This won't be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. Clearly Joe Biden is not in a fit state to be president.

What is disappointing is that the mainstream media is prepared to cover up for Biden because of the politics.

Former ESPN host says her Biden interview was entirely 'scripted' by network execs: 'Every single question'

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April 05, 2024


Chester McAteer

No man can be a good member of the community if he does not show zeal in opposing tyranny as much as he is ready to obey magistracy.

A slavish submission to tyranny shows that an individual has a very base and sordid mind, which makes it impossible for them to have any generous human sentiments or tender regard for their fellow humans.


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Gone Fishin'

Sorry, light to no blogging today. I've got me paws full.

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April 04, 2024

Going Through a Phase

Timothy Birdnow

Looks like "transgender" kids grow out of it after all!

15 Year Study: Vast Majority Of Children Grow Out Of Gender Confusion

A landmark study conducted over the past 15 years has concluded that most children who experience confusion regarding their gender identity grow out of it and go on to feel content with their lives as men and women.

The study, carried out in the Netherlands by researchers from the University of Groningen, involved more than 2,700 children, tracking them from age 11 to their mid-twenties.

The Daily Mail reports that every three years, the individuals were asked how they felt about their gender.

At the beginning of the study, around 11 percent, or one in ten of the children, expressed ‘gender non-contentedness’.

However, by the age of 25, just 4 percent, or one in 25, said they ‘often’ or ‘sometimes’ felt discontent with their gender.

The study comes as the controversy over allowing children to be given puberty blocking hormones, or even gender reassignment surgery, rages on.

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