September 24, 2023

Fight Fire

Michael Smith

What Democrats have done to Trump must be done to Biden. There is no choice.

The keyword is "ruthless”.

When the Mueller report hit the ground and as Trump was impeached - twice - I said there was no evidence because there was literally no evidence.

In both impeachments, as well as the Mueller "investigation" , the "evidence" was actually based on opinions about stuff the Dems didn't like. People like Adam Schiff spent the entire four years trying to reinvent things Trump did that Obama, Bush and Clinton had done, as crimes. They chose to interpret actions taken by the President as criminal or "high crimes and misdemeanors" to suit their need of the moment.

As a sidebar, I'm aware of someone (whom I know well), who is the plaintiff in a breach of contract case and the defendants, her former employers have literally taken her job responsibilitie s and actions and tried to turn them into bad acts. For example, they vested the responsibility in her to negotiate a deal and now they are claiming all sorts of improper actions when she was just doing what they asked her to do.

It's not going anywhere because it is a farce - they are doing this to her to try to run up her legal bills and force her to give up.

That was - and is - the strategy regarding President Trump.

When they say "there is no evidence" in regard to Slow Joe, what they mean is there is evidence, just none they are willing to accept, so the plan to ignore it until they can't.

Greg Abbot and Ron DeSantis, in a true Alinsky move (make your enemy live up to his own rules), changed the discussions about illegal immigration forever when they sent illegal aliens north for the Sanctuary City crowd to enjoy. We all see how few illegals it took to expose these people for the frauds they have always been.

That's what has to happen with Biden.

Harry Reid, Schumer, Obama, Biden and people like Adam Schiff, Sheldon Whitehouse and Fang Dang Swalwell made these new rules, now Biden needs to be forced to live by them.

Tim adds:

I've been saying this for some time now. Politics is war by other means. And especially now as the Democrats crossed the Rubicon of civility long ago (Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas come to mind). Now they are com pletely ruthless. The Republicans kept refusing to return fire because they feared escalation. But how many stab wounds does it take before you stab back? The only way we will return to a civil order is for everyone to know the consequences are dire. What was done to Trump required a ferocious response, if not for Trump then for the future of all Republicans. You cannot let them get away with this.

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Nice Work When You Can get it

Diane Kimura

Thanks to the vaccine mandates and push to vaccinate Americans from infants to the elderly, Fauci is worth over $12.6 mil from royalties from big pharma while he was a government employee.

He and his wife have a substantial investment portfolio, although there was some controversy surrounding some of the investments. One particular questionable investment is in Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund. The fund is run by California-base d Matthews Asia, which has up to 42% of the fund trading in "China/Hong Kong" stocks. In addition, there were some questions about any financial benefits that could derive from the COVID pandemic.

But did Dr Fauci's net worth significantly increase during the COVID-19 pandemic?

What was Fauci's net worth before the COVID-19 pandemic?

Dr. Fauci and his wife, Christine Grady, enjoyed over a two-fold increase in net worth during the COVID pandemic crisis. From the beginning of the crisis in 2019 to 2021, their net worth doubled and grew from $5 million to over $12.6 million.

Pre-COVID pandemic, Fauci's net worth in 2019 was approximately $7.5 million. However, after two years into the COVID pandemic, his net worth increased to slightly more than $12.6 million.

What are the sources of income for Fauci's in 2021- 2022?

The Fauci's have multiple income streams, including being a federal employee for 55 years. Among the sources of income for Dr.Fauci and his wife, Christine Grady, for 2022 are:

Whitehouse Chief Medical Advisor - In his role as President Biden's Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Fauci has a higher salary than the president at $480,000.

Christine Grady - Her work at the Clinical Centre at NIH (National Institutes of Health) pays $238,970 annually.

NIH and NIAID Pharmaceutical Royalty Payments - In 2021, Dr. Fauci received 23 royalty payments from pharmaceutical companies through his association with NIAID, worth $456,028.

Dr. Fauci Gifts and Awards - Dr. Fauci received awards and gifts from international non-profit organizations totaling nearly $1 million, including a $901,400 "gift" from the Israel-based Dan David Foundation.

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Another Cheap Doomsday Prediction

Timothy Birdnow

So why did Barack Obama just buy ocean-front property? Why does ANYBODY in the wealthy class buy it?

Why did the low-lying Seychelles build new airports if it will soon be under water?

Drowning Predictions: Yearly 100-Year Floods Loom on the Horizon


Most coastal communities will encounter 100-year floods annually by the end of the century, even under a moderate scenario where carbon dioxide emissions peak by 2040, a new study finds. And as early as 2050, regions worldwide could experience 100-year floods every nine to fifteen years on average.

IF this were true then the smart money would be leaving beachfront property in droves. They aren't. Instead they are building hotels in droves.

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Snuffing Out Liberty

Lance Sjogren

Ezra Levant got prosecuted for publishing a book that was critical of Prime Minister Castreau of Canada.

This is an example of how totalitarians stretch the laws of free societies to snuff out civil liberties. The particular tactic here is to say that a book critical of politicians is implicitly...

Ezra Levant takes on Trudeau in court over book censorship

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The Most Dangerous Subversion

"Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us."

Justice William O. Douglas

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Diane Kimura

The top 5 stocks now reflect 24% of the entire S&P 500's market cap.

This is the same exact level seen in 2020 prior to the pandemic related crash.

In 2008, the top 5 companies reflected just ~14% of the S&P 500's market cap.

In 2000, which is widely considered one of the largest bubbles of all time, the top 5 stocks reflected ~19% of the S&P 500.

Markets are being held up by a few big names.

All of these names are AI-hype based.

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Cattle Call

Diane Kimura

Live cattle just closed at their highest price on record and are now up ~20% this year alone.

Meanwhile, olive oil prices are up 100% and orange juice prices are up 70% this year.

Inflation on food away from home stands at 6.5% and inflation on meats, poultry, fish, and eggs is at 6.0%.

All as oil prices are back above $90.00 and gas prices are approaching $4.00.

Inflation on many basic necessities is still well above 5%.

The fight against inflation has a long way to go.

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September 22, 2023

No Evidence!

Maurizio Morabitu

There is no evidence

Only, >>ICYMI: Only 1 official ballot paper type was approved in Maricopa County AZ for all 2020 election counted ballots, yet 10 types were discovered by voter-volunteer s amounting to over 200,000 ‘non-conforming ’ ballots that were all counted in a race Joe Biden ‘won’ by far far less.<< (Rasmussen Report)

No evidence. None at all. President Bribem is a honourable man.

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The Left's Double Standard

Selwyn Duke


If the recent actions of a British parliamentary committee head are any indication, there’s now a new standard for justice:

Mere allegations of sexual assault are enough to get a man canceled and prevented from making a living.

Of course, applying this across the board and beyond Britain would mean removing Joe Biden from office, since he has long been accused of a rather brutal s*xu@l assault (by Tara Reade). But such consequences are rarely visited on leftists. This standard is being applied, however, to entertainer-turned-commentator Russel Brand, which indicates that it’s not a standard at all.

It’s a double one.

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Hunter's Ties to Gore, Climate Scam

Kurt Womack

My friend Russell got this published on Climate Depot. With the fascist mandate to go "green" I've wondered if the Biden mafia family has a vested interest, this is one part of the secret puzzle.

Thought Hunter Biden Had No Connection to the Climate issue? Think Again – Hunter corresponded with CEO of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project

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Tearing America Down

Renee McCall Goff

I just heard about Border Patrol cutting the razor wire on private property in TX to let in 4000 illegals who were not coming in at the ports of entry! You see everything this administration does to destroy the country and wonder why. This article explains exactly why the left is doing what they are...

Cloward, Piven and the Fundamental Transformation of America

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September 20, 2023

Clinton Global Initiative to Steal from Ukrainians

Timothy Birdnow

Because they did such a great job of this in Haiti...

Clinton Global Initiative will launch network to provide new humanitarian aid to Ukrainians


CGI announced numerous new programs Monday that it hopes will gather new monetary commitments and engagement, including gender equality and continued support for the people of Ukraine.

Hillary Clinton announced that gender equality will now be the fourth pillar of CGI's activities, along with fighting climate change, economic inclusion and public health issues.

"It is time to close the wage gap once and for all,” Hillary Clinton said. "It is time to protect and expand access to reproductive health care, abortion and quality maternity care once and for all. It is time to ensure that every girl everywhere can get the education she deserves.

CGI plans to announce the launch of the CGI Ukraine Action Network, as well as numerous financial pledges, to support nonprofits working in the country.

The CGI Ukraine Action Network is the result of a collaboration between Hillary Clinton and Olena Zelenska, first lady of Ukraine, that began last year. The new organization, which will be formally announced Tuesday, is designed to mobilize existing CGI partners, as well as new leaders from around the world, to create and finance new commitments for Ukrainians, according to CGI. Numerous monetary commitments for Ukraine are also set to be announced Tuesday,

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Weird How That Works

Daniel Jupp

Still don’t have the Epstein client list.

Still have major Democrat politicians with a curious taste in ‘pedo erotica’ art.

Still have Hunter Biden walking free.

Still have child sex trafficking across an open border.

Still have a US President whose grim advances his own daughter was terrified of.

Still have a woman who accused that President of rape forced to flee to Russia.

Still have tens of thousands of kids go missing every year.

Still have powerful pedo networks doing whatever they please.

Still have it pretty much established that intelligence services like getting politicians involved in child abuse so they have leverage on them (Epstein was an asset).

But hey, look here-every single time someone starts questioning things and has a big following, we get a MSM sex scandal and abuse accusation (Russell Brand).

Weird how that works, isn’t it?

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Super Ponzinomics

Diane Kimura

Bidenomics should be called Ponzinomics instead.

US Treasury interest servicing costs have started to rise dramatically… increasing by roughly $10 billion every month…

At current interest rates, we are heading towards $1 trillion per year… the beginning of a vicious debt interest spiral.

YTD 2023, taxpayers have spent $800 bil in interest payments on our debt.

May be an image of text that says 'US: Interest payments are rising $, bln (12-month running total) 500 480 460 Posted on The Daily Shot 14-Sep-2022 440 420 @SoberLook 400 380 360 340 320 300 Aug-19 Feb-20 Aug-20 Feb-21 Aug-21 Feb-22 Aug-22 Source: Oxford Economics/Haver Analytics'

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Men and Women are Different

Nikki Grace

This will probably not surprise anyone and many may not like my position on the issue. I don't find anything out of order with women being of lower participation in management in the corporations and government.

As an executive who managed both men and women, women overwhelmingly were unwilling to put in what men did for their jobs. Women employees always wanted more money, but stated and demonstrated that they didn't want to apply for the jobs that paid more because they didn't want to put in the overtime, the continuing education, the certifications and in some cases the licenses required for those positions. The commitment required.

I still meet young women workers today that tell me that they don't want to go into management for these very reasons, the demand of being in those positions. Women want more money but less demands made on them. Perhaps they know themselves better than the societal planners. Life is short, happiness is ephemeral, looking for happiness in a position or job will not deliver happiness to women.

Many may not like this either. Women have a higher average IQ than men as a group, however they have fewer outliers at both ends of the arc, fewer people of low IQ and fewer people of high IQ. Men overwhelmingly have more people of genius IQ. To me, this fits the pattern of the one in a hundred women who actually match the drive. characteristics , and willingness to sacrifice, the requirements to rise to those positions generally held by men in corporations in private sector and government in public sector.

Personally I find this acceptable. The political and societal push to diversity, equality and inclusion without regard for natural characteristics is a perversion, distortion and derangement of a natural order and leads to mismanagement ,devolution and instability in all institutions who try to force this unnatural development. And massive dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

As a comment on municipal governance. In the 80s while at college in Madison Wisconsin taking a course in commercial real estate underwriting and appraisal under the renown professor, Dr. Graskamp, as part of our course work we studied urban planning, an emerging field. At that time degrees were beginning to be offered in urban planning. Those departments were run by leftists.

Cities evolve organically, generally concentrically within topographical boundaries. Leftist wanted to destroy the separation of the classes, social, racial and economic that happens organically in society. Class warfare, the common refrain of leftists. The old canard of "good intentions". What this leftist central planning utopian idea is leading to is blight, flight, conflict, increased crime, corruption and collapse of infrastructure. There may be a more enlightened governance paradigm awaiting in the future but at the present, the direction is deranged.

Tim adds: more...

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September 19, 2023

Please Come to Trump's Trial

Timothy Birdnow

Sung to the tune of Crosby, Stills, and Nash's Chicago:

Donald Trump is bound and gagged
as lies pour from witness chairs
Won't you please come to his trial
just to sing (you stool pigeons).
In a land that's known for freedom
there is none for orange hair
Won't you please come to the trial
we will burn some witches there

We can flay the creep
bury him so deep
we're just dying to convict him

Politicians sit and smile they all want him to be gone
Won't you please come to his trial it's just wrong
Don't ask Jack to fight fair 'cause he'll turn the other ear
won't you please come to his trial so the Democrats can cheer

We can flay the creep
bury him so deep
we're just dying to convict him

(It's dying)
If you believe in justice
(It's dying)
If you believe in freedom
(It's dying)
Let a man live his own life
(It's dying)
Rights and law, who needs them

slam the jail house door

Donald Trump must not be free I hope the day comes soon
Won't you soon come to the trial just to see how much wwe wound
we'll go after him all morning, in the day and afternoon
won't you please come to his trial
we'll hit him like a monsoon

We can flay the creep
bury him so deep
we're just dying to convict him

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Smith's Attempt to Gag Trump

Jonathan Turley


Jack Smith waited for late Friday to file a sweeping motion seeking to gag Trump in referencing witnesses and attorneys in the case. While calling it "narrowly tailored," it would effectively bar Trump from discussing the case in the midst of a presidential campaign...

...The order would prohibit Trump from making statements "regarding the identity, testimony, or credibility of prospective witnesses" and "statements about any party, witness, attorney, court personnel, or potential jurors that are disparaging and inflammatory, or intimidating."

...So after fighting to try Trump in the middle of the presidential election, Smith is seeking to curtail him from discussing one of the most important issues in the campaign. No one would argue with a bar on disparaging witnesses. However, some of the witnesses and parties are political figures...

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