August 02, 2018

Leonard Pitts Claims Absolute Right to Define Racism in America

Timothy Birdnow

My brother Brian has tangled again with Leonard Pitts, the race-hustling columnnist for the Miami Herald. In this exchange Brian gets Pitts to admit that racism is whatever he defines it to be.

Finally; a liberal admitted that!

Enjoy: Dear Leonard Pitts,
In your most recent rant you claim that 63 million Americans voted for DT "...on a promise of white primacy and tax cuts for billionaires." Excuse me sir, but I must have missed the press release, the debate, or the campaign rally where the candidate sated his positions in favor f these things.

While we are on the subject, since you are a man with increasingly little to say, except for spewing vile racial hatred, I would simply ask: Mr. Pitts, do you have any white friends?

With Kindest Regards,
Brian E. Birdnow
St. Louis, Mo.

Pitts Replies:

I really loathe categorizing my friends by race. To me, they are not my black friends or my white friends or my woman or man friends. They are just my friends.  But, since it seems to be so important to you: yes, some of my best friends are white.

Yours Truly,

Leonard Pitts, Jr.

Brian replies:

Are your white friends comfortable with your racial hatred?

B. Birdnow

Pitts again:

My white friends are intelligent, first of all. Secondly, they are secure enough in their own decency that they do not whine and wet themselves at the prospect of hearing troubling truths about race in America.


Brian again:

I see...your racial hatred is the truth about race in America, while anyone who questions your interpretation is simply insulted and belittled. That is good, old fashioned , tolerant liberalism for you...with the anti-white racism thrown in for good measure!

B. Birdnow

Pitts replies:

Yes, poor you.  Bye, now. 


The last word goes to Brian:

Yes, good bye for now, as you return to your fantasy land of hating white people!


Notice how "truth" is solely his to define.  That is vintage liberalism, the idea that he holds absolute moral authority to define what is and what is not racism simply because he's a black man. Pitts would never consider the possibility that his view is wrong, and that most Americans don't give a rats posterior about the race of their fellow.  He sees Klansmen hiding behind every bush and Nazis under every rock.

The reality, one Pitts and his fellows refuse to even remotely consider, is that most Americans live their lives and see others as just others. Pitts thinks that whites wander around endlessly pondering their whiteness and are forever plotting new ways to stick it to the black man just because of his skin color. Well, that may be what the black community thinks of white people, but most white people don't think one way or another about race. I suppose you could call it white privilege if you wish, but is it privilege for whites or a self-inflicted wound in the black community?  Seems to me people like Pitts are the ones who just refuse to let it go. They are the perpetually aggrieved.

And it serves them well. He has made a fine living out of his grievance, as had many before him. Booker T. Washington, himself a black man, pointed out:

"There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public."

Clearly Washington was talking about Leonard Pitts and his friends. 

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