July 09, 2019

Judge Overrules Mo. Abortion Law, Forces Referendum

Timothy Birdnow

Whenever the Left loses they run to the courts to overturnthe law. Missouri's legislature passed, and her governor signed, a bill baning abortions after eight weeks, and so what happened? The baby killers ran to a court, which dutifully gave them a bit of a reprieve.

They had been trying to get it onto a referendum in the hopes of tricking voters into overturning the law.Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft wouldn't acomodate, so some activist judge did. From NPR:

The court overturned Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft’s rejection of the ballot initiative.

While the ruling revives an effort from the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri to scrap the abortion ban, supporters won’t have a lot of time to gather roughly 100,000 signatures. And there could be more legal fights to come about whether a provision that goes into effect right away will derail the referendum in the future.

Ashcroft rejected the referendum from the ACLU, as well as two other similar ones, because part of the abortion law went into effect right away under what’s known as an emergency clause. But the Western District Court of Appeals ruled that Ashcroft didn’t have the authority to make that decision.

See, they are not content with a ballot initiative to overturn the law; they want it killed in utero, much like they want babies ripped apart or burned with salt. The Left never follows the rules - they use them.

Let us continue:

Tony Rothert of the ACLU said his group was pleased with the judges’ decision but concerned about having enough time to gather signatures.

"It certainly establishes the limitations on the secretary of state’s ability to derail a referendum,” Rothert said. "Going forward how it will affect our ability to gather signatures we have not yet evaluated.”

What Rothert was referring to was a footnote in the decision denying the ACLU’s request to have the referendum’s ballot title certified by July 18. Opponents of the abortion ban can’t start gathering signatures without a ballot title. And getting the necessary signatures in six of Missouri’s eight congressional districts usually takes a few months — as was the case when foes of "right to work” had roughly six months to pursue their referendum.

If Ashcroft still rejects the initiative, or if they cannot get enough signiatures in time, then they will sue based on Constitutionality.

Missouri allows a referendum on any law that is not a state of emergency. To avoid this very trick (which LDemocrats used successfully to overtura Right to Work law) they inserted language to proclaim it an emergency. The law was not supposed to be challengable. But as the Left alwasys does, they found a sympathetic ear on the courts. They are hoping to get it on the ballot at a time of their choosing and get out the shock troops - and probably steal enough votes to overturn the law.

The public in general is not displeased with this law, nor with the Right to Work law. If they were the Republicans would have answered at the ballot box. But the Left doesn't care about the will of the poeple, just about advancing their own issues and power.

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