April 01, 2019

Illinois Democrats want to ban free speech

Timothy Birdnow

Illinois lawmakers want to secede from the First Amendment.

From Illinois Review:

Before ten Illinois lawmakers left the Capitol last Friday afternoon, they filed a resolution that would ban citizens with deeply held religious beliefs from freely expressing those views and conveying those views to their elected officials at the State Capitol.

Members of the Illinois Legislature's Jewish caucus released a press statement condemning Illinois Family Institute and its sister organization Illinois Family Action - calling for the State Police to investigate the group's "pattern of hate speech and imagery" as posted on their website and social media pages.


The offense the Jewish caucus expressed stemmed from an article Illinois Family Institute posted comparing the Nazi slaughter of millions of Jews to America's abortion industry's slaughter of millions of unborn babies since the 1973 Roe vs Wade legalization of abortion. A piece written by Teri Paulson entitled "Why Is Legalized Abortion Called a Holocaust?" included these words the Jewish caucus found offensive:

Here’s the critical question: What will the rest of us do? Will we follow in the footsteps of the average German citizen during WWII? Most of them shut their eyes, closed their ears, and sang a little louder in church when the cattle cars full of Jews on their way to the concentration camps rolled by. Will we do the same? Will we simply allow this to blow over in a few weeks, or will we learn something from history and resist?

The Democrats have crossed a terrible line. They should hear us roar. Will they?
In response, the Jewish caucus introduced a resolution condemning Illinois Family Institute (and Action), calling for drastic measures such as banning the group's lobbyists from access to lawmakers, condemning those opposing many of those same lawmakers' proposals to expand abortion practices by filling the Capitol last Wednesday with protesters and more.

Former State Rep. Jeanne Ives - now held by many in the state's conservative movement as their de facto leader - expressed outrage with HJR 55's introduction, writing on her Facebook page,

As American citizens we have the right to free speech, the right to assembly, and the right to petition our government. I will not be silenced...

Look; I understand why Jewish citizens might be disquieted by the comparison between abortion, which is legal if utterly immoral, and the Nazi Holocaust. But to pass a law against it as hate speech? This undermines the whole First Amendment, which was designed precisely to protect this type of speech. And, as the article points out, this is designed as a red herring because if you accept the premise that this is similar to the Holocaust then you have to admit the unborn child is indeed a child and not just a lump of tissue.

Also, Democrats have enjoyed the Nazi smear against their opponents for a long time, and they aren't going to let it be used against themselves. That is one thing that enrages the Left, having their own dirty tricks used against them. So they will try to use the force of law to shut the mouths of their opposition.

Imagine if conservatives did something like this. What if we were to ban the use of the word homophobia, for instance; the Left would have a conniption. It always comes down to what the Progressive Left wants, and nothing else.

This is a very disturbing thing, because it is an attack on the most basic liberty imaginable. You do not have a free society if you use the force of law to eliminate speech you do not like.

A tip of the porkpie to Warner Todd Houston.

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